Romance of Rome Romance of Rome v1.0.21

Search for clues and uncover secrets to win the heart of the Emperor’s daughter in Romance Of Rome!


Traffic Rush Car Conductor Traffic Rush Car Conductor v2.0.2

Are you ready to take challenge to manage traffic rush as Car traffic Conductor
Be the TOP Car Conductor in Traffic Rush Car Control
If you like Traffic rush,drag racing, Car Conductor traffic control, track my train,train conductor, train crisis, car control, traffic panic, you'll love Traffic Rush Car Conductor!


Zombies: Run or Kill Zombies: Run or Kill v1.1.5

Zombies: Run or Kill, a new zombie shooter game is here! Zombies attack you! UNDEAD has occupied our village. Get your weapons, go into actions, cause ZOMBIES MUST DIE!


Furdiburb Furdiburb v1.0j

Help! On a vacation to Earth my parents forgot me. Can you take care of me?


ChubbyBird ChubbyBird v1.3.2

Help Chubby to get Home!

Story Mode and Arcade Mode available FOR FREE! Enjoy many hours of fun. Everyone will love Chubby!

Fly across 36 levels in Story Mode and don't leave him alone! Pick all you Sweeties you can and Slide to get more points and defeat your angry enemies!


FingerBasketBall FingerBasketBall v2.8

Play basketball with your fingertip. Aim and shoot the basket, 3 minutes a round.
There are two ways to shoot out ball. One is by flip gesture, put finger on the ball and flip to the direction your want. The second way is by tap.
Tips: Use wall to bounce ball, especially the wall at right side.


Readmor Readmor v1.2

Hastings Readmor App allows you to access and explore hundreds of thousands of eBooks on

At your fingertips, build your personal library collection with new releases, great deals, free eBooks and more.

Browse, buy & read in minutes.

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Contains Reader Mobile technology by Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Powered by Bluefire Reader;


Darkness Rider Darkness Rider v1.2.02

New Features
upgraded to 80 maps, more challenges are waiting for you
High Speed Camera to catch your wonderful moment, remember to share with your friends..


Puzzle Creator for Kids Puzzle Creator for Kids v0.0.0.2

Take your own picture(love movie character, popular actor or singer, friends and many more), shuffle it and enjoy solving the puzzle.


Barzellette Barzellette v2.6

"Barzellette" ha oltre 2.000 barzellette suddivise per categorie.


Talking Don Donkey Talking Don Donkey v6.6.3

Don is a fun-loving talking donkey that you can talk and interact with! Hee-haww! Make friends with this hardworking character and find out much joy he brings. Speak to him and he talks back! The perfect talking children's app for all ages.


Battle Boats 3D Battle Boats 3D v1.4.11

“Battle Boats 3D” engages you in the bloody feud of three rival clans. This post-apocalyptic world has sunken almost entirely and the few remaining spots of land become a precious reward for the winner of this deadly skirmish between the fierce “Krakens”, cunning “Sea snakes” and noble “Dolphins”. Join one of them to gain your own patrol boat and start your military career.


Color books-Animal articles Color books-Animal articles v1.0.4

Baby Color Books - Creatures


Reggae Radio Reggae Radio v1.0

Listen to your favorite Reggae music radio station everywhere!

Listen to Reggae Music Radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

Wherever you go, take the best Reggae music radio stations with you.

If you would like to add your favorite Station,please write to us.


Impiccato Impiccato v1.2.12

Impiccato è un classico gioco di puzzle di parola in italiano.


SciFi of the Day SciFi of the Day v3.0

Visit the universe. Go where no man nor woman has gone before. Meet alien lifeforms. See new worlds. Fall in love with the romance. You are guaranteed to witness astonishing events unfold.

Do all of your adventuring in the safety and comfort of your own home. It's proven to provide a lifetime of entertainment. Download this app now for a super fun and healthy experience.


Smugglers' Reef Smugglers' Reef v1.01

Rick Brant and his pal, Scotty, have the kind of adventures all boys would like to have. They live on an island called Spindrift where Rick's father heads a group of scientists working in the field of electronics. Here and abroad, the boys encounter many thrilling adventures and solve many baffling mysteries. This e-book is one out of the Rick Brant Science Mystery series of e-books.


Travel Travel v16.0

Great audio book will teach you all about traveling!


Organic Food Organic Food v16.0

organic food for a healthier life!


Gardening Gardening v3.0

Read about plants - become the master of your garden! With this audio book you will know all what you need to become the greatest gardener!