Environs Now Environs Now v2.6

The latest local information on the environment, direct from the EPA.


OfficeSuite OfficeSuite v7.4.1857

OfficeSuite is the user's choice and best-selling app in mobile office solutions with over 15 million downloads and over 15,000 reviews on Google Play and Amazon. A number of manufacturers such as Sony, Amazon, Coby, Alcatel, Archos, Barnes and Noble, Pandigital, Polaroid, ViewSonic, Kyocera trusted MobiSystems and preloaded OfficeSuite on over 70 million devices worldwide.


Brik Brik v1.01

BRIK Brick Breaker is a modern twist on a classic arcade game of smashing bricks. Flex your skills and test your brain in an adventure through different planetary systems into the unknown.

Take the addictive journey though time and space to break all the bricks and smash all the walls built by alien race. Free the universe! Discover new brick types and ways to break them, catch bonuses and space gems, smash alien ghost ships.


Currency Converter Currency Converter v1.5

Need a powerful Currency Converter & Calculator? Get the best one!


GET Autoresponder GET Autoresponder v4.5.2

The all-in-one Social MMS/SMS Android Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler enable you to create your message – write text, add image, music, record voice and video and then schedule it to be sent at the certain time to preset list of recipients or just reply with your message to all your incoming sms messages and/or missed calls.


Roly Poly Panda Roly Poly Panda v1.4


Guide Roly Poly Panda in this thrillingly simple yet difficult jumping casual game!


Bubble Blast Easter Bubble Blast Easter v2.0.4

Trigger an Easter Egg Chain Reaction.
Let's celebrate Easter with a brand new version of the Bubble Blast Series.

Bubble Blast Easter is a puzzle game in which you burst a multi-color egg or a bunny.

2 game modes are available.


#Notes #Notes vv1.5.2

#Notes (HashNotes) is a simple, different but efficient Notepad Application (Notes)
It is flexible,very easy to use and adjustable to your own unique needs..Can be used to store/save all kind of notes needed in everyday file, all in one application!
Diary,memo writing,email,message,shopping list,todo list, payment list, due list and all kinds of useful notes can be organized in a way that works!


LC Duel 2 LC Duel 2 v1.0.1

After more than a 100.000 downloads of Light Cycles Duel - on several platforms - we present Light Cycles Duel 2. This time it also has single player fun!

Like the first edition, the game has fun OLD SCHOOL two and single player - legacy - gameplay like the old 8-bit and 16-bit days for your tablet or phone. Inspired by the famous Tron movies it is basically a light cycles game.


Jaumo Jaumo v2.3.11

Discover awesome new people in your area. Chat for free with the Jaumo Flirt Messenger!


Diskette Diskette v1.0.0.3

Organize your cd/dvd library using this app. It makes it easy for you and your family members to find what you need when you need.


Terchova cyklo Terchova cyklo v4.0.1

Cyklotrasy v Terchovej a okolí pre tých, ktorí radi obdivujú krásy prírody zo sedla bicykla. Terchová ponúka veľa značených cyklotrás pre horské a trekingové bicykle, ako i možnosti pre rodiny s deťmi. Cyklotrasy začínajú aj končia v obci Terchová.


Slovensko MTB Slovensko MTB v4.0.1

Aplikácia pre všetkých nadšencov horskej cyklistiky, ktorí radi bicyklujú v slovenských horách. Obsahuje viac ako dve desiatky trás v rôznych pohoriach. Kritérium výberu do tejto aplikácie je, aby horstvo dosahovalo aspoň 1000 m nadmorskej výšky.


Horehronie cyklo Horehronie cyklo v4.0.1

Cyklotrasy na Horehroní pre tých, ktorí radi obdivujú krásy prírody zo sedla bicykla. Horehronie ponúka veľa značených cyklotrás pre horské a trekingové bicykle, ako i možnosti pre rodiny s deťmi.


Bubble Stop Free Bubble Stop Free v1.4

Great bubble popping and bug smashing game! Geared towards kids, but fun for all ages!


Multi Betline Slot Machine Multi Betline Slot Machine v2.0.2

Multi BetLine Slot Machine is a simulated slot machine game, it is little different than normal slots, here player can BET on multiple bet lines and on WIN the credits of each line are accumulated and declared as winner paid. To bet player can tap Single line or All line buttons.


Bucket List Buddy Free Bucket List Buddy Free v1.2

Bucket List Buddy will turn your mobile device into the ultimate bucket list.


ebookGrenouilles ebookGrenouilles v2.2

Interactive ebook in French with a cute story and two games: the puzzle and the dress up game. There are also game to learn how to count in French in the story (page3, 5 and 12 or the ebook)


LifeEvent Manager LifeEvent Manager v3.10

Plan Life Smartly....

The app has been conceptualized to enable you plan, manage and share your Life Events (big & small) like Party (Birthday or other occasions), House Warming, Relocation / Moving, Vacation, Wedding, Baby Shower, Newborn and so on, including your own personally defined event through a simple, easy, and powerful user interface.

Would highly appreciate your rating, comments & feedback...


Word Cloud World Word Cloud World v1.2.6

Explore the funny, dirty, witty, inspirational, cynical minds of thousands of people in this NEVER DONE BEFORE social experiment/pseudo-multiplayer/message board/public toilet wall in space GAME.