Easter Eggs 2 Easter Eggs 2 v1.51

Want to relax during Easter Holidays? Try Easter Eggs!

If you love Easter Holidays and easter eggs you will love this Easter Eggs game! Perfect game for children and adults. Game was prepared specially for the Easter Holidays.


Flood Extreme Flood Extreme v0.39

The best flood game on the market! In this highly addictive puzzle game you have to fill the board with a single color in less than allowed steps.


UFOric Flight UFOric Flight v0.9

Fly through the cavern and get some points, but pay attention to the rocks!


GP News & Weather GP News & Weather v2.480

News, Detailed weather forecasts (long term, short term and hour-by-hour rain forecast), championship standings, radar imagery, historical race data, race calendar with session times, and more!


Stolen Car Checker PRO Stolen Car Checker PRO v1.1

Check if a CAR is registered as STOLEN in a several European databases. Contains an Embedded VIN (chassis number) Decoder.


Mushroom Mogul Mushroom Mogul v1.0.4

Mushrooms have come alive! Let's catch them and play with them!
Mushroom Mogul is partly inspired by the old Whack-a-Mole and contains 40+ unique mushrooms to collect and play with!


Modbus Monitor Advanced Modbus Monitor Advanced v4.1.0

Android Modbus Master/Client and Slave/Server for phones and tablets. The Modbus Monitor utility is simple but have many advanced features unmatched even by PC based standards. This is the only Modbus App in the Android store with three Apps in one!!! (Modbus Master, Modbus Server, and Sensors Server in Modbus TCP).
This utility works using Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB Serial OTG ports.


FET Flying Extra Terrestrials FET Flying Extra Terrestrials v1.0

Play flying your own alien UFO around the world, abduct animals and wreck havoc!


Cards Battle Cards Battle v3.0

Very simple and addictive classic War card game


Salami Salami v2.0

Very easy and addictive Salami card game


Home Of Cards Home Of Cards v2.19

Home Of Cards is a set of Indian card games.


Dot Fight Dot Fight v1.0.4

Connect the dots. Make lines and shapes. Free color-matching & connection puzzle


Spark Spark v1.1

Spark is a very simple game yet very challenging.


Awesome Cat Puzzle Awesome Cat Puzzle v1.0

Awesome cat runs away from a dog. Be a hero and help the cat!


66 Santase 66 Santase v30.1

Classic sixty-six card game for android devices


Double Click Lock Double Click Lock v1.1

Lock your device with double tap and forget using power button


Whack Your Boss HARD Whack Your Boss HARD v1.3

Whack Your Boss HARD is a fast and furious finger tapping stress reliever.


Word Cascade (Full Version Unlocker) Word Cascade (Full Version Unlocker) v1.2

Unlock Word Cascade to remove all Demo-Mode restrictions


Word Cascade Word Cascade v1.0

Scrabble meets Tetris - spell words to clear letters before new lines are added!


Christmas Fun Christmas Fun v5.02

Introduce all the excitement of Christmas to your child through this great app!