WhatsWidget WhatsWidget v37


WhatsWidget are two Homescreen-Widgets for Whatsapp:

  • WhatsWidget List Messages Widget
  • WhatsWidget Online / Offline Toggle Widget

Put one or more WhatsWidgets on your home screen to see all your messages directly on your home screen.

Now it's easy to go offline if you don't want to be disturbed. Simply click on the Widget and the main app will disconnect from the server


Wifi Hacker Wifi Hacker v1.1.7

Gain access to all Wifi / Wireless networks in your area.
Wifi hack every found network and crack their password, then simply log in.

This Wifi hack app uses advanced and precise scripts for obtaining
accurate na quick results!


Highway from Hell Highway from Hell v1.14

Keep Calm
Whack some Zombies


Logic Logic v8.8

This application is a great game to test your mental abilities, your logic skills.
You have several modes to try to beat high scores from other people.
Tests consist in finding next number after a suite of numbers. You can be confronted to different types of logic suites, and it is up to you to think about the good answer. Try it, and you will become an addict for sure !


Sort numbers Sort numbers v1.5

This app is a fun way to try to beat crazy scores by sorting numbers.
You have to do it as fast as possible, without making mistakes while sorting numbers.
The game is easy : you have 4 numbers, and you have to click on each number with a given sort order.
When you succeed in sorting 4 numbers for a series, you get 4 points. If you fail, you lose 1 point on your score.


Blemish Blemish vAnimations

A colorful puzzle to pass your time!


Mathematics Mathematics v4.1

This app will provide you a great tool if you want to plot a mathematic function.
You only have to write formula, and curve will be displayed in a customizable chart.
You can choose minimal and maximal abscissa (by default it is set from -5 to 5).
It is possible to display derivative function, so you can see both f(x) and f'(x) curves.
If you click on "VALUES" button, il shows all values between selected bounds.
It can replace your scientific calculator !


Galaxy Scout Galaxy Scout v1.7

Galaxy main sentence is still the same - be quick or be dead


Color Converter Color Converter v2.0

Convert color codes from ARGB to Hex and reverse way.


Maze Labyrinth Maze Labyrinth v1.2

Maze Labyrinth is a fun loving classic puzzle Maze game for every age group.
Labyrinth is one of the best and top puzzle games.

- free to play game
- 2.5D enhancing your user experience
- exciting 50 levels (more to come soon)
- auto saving scores
- automatic unlocking of levels if you complete the previous level
- runs on every phones and tablets


Hyperspace Hyperspace v1.3.1

Fast-paced space shooter. Protect your homeplanet from the alien invasion!


Fill and Sign PDF Forms Fill and Sign PDF Forms v3.1

Fill and Sign any PDF form containing AcroFields. Save created document, view it, mail it, share it, etc.

Select PDF forms by browsing directly from the application or by clicking on 'Fill and Sign' context menu item (shows up after a long touch) inside your file manager.


Map This Way Map This Way v1.1

An application that lets you use your GPS equipped Android device as a mapping tool.


Kids activities Kids activities v3.7

An entertaining application for children of preschool and primary school. Includes learning activities (counting, math,English and French language exercises) and fun (animal sounds, memory game, bird game).


Lets Skate Premium Lets Skate Premium v1.1

Welcome to this epic skateboarding game that is so super easy to learn but extremely hard to master that it will keep you entertained for a lovely long time!


Witcher Magic Bubble Premium Witcher Magic Bubble Premium v1.0

Witcher Magic Bubble is an addictive bubble shooter game with many exciting and challenging Levels!


Santa Christmas Rush Santa Christmas Rush v1.1

Will Santa be able to distribute the gifts to all kids this Christmas?


Undead Invasion Pro Undead Invasion Pro v1.0

The hordes are coming! Stand up and fight back!


Shortcut Customizer Shortcut Customizer v2.3.7

Create customized shortcuts for file, bookmark, mail, etc on your home screen.


Vectir Remote Control Vectir Remote Control v3.8.3

Vectir turns your Android device into a powerful universal remote control for your PC. Fully featured remotes are included for many applications including iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player (WMP) and PowerPoint. Also control your mouse, volume, keyboard and computer desktop directly from your Android tablet or phone. Don't waste your time installing a different remote for each application you wish to control - just install Vectir!