DesignerCity DesignerCity v1.30

Design, build and manage your town. Watch it grow and evolve into a huge city.


Tower Collector Tower Collector v1.8.0.2

Join OpenCellID community and collect cell towers' locations from your area!


Помощник дотера Помощник дотера v1.2.6

Only Russian language.
Гайды, описание всех героев и предметов для первой и второй Dota. Только на русском языке.
В приложении присутствует реклама.


NFC Tag App Launcher NFC Tag App Launcher v3.65

NFC TAG App & Tasks launcher


Catch The Shapeshifter Catch The Shapeshifter v1.2.0

Get ready to collect shapeshifters in an extraordinary art filled adventure!


Angry Dinosaur Alarm Angry Dinosaur Alarm v1.27.8

Angry dinosaur terrors humans!


Agent Pro Version II Agent Pro Version II v0.0.44

Automatic device for measuring voice parameters, noise and music.
It should be noted that even though this device allows you to measure the parameters of voices (and hidden emotions), it is not a conventional polygraph. It is a universal measuring instrument, which is designed for a variety of scientific experiments.


Agent Trial Version II Agent Trial Version II v0.0.47

Automatic device for measuring voice parameters, noise and music
This app will turn your Android into a sensitive device that will measure the parameters of any digital sounds (voices, noises, and music). The device uses a new algorithm that allows you to calculate the numerical parameters of harmonic spectra. The measurements are carried out simultaneously on four independent channels and displayed in an intuitive way.


Tetrix Universe Tetrix Universe v1.22

The classic falling blocks puzzle now against aliens, snakes and forces of nature. Free for all.


Pac Fun Pac Fun v2.21

Pac Fun is the ultimate pacman alternative, offering dozens of levels with teleporters, snakes and smarter enemies that even shoot fire.

  • Control your hero using screen swipes
  • You can swipe anywhere, even without lifting your finger
  • Collect all keys to open the exit door
  • Once the door is open, you can either exit or obtain all gifts to win a 5-star rating
  • There are dozens of enemy types (snakes, ninjas), some smarter than you!

Balego Balego v1.06

Balego is an addictive block matching game

  • Drop the cells wisely to form triplets that break
  • Use strategy: triplets clear all adjacent similar cells
  • Use the bomb and drill cells wisely as they clear larger areas
  • There are also magnets that move their adjacent cell
  • The less cells you leave, the more STARS you gain
  • On every level won, funny & smart quotes are displayed

Antigravity Blocks Antigravity Blocks v1.45

Antigravity Blocks is a brand new take on the classic falling blocks puzzle.

  • Antigravity occurs on every level
  • Thunderstorms shuffle your blocks
  • Worms wonder around changing the entire board
  • Aliens invade your territory, stealing blocks
  • Pentris is also included in the game

And it is completely free.


ClickOMania ClickOMania v1.51

The classic block game clickomania now more addictive than ever.
All variations of the game are included:

  • Retro click-o-mania
  • Bombs, rocks, sliders, even halelujah bombs and switchers
  • Jewel mode (semi-infinite gameplay)
  • Many levels from easy to insane difficutly

and it is free.


Princess Dress Up Princess Dress Up v1.0.0

Help this poor girl become a Princess. Create a new fairy tale.


Alienated2 Alienated2 v1.06

Alienated 2 finally comes to android. How many zombies can you kill.
How long will you survive?


vADB vADB v2.0.0

Virtual adb to debug any android app over WIFI on Real device(no Rooted device)


Super Baseball Master Super Baseball Master v1.7.3

Hit all baseball gloves from a catapult!


Deutsche Städte Deutsche Städte v1.0.1

German Cities Quiz


9 Total 9 Total v1

★★★ 9Total (Nine Total) is the first and unique number puzzle game based on the CUMULATIVE TOTAL of number. Learn it in 2 minutes and play for hours ★★★


Cheeky Chickens FREE Cheeky Chickens FREE v1.2.2

70+ FUN LEVELS of pig-popping pleasure!

These cheeky chickens are tired of being the main course. It's time for these pigs to pop on a plate.

Chicken Dinner's Off The Table!

- 6 Cheeky Episodes.
- Over 70 Challenging Levels.
- HD Graphics.
- Funny Sound Effects.
- Red Bird, Little Bird, Big Bird, Bird Dropper.
- Pork Ready to be Plated.

It's Addictive and Loads of Fun! Good Luck!