Guess the Painting
Guess the Painting is a drawing and guessing game designed for family entertainment. It offers a...
Bloom Run
Bloom Run is a free infinite runner, but with a twist. You need to kill vivid enemies by matching...
We are presenting to you the brain building tool, the boredom killer, the time accelerator machine...
The Infinite Black
The Infinite Black is a free, wildly popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) space combat and...
Help Octagon -the flying squirrel- escape! Rotate your device to move the squirrel inside a 360º...
Love Crush
Switch and match your way through 50 levels in this lovable and addictive puzzle adventure. Isn't...
Rormix - Discover Emerging Music Videos "Best Apps of 2013" - TNW A centralised platform for users...
Kingdom of Diamonds
The Kingdom Of Diamonds is a classic match-3 game that takes you on a journey of a lifetime. Liz...
Age of Zombies
From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest...


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Summer Tiles Summer Tiles v1.0.3

Summer and Xylophone.
Playing the xylophone is easier than you think.
You can play the oldschool mode or the classic mode or even the song mode where you can
brush up on your musical skills.


Town Wars Town Wars v1.1

A cool small strategy game to fill your time with something fun!
Are you clever enough to outsmart your opponent and win?
If you can win against the computer, try against a real friend on the same device!


Swipey Circle Swipey Circle v1.8 - Crimson

Swipey Circle is a color-matching game that tests your reflexes against time and rapidly changing colors.


Word Search Word Search v20.0.4

Word Search is a classic word game. Can you find all the hidden words?
Find and cross out the missing words from the scrambled chart.

Look for the words horizontally, vertically, diagonally and backwards.


Азбука для детей.Мир Букв Азбука для детей.Мир Букв v1.0

Азбука для детей. Мир букв с жуком Борей


Constellaris Constellaris v1.3.1

Draw constellations in the stars.


Dailyaha Dailyaha v1.0.0.0045

Glance most popular and localized content you care about in one single app on your Android device.


Domino Bubble World 2 Domino Bubble World 2 v1.0.3

Domino Bubble World 2 is a puzzle game in which you burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.


SuperBubbleTrouble SuperBubbleTrouble v1.1.4

Bubble trouble is inspired by an old arcade i used to play alot named pang.


Lawst Lawst v2.4.2

Inspired by the greatest screensaver of all time


Living Dead City Living Dead City v1.1.1

After the deadly mutation virus escaped from the lab most of the city is turned into a Zombie City.
You must do whatever it takes to retrieve the anti-virus and put a stop to the undead nightmare.


Adorables Adorables v0.0.19

The world's cutest creatures arrived...and want to play!


Kitten Coin Chase Kitten Coin Chase v1.5

Fun coin collecting game


Puppet Soccer 2014 Puppet Soccer 2014 v1.0.30

Funniest football game ever, play as your favorite footballer and win World Cup.


Bomb Attack ! Bomb Attack ! v1.0

Save your phone from the flying bombs inside it!


BombDiver BombDiver v1.1.0

Scuba diving in search of a sunken treasure !


Snail Run Snail Run v1.0.0

Snail Run is excelent adventure, which will bring you joy and make you happy.


Türkmeneli Sözlükü Türkmeneli Sözlükü v1.0

Turkmeneli Dictionary (Türkmeneli Sözlük'ü)
Free dictionary app can translate Turkish and Iraqi Turkmens Language words to Arabic, and contain more than 18,300 words.


Nice Finance Nice Finance v1.0

The Nice Classification, established by the Nice Agreement (1957),is a system of classifying goods and services for the purpose of registering trademarks.This app is for offline search of NICE Financial services. The search shows Basic Number and Sn Serial number in English and equivalent France and Espanol number, which can be used to identify, classify and register service in countries following NICE.


Allstar Juggler Allstar Juggler v1.21

Allstar Juggler will test your precision & focusing skills to the max.