Wheels Of Survival
Have you ever been walking by the forrest and all of sudden just fallen into a deadly mechanical...
Sonic Dash
Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you dash, jump and spin your way across stunning 3D environments....
Valkyrie Skies Lite
Year 2093. Earth's four major superpowers are waging a violent intergalactic war over the most...
Thug Racer
An epic mobile interpretation of an arcade classic granting you the greatest sensation of movement...
Ever received an SMS from a stranger? Hate receiving spam SMS? Truemessenger tells you who sent you...
Phrasal Nerds
Learn essential phrasal verbs by setting out on a space adventure with Alex the mole! Phrasal Nerds...
Fall of Cutie
All the cutest champions are lining up for a jump in the greatest parachuting competition. Play as...
Race Team Manager
RACE DAY Featuring all the best parts of a traditional racing game, overtakes, spectacular crashes...
Pumpkin Path
Want to play one of the most original and exciting logic based puzzle games available right now?...


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Share to Calendar Share to Calendar v1.0.4

Share notes, text messages, url, or any other text that is selectable directly to Calendar


Maze Forever Maze Forever v1.0.7

Do you like Labyrinth Puzzles? You’ll LOVE Maze Forever’s Unlimited Labyrinths!


UnlockScope UnlockScope v0.0.1

UnlockScope App offers you the easiest, fastest and safest method to unlock your phone, giving you the freedom to use your phone with the carrier of your choice and helping you save hundreds of dollars when you travel internationally.


Стихи для малышей Стихи для малышей v1.05

Развивающая игра для обучения малыша детским стихам русских авторов


MathEquation Quiz MathEquation Quiz v1.0.2

Let sharpen your mind by challenging the mathermatic equation quiz.


Movie Quiz HD Movie Quiz HD v1.0.0

Test your movie guessing skills now!
Simple concept, see a screenshot from the movie and you must guess the movie title!
Explore different types of movies, from drama to comedy, science fiction to animated films, oldies and even the newest movies running at your local movie theatre!
Have fun and enjoy this free game!


Salt & Pepper 2 Salt & Pepper 2 v1.1.1

Salt & Pepper 2: A Surreal Salty Physics Game is the sequel to last year's popular indie physics game Salt & Pepper: A Physics Game. Salt & Pepper 2 features addictive, strategic drawing gameplay with minimalistic graphics and surreal multistage levels for casual gamers.


robotoGo robotoGo v1.3



GeoBoard for kids GeoBoard for kids v1.1.5

Game for kids to help them learn to identify and to draw shapes and patterns. FULL VERSION


Cryptnote Cryptnote v1.1.1

Crypt a text and open it everywhere


Delivery Reports Delivery Reports v1.0.4

View your SMS delivery reports and their status


Solitaire Solitaire v1.3

Solitaire is a game for one player played with standard deck of playing cards.


Trow's Space Trow's Space v0.0.11

This is a game of ships, where your ship you have to shoot more aliens bases.

You can shoot down alien bases on "Surge," when you destroy all alien base so the level is restarted, increasing difficulty and more enemies, the game is practically infinite, but obviously goes so far until the game is create a "Glitch", as Pac-Man to get to level 256.


Kosmo Moon Phase Kosmo Moon Phase v1.5

Shows the current phase of the moon along with rise and set times for any given location. A configurable widget is included.


Andy's Adventures Andy's Adventures v1.0

Jump and run with Andy in this platformer through 80 exciting levels.


Guess the picture Quiz Guess the picture Quiz v1.0

Play game and tease your mind - reveal beautiful pictures and guess the words!


CChess 2016 CChess 2016 v1.0.8

New online Chinese chess (Xiangqi) game with beautiful graphic and totally free


MoonAdventures MoonAdventures v1.4.124

Whacky spatial Adventure through wild planets until the moon – free arcade game - Collect Diamonds and use the Phoenix reborn effect to win !!


The Matrix of Colors The Matrix of Colors v2.2

The Matrix of colors want you to match colors patterns and solve 400+ puzzles.


Candy Attack Candy Attack v0.6.3

Help the worried dad to fly his plane and collect healthy food for his kids.