Play as Nino, the curious kid who runs and jumps across the colorful world to collect the ABCD's...
Woodlice Free
The peaceful and pleasant life of a woodlice’s family is abruptly invaded by a giant bulldozer...
Welcome to the world of colorful transforming shapes! Now it's time to make these evil purple ones...
Do you like word games? Join over 50 million players and try Ruzzle - the fastest word game on the...
Parking Reloaded 3D
Discover Parking Reloaded 3D the newest "Parking" game designed by the creators of Backyard Parking...
Drag Racing 4x4
The latest game from the creators of Drag Racing features bigger and badder trucks and SUVs,...
Rollipop is a unique, casual addictive physics-based bubble popping puzzle game. Rolli is a wizard...
Wild City
Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City, the city of vice where you can become a world tycoon...
Popfishing is really an essential game for Android phones, which swept all over the world, loved by...


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Legor 7 - Brain Game Legor 7 - Brain Game v3

Popular award winning puzzle game Legor is back with 30 new levels of increasing difficulty and 11 new shapes to play with! Can you make it into TOP20 highscores?


Water Logic Water Logic v1.3

Water Logic is a logic puzzle game. In each puzzle you have a set of bowls and your task is measuring specified quantity of water.


SpinieBopLight SpinieBopLight v5

SpinieBop loves to pop!


Snap Touch Snap Touch v1.3

About Snap Touch Onehand - ROOT


SWardriving SWardriving v1.1

SWardriving. Wi-Fi Wireless.

Wireless Wi-Fi Wardriving, Warbiking, Warwalking, Warjogging, Warrailing, Wartraining, BusWardriving ...

A simple application for Wardriving anywhere in the world. Do not let it escape the location of any Wireless Wi-Fi network.

Una aplicación sencilla para Wardriving en cualquier parte del mundo. Que no se te escape la localización de ninguna Red Wireless Wi-Fi.


Bubbler Bubbler v1.0

This unique bubble shooting game is everything you need to kill time instantly!


BalanceGame BalanceGame v1.01


Balance is a 2D casual mobile game utilizing gyroscope functionality. The objective of the game is to relax and enjoy. Meanwhile, the player can also focus on maneuvering his/hers mobile device to collect points and go through over two hundred uniquely designed levels with different difficulty. We actually dare you to complete the last one.

Challenge accepted??? ;-)


Better Toss Better Toss v1.0

Toss balls into baskets with full, realistic control!


Contraception Contraception v1.0

Play new game from wormhole games!
Do not let the sperm to fertilize the egg, she really does not want to leave.


Cragsman Cragsman v1.03

Cragsman is about climbing. You are a skilled climber summiting an icy peak.


Freecell Valentine-Free Edition Freecell Valentine-Free Edition v1

This game implements the classic Freecell Solitaire card game with the familiar rules but unique set of cards. It has colorful Valentine's themed cards!


undersiege undersiege v4

A classic style block breaker game. Set in the middle ages, Under Siege has many levels full with fun and easy to hard challenges.


ZxynetDroid ZxynetDroid v1.1.0

Multiple Neural Net Artificial Intelligence,
Specialized for text analysis and thought exploration.


Lucky Diamonds Lucky Diamonds v1.0.4

Lucky Diamond slots gives the most authentic free high roller casino experience.


Texas Poker Slots Texas Poker Slots v1.0.6

Texas Poker slots is the most authentic free high roller video poker experience.


Candy & Soda Candy & Soda v1.0.4

Candy & Soda slots gives the most authentic free high roller casino experience.


Lucky Buddha Lucky Buddha v1.0.5

Lucky Buddha slots is the most authentic free high roller casino experience


Learn Shapes games for kids Learn Shapes games for kids v1.8

Your kid can learn forms and shapes in few hours just playing this game. If your kid 3-4 years old or even younger it's time to learn shapes and colors. In this age is the best for learning basic knowledges. And our apps will help you to make learning easy and fun.


jump jump v1

Come test your reflexes with this very addictive simple game, all you have to do is make your ball jump on platforms. With it's simple controls it will keep you occupied from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

No timelimit, just go as long as you can!

Why not challenge your friends, best score or longest times.

- Multiple Difficulties
- Easy to learn, hard to master!
- Quick 30 seconds to 30 minutes gameplay


tourismart lite tourismart lite v1.0.3

An everyday hotel management system for small hotels, guesthouses and villas.