Turbo Bugs 2
Tired of smashing ants, squishing bugs and exterminating all kinds of insects? Change the...
Stratega Lite
Are you prepared for a fast paced real time strategy game with an addictive combination of TD?....
Texas Holdem Poker Awesome
Most popular poker game in the world. Full Facebook compatibility and complete with 10 million...
War Memory
War Memory Game defies your memory skills all the time. Do not allow the enemy army to recruit them...
Phrasal Nerds
Learn essential phrasal verbs by setting out on a space adventure with Alex the mole! Phrasal Nerds...
For all lovers of pop music! For all dance heroes! For all who want to be a rock hero! For all...
Ninja Miner
Ninjas are not well known for mining! But now it's time to use famous ninja skills for collecting...
June's Potion
June’s Potion is a arcade stealth game that tries to combine a arcade theme with an exciting...
HAYRIDE is a farming game with smooth controls. You will grow crops and fruits, raise livestock...


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Whack a Robot Whack a Robot v0.1.12

★ Is a casual fair game like whack a mole, with excellent steampunk graphics


Bubble Archery Bubble Archery v1.4

Bubble Archery - a bow and arrow game where your target is to shoot the bubbles.


Ghost Hunter X Ghost Hunter X v1.02

Dracula, Chinese ghost, zombies are coming up!
Attack the weakness of ghost


Raccoon'sEleven Raccoon'sEleven v1.0

You as Raccoon, should lead your team. You have two main partners, Monkey and Zebra.
You and your partners lost everything because of Piggy the banker. You should get your money back from Piggy's banks.


Learning Words for Kids Learning Words for Kids v1.0.1

**Learn Words the fun way with cute cartoons of Animals, shapes, and alphabets**


Multi Breaker Multi Breaker v1.2.0.58

Multi Breaker or the art of breaking bricks faster than his opponent!
Download the N°1 of bricks breaker for FREE!


RecipeCraft RecipeCraft v1.1

RecipeCraft - The FREE Minecraft helper app


Fab Salon Fab Salon v1.0

Are you bored of the regular hairstyles? Then you have come to the right place.


Cognitive Quest Cognitive Quest v1.1.0

The game with RPG elements to train, challenge and improve your cognitive skills


ExtremeAtoms ExtremeAtoms v1.0.0

If you crave a challenging old-fashioned puzzle game, Extreme Atoms is for you.


Geometry Heroes Geometry Heroes v1.0.4

Ahh math class; as our pencils grow duller we grow sharper. but as interesting as the teacher makes it, it's hard to not allow our minds to wander. Join Bob, a cleverly personified figment of an overactive imagination, as he and his team fight against the Grievously Evil Only Mad Extra Terrible Really Yucky forces ; or GEOMETRY.


Talk Me Calendar Talk Me Calendar v1.0

This application speaks your next Google calendar event reminders.


Karma Log Karma Log v1.1

Track down the history of your actions and their impact on your Karma.


Quick Notes Quick Notes v1.1

User-friendly and Simple to create Notes & Task Lists.
Create, Save & Share. Write Story articles or mails.
Create shopping list, or track daily errands with task list.
Assign color tag to files to organize.
Create Notes, save and share with your friends.
Create Task List with status update for every tasks.


Memory Challenge Memory Challenge v1.0

Train your memory with Memory Challenge by matching a pair of cards.


Dungeon Break Dungeon Break v1.2

Play it retro! Enjoy all the fun of the oldschool games like Gauntlet.


Air Lock Screen Air Lock Screen v1.1.6

Lock in a magical way!


Funny Fish Funny Fish v1.0

Funny Fish is a funny and simple game that you can play in every Android device. In game, you are owner of a fishing farm. Your can buy fry, feed them, use medicine heal them when them get sick and when they are full-grown you can sell them and get gold. Moreover, you can expand your fishing pond and unlock more fish and you can get a colorful fishing pond as you want.


Sofia Real MakeOver Sofia Real MakeOver v2.0

Sofia is ready to look like a true princess, help her perform a real makeover to show her royal beauty.


PhotoPairs PhotoPairs v1.05

PhotoPairs is the matching game photos, suitable for all ages.