Sudoku In Space
Sudoku In Space is out of this world! Don’t ground yourself with Sudoku on paper or with other...
Kiki's Orderly Adventure
Begin a journey with Kiki and friends to set order in a magical world of witches and spells. Guide...
Profiteer Lite
With no money, no space truck and no prospects you were in need of some good luck and it seems that...
Invaders Strike
Prepare to defend humanity from an attack by aliens in the fantastic futuristic Invaders Strike...
Neonize - A rhythm and memory based shooter game for those seeking a fun challenge! The goal is...
School Day
Discover "Cricket Kids", Slim Cricket’s line of educational products for children under 7. In "...
Clash Of Mages Free
Join the battle! Try to become an Archmage! Clash of Mages is tactical turn based game which is...
Crazy Insects
Peaceful times are gone. The army of bugs is gonna to break in. Save your sweets from those vicious...
Lasso Kid Pocket
The Number 1-Smash Hit with the Lasso! First place in the category "Kids 5 and Under" in 10...


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Calendar Backup Calendar Backup v1.0

Backup, Restore and Print your calendar events by saving them to PDF or ePUB file.


Ayu game Ayu game v1.0

Ayu (full name: "Attach Your Units") is a game invented by Luis Bolaños Mures in 2011.


Throw Checkers HD Throw Checkers HD v1.0.8

Finger fling their checkers and throws the opponent's checkers from the board


CityVibes CityVibes v0.62

Location based music player tailored for new music discovery.


QSO (Free) QSO (Free) v1.0

QSO contains the questions for the amateur radio (ham) operators for Greece.


Botanica Botanica v1.0

List of well known herbs and their properties

Ευρετηριο για γνωστα βοτανα, με πληροφοριες και χρησεις αυτων.


Catch the bees Catch the bees v1.0.3

Little bee-princess needs your help!


Classic Shooter Retro Game Classic Shooter Retro Game v1.0

Old style video game


Space Traveler Space Traveler v1.5.1

Space Traveler is a challenging Puzzle game. The purpose of this game is to avoid the stars and collect gems while you are traveling in space. Gems can be used to purchase items and new skins for your player. Don't forget to complete the achievements and challenge your friends!


Copter Survival Copter Survival v1.1.2

Copter Unlimited is a arcade game. Pilot your helicopter through cave, avoiding obstacles in your way.


Treasure Trax Treasure Trax v1.0.0

Pirate Willy is looking to find his treasure chest, Can you help him find his gold.


Galaxy Guardians 3D Galaxy Guardians 3D v1.0

Galaxy Guardian is here! The galaxy is under threat by Alien spaceships, you must survive for as long as possible. FLY AS FAR AS POSSIBLE.
Protect the Guardian ship by dodging enemy spaceships. Hitting Asteroids and Alien Spaceships will make your spaceship stronger and more equipped and you will score more points by destroying the Aliens. So take the challenge to defend our Planet from the Alien Attack.


Panfur's Quest Panfur's Quest v2.0

Help Panfur make it through the dangerous city to get home. The more you click the higher he goes. Try to time it just right and get Panfur on to each rooftop. This is our first game app, look to more(better) apps soon. Twitter and Facebook share buttons will work soon.


More Or Less Trial More Or Less Trial v1.0

Try to find the exact number ! (TRIAL VERSION)


Maze Dungeon Maze Dungeon v1.14

If you love mazes, dungeons and adventures - this game is for you!


Aprende Coloreando Aprende Coloreando v1.39

Fun application for drawing and coloring. Educational Content!


Shopping List ++ Shopping List ++ v1.0

Simple steps for shopping through 3 tabs: All items - To Buy - In Basket

1. Make your list at home for all items you usually buy
2. Check items for shopping in ″All items″ tab
3. In shop: Check off items in ″To Buy″ tab while shopping
4. Review bought items in ″In Basket″ tab


Bazooka Gun Boy Bazooka Gun Boy v1.0

Go boy Kill All Bad monsters with Bazooka Gun


Neon Sprint Neon Sprint v1.0

Unleash the Neon.


Acqua Alta Acqua Alta v3.13

Controlla le previsioni per l'Acqua Alta a Venezia, utile per le tue gite a VE!