Cut the Rope
Cut the rope to feed candy to Om Nom! 600 million downloads around the world of this phenomenal...
Prepare the biggest candy feast possible! Combine triplets of candies to create a super candy. Each...
Help The Fish
Help the fish get to the water. When the fish is falling, just tap on the right or left part of the...
Cosmic Haul
Gather valuable matter and avoid hazards in your journey to the far reaches of the universe as a...
Mongo Farm Bubble Shooter
Cheerful and funny bubble shoot game. Mongo cat presents another classic bubble match-three for...
Demolition Frenzy!
Your mission is to destroy as many tower blocks as possible, collect coins, avoid obstacles and...
In Jobi’s Bistro your children will explore a restaurant behind the scene where they will satisfy...
Adventures of Flig
The adventure begins! Explore beautiful and mysterious worlds and fight the unique enemies to help...
Cut the Rope Time Travel HD
Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel...


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Puzzle 4 Puzzle 4 v1.0

Puzzle 4 is a different kind of connect-4 puzzle. No more swapping, start sliding.


Cavernous Dungeon Cavernous Dungeon v1.9

Cavernous Dungeon is a dungeon crawler roguelike game in a pixel art style.


Eye Planet Eye Planet v1.1.2

One spaceship... and lots of weird mutant eyes.


Drum it! Drum it! v1.0.7

The easiest way to play drum right on your pocket


Super Sphere Super Sphere v1.6.3

Super Sphere is a simple ball-game, where you try to hit the sphere with a shovel and aim it to go away from your backyard. Always when you do so, you get points and your goal is to get a new highscore. Can be challenging at first but when you get hang of it, it's very fun!


Bubble Breaker Bubble Breaker v1.0.0s

The classic bubble breaking game. Suprisingly addictive and challenging! Bubble Breaker is a game where you must select a same color group of bubbles on a grid and click to destroy them. The more bubbles you destroy with a single click, the higher score you get!


Color4All - color match puzzle Color4All - color match puzzle v1.2

Find out how good You are at distinguishing and arranging colors!


Agile Caterpillar Agile Caterpillar v1.0

Cure the caterpillar!


Apple Mega Drop Apple Mega Drop v1.5

Falling apples fun!


Vice-Versa Vice-Versa v2.4.2

Control your engine, cross all the levels, improve your skills and be a Hero!


Path of operations Path of operations v1.0.0

Path of operations - find your path


Candy Bang Mania Candy Bang Mania v1.0.1

Candy Bang Mania is the new casual hit game that perfectly combines puzzle and action in a magical candy-coated package that you just can’t resist.


Sea Chicken Sea Chicken v1.2.7

A riviting, action-packed ocean adventure game.


Tractor Crew: Gold Digger free Tractor Crew: Gold Digger free v1.1.0

Tractor Crew 2! Tractor Crew is at it again! This time they found gold!


Follow Lights Follow Lights v1.1

Follow lights is a short term memory boosting game. Light up all the lights in the specific pattern by taping on the light.


Next News Next News v1.0.7

Next News Lock Screen is the next generation lock screen that delivers the latest trending news, based on your reading interests.


Wheels Of Survival Wheels Of Survival v1.1.1b

Help a fellow miner to escape this pit of hopelessness


Jelly Reflex Jelly Reflex v1.0.1

Test your Eye Reflex With this Jelly Cube.


CannonDestroyer CannonDestroyer v1.0

There is free time - to play!


The Truck Driver The Truck Driver v1.0.0

Can You handle these powerful trucks on 24 rough terrains? Try it now!