Demon Blade
The 1st RPG game Tower of the Sorcerer Description: The world is once again under the shadow of the...
Craft King Free
You - Craft King! Explore dungeons, extract resources and craft many items! Build home and arrange...
Aero Monkey
The great success comes to mobile platform! An exciting adventure! Help Chip to collect bananas,...
After 400 million years of not evolving, sharks have found themselves literally out gunned by the...
Xeno Quest
Xeno Quest takes place in a grand fantasy world where magic and technology dominate. In this unique...
Super DragonStone
Super Dragon Stone is an extremely difficult and challenging game for users. Super Dragon Stone is...
HAYRIDE is a farming game with smooth controls. You will grow crops and fruits, raise livestock...
SB-World - Shine Brite Kids
Shine Brite World - Home of the Shine Brite Kids! Your child will go on Adventures with each of the...
Welcome to Dream Fish, you are only taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide...


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Rhazes Health Rhazes Health v1.0

Check for potential interactions between drugs for medicine and veterinary medicine.


Baby Panda Care Baby Panda Care v4.28

A chance for children to show love and care to a baby panda while they build a sense of responsibility.


VideoCollect VideoCollect v1.1

Video Collect enables you to collect videos that are embedded in a web page.


Dino Hunt Dino Hunt v1.3

Battle for survival gets deadly as you enter the ultimate age of t-rex dominion


LadderCrazy LadderCrazy v1.05

Add ladder plate and move falling player to our Goal!


Breaking News Breaking News v3.0.3

Breaking News is the fastest way to get the facts on breaking stories


Stick Nodes Pro Stick Nodes Pro v1.0.9

A powerful stickfigure animation program created with mobile devices in mind!


Fuuzz Fuuzz v1.1

Fuuzz is an intergalactic space shooter with lots of action and weapons.


Swing Copter Stars Swing Copter Stars v1.0.1

☆ Swing your Star with his copter and fly through the sky!!! ☆

Just tap on screen to make our shinny little Star swing his copter .
Pass trough the columns to level up, avoiding the obstacles.
You can also collect coins that give you even more points.

Unlock items such as : New Stars, Hats and Backgrounds!

Try to beat your friends High Score and the World Record!
Unlock Achievements/Trophies, Stars and Items!

Have fun! ;)


Barn Stormers Barn Stormers v1.0

Simple fun game great for killing time.


Leukocyte Leukocyte v1.0.0

Select, drag and release your leukocytes to medicate all the enemy cells.


Car Adventure Car Adventure v1.0

Funny Adventure Game click click new game


Periodic Table Periodic Table v2.01

Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
(118 Chemical elements and drawing)


app lock app lock v1.2

App lock is security application which helps you to protect your phone from other people by locking your applications from public access.


Basketball Coach Board Basketball Coach Board v1.3

Use Basketball Coach Board to coach and explain your tactics before and during the Basketball game.


Embaixadinha Soccer Embaixadinha Soccer v1.0.0.0

Kick Up Tournament


CallTracker CallTracker v3.1


It is mainly useful for Postpaid/Prepaid Users to keep track of monthly Incoming/outgoing calls count/Duration in minutes & seconds.


Stick Nodes Stick Nodes v1.0.9

A powerful stickfigure animation program created with mobile devices in mind!


Tower Blocks Builder Tower Blocks Builder v1.0

Tower blocks the coolest most addicting building tower game !


BaCiccio BaCiccio v1.8

It's time to be fabulous for the bathing suit test , so NO MORE SANDWICH for BaCiccio!