Chromatic Seals
Slice the colored ice blocks so you touch the corresponding colored seals. Great arctic puzzle game...
Crack the Dot Puzzle and enjoy our minimalist style game We wish you a most pleasant time You can...
The cute Baboos need your help! Can you complete as many rainbow lines as possible?! Baboo! is a...
Attracted by treats and sweets, the CandyMeleon can devour an unbelievable amount of candies and...
Word for Word
Word for Word is a casual word grid game. All you have to do is find all the words you can within...
Junimong - kids drawing
☆ Playground where children all over the world communicate via drawing & doodling. ☆ ☆ Show...
Mochu Adventures
**Immerse your little explorer in Mochu the penguin’s underwater world of fun! Dive into the deep...
Fun Arcade
Fun Arcade consists of 30 games that are sure to keep you busy for hours on end. No downloading or...
Hungry Tiny Fellows
Tiny Fellows, they are hungry! Quickly feed them whilst having fun and collecting all the golden...


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Run Santa Run! Run Santa Run! v1.0.5

An endless runner / retro game about avoid the obstacles


Bust The Pest Bust The Pest v1.0

Its a different bug busting game with unlimited enemies and great fun!!! never miss this game!!!


Tilt a Christmas Tree Tilt a Christmas Tree v1.1.4

Save your X-mas tree from falling, but beware of the tricky wind god!


Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter v1.2

Shoot the bubbles, having fun with bubble shooter with more than 45 levels


AncientMaze AncientMaze v1.0

Pass 18 levels of the ancient labyrinth. Memorize the traversed path and avoid obstacles.


Snowy Ball Pet Snowy Ball Pet v1.0

Ask all your Christmas wishes to the magic Snowy Bally


Burger Capitalist Burger Capitalist v1.5

A VERY addictive casual game in the yummy fast food universe!


ARK Guide ARK Guide v0.0.107

(donation version) ARK: Survival Evolved guide, crafts and tools.


Kicky Kicky v11.0.0

A life saving app developed by parents for parents to help keep track of your baby's little kicks and movements.


Space Catch Space Catch v1.0.9

Create your flying transport and catch animals


Robots vs. Robots Robots vs. Robots v1.0

Robots vs. Robots is a free-style tower defense game


Fat Cat vs Zombies Fat Cat vs Zombies v1.0.9

Simple endless time killer fat cat vs. Zombies.


Zommando Zommando v1.0

You have no choice: kill or get killed.
Do you really believe you could survive this zombie world as a lone ranger? Think again: be realistic and be a TEAM.


Turbolab Turbolab v2.8

The most white-knuckle pursuit in the Google Play Store


Ted the Jumper Ted the Jumper v1.4

Help Ted to collect all wooden blocks on the field by jumping on them in a colorful puzzle game. Ted can jump forward, left or right, but cannot jump back.


Saving Private Sheep Saving Private Sheep v1.0.0

The War of the Sheep


Saving Private Sheep 2 Saving Private Sheep 2 v1.2.1

Saving Private Sheep est de retour !

La guerre est finie.


Rubpix Rubpix v1.0.3

Rubpix is a picture-forming sliding block puzzle game from the creator of Pretentious Game.

"Most Promising Game in the Indie Prize" Casual Connect Singapore 2014.


Pocket Expenses Pocket Expenses v3.0

Manage Your Daily Incomes As Well As Expenses!


Insatiable Insatiable v1.1

Eaters of fruits and berries!