Partner Questionnaire

This partner questionnaire will help us understand the scope of your interests and requirements.

Note that * denotes are required field.

1. General

What is your full personal name? (First & last name)

What is the name of the company or organization you represent?

What is your corporate email address?

What is the best phone number on which we can contact you?

How can SlideME help your business?

2. If you are an OEM or device vendor or retailer:

Explain the type of Android device, and audience you would like to address.

Analytics is available to monitor installs and downloads from your Application Store.

Provide from a scale 1 (not important) to a scale of 5 (very important) how important it is to you so SlideME provides support to your customers?

Explain if you require SlideME to provision updates also for your preloaded applications.

Provide an estimate of number of devices you plan to preload within the year with a version of the SlideME Market (SAM) application.

3. We are not a device vendor and we desire to partner with SlideME