Reviews of Pumpkin Path

Great app, would highly recommend it!

I really enjoy these types of games, just started playing this and my first impressions are WOW what a simple idea, the game play is neat and graphics are nice. The first few levels are relatively easy to complete but the complexity increases gradually as you get more familiar with the rules. I'm playing mostly on Bird Brain skill level, Almost Human is a step up and is much more challenging which make this game worth coming back to. Given there are 60 levels I think this is a game I will be playing for sometime.

A truly original game, I was genuinely surprised.
Love the graphics, the game play starts off easy and soon gets more challenging. The levels overall aren't too difficult, well balanced, my son plays occasionally and he is real good at it, especially for an 8yo.
You can turn down the sfx and music but I kinda like it. There are a few adverts but its a free game so cant complain I haven't seen many of them. I like the fact that there are no in game payment nags like other games, so I can see I will be playing Pumpkin Path for a while yet.

Good app, great value.

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