KaiReader KaiReader v2.04

Easy to use EPUB and PDF reader with Dropbox sync and sharing.


Splatzy: Orange Rush Splatzy: Orange Rush v1.1

Splatzy : Orange Rush is a simple maze like puzzle game where you have to guide our little friends out of the factory and prevent them from being turning into orange juice!


RetroCraft: Asteroid Calamaty RetroCraft: Asteroid Calamaty v1.1

RetroCraft: Asteroid Calamity is an old school arcade space lander game! Super Retro and Super Fun!


Quip Quip v2.3

Beautiful documents on any device


Star Hunter Star Hunter v1.0

Star Hunter is a fun and addictive infinite runner! You have to hunt the gold, silver and bronze stars to increase your score. Unlock the 8 beatiful scenes!


Restaurant Menu Restaurant Menu v3.0.0.17

Showing menus and managing orders of a cafe/restaurant has never been this easy!

In just three steps you can manage the orders of your cafe or restaurant:

1 - Create your menu by adding categories and items.
2 - Create the order locations where guests will be served.
3 - Create orders, add order items and change their states according with their life cycle.

We value your comments and suggestions, our desire and commitment is to meet your expectations in the best way, Cymaxtec team.


Blocus Blocus vLevel One

Blocus is a frantic endless brick breaker game, much like Arkanoid or Breakout.

There is a lot of visual effect and the game feel very much alive.

You can also make make your paddle shoot by catching the ball on the same side several times. And this shot can be upgraded with the experience you gain each time you play !


Match M for Kids Match M for Kids v1.01

Match M for Kids is a free game which tests your visual memory.
It's a funny way to improve your abilities and train your memory with endearing characters. Matching up the different sets of image pairs.


CowCannon CowCannon v1.9

Help the little lost cow getting back to its friends.


Temple2 Temple2 v1.21

Temple 2 - the great brain and puzzle game. This is very addicting game.

Temple 2 a little story is a addicting brain and puzzle game, where your task is to destroy all the fields on the screen. T


Temple Temple v1.32

The great brain and puzzle game. Temple is for you!

The Temple is a addictive brain and puzzle game, where your task is to destroy all the fields on the screen.


Hypoxic Hypoxic v1.0.2

Do breathing exercises to improve your performance and adaptability


Blocks Breaker Machine Blocks Breaker Machine v1.41

Enjoy a revolutionary gameplay of blocks breaking free game!
This is Arkanoid, Brick Breaker or Breakout game with a revolutionary gameplay and a beautiful HD graphics!. Try something new and fresh! This game will take you to a wonderful journey.


Smack a Smiley Smack a Smiley vv10

How many Smileys can you smack? A fun way to blow off some steam. Why not Smack-a-Smiley?


VIPole VIPole v1.5.4

VIPole is a Secure Instant Messenger powered by strong encryption technologies that perfectly guard sensitive communications and data from prying eyes and surveillance efforts. VIPole strongly encrypts instant messages, group chats, voice calls, video calls and files so that no third-party is able to listen to conversations or tap into a message or file.


Shapes Attack! Shapes Attack! v1.0.0

Don't let the shapes get inside of the pipe. That is your challenge on Shapes Attack!


Hungry fish Hungry fish v1.0.1

Eat or be Eaten! that is the rule.
try to eat smaller fish to grow up and avoid bigger fish and become the ultimate fish eater!


Alarm Princess Alarm Princess v2.2.0

■■■ Wake up with princess, 'Alarm Princess'!■■■
Princesses wake you up in the morning.
Start a great day with your princess~

■■■ Princesses with various style ■■■
A lot of illusts are waiting for you.
And more and more cards will come!

■■■ Collection event ■■■
Collect all cards and get real trading card!
If you collect all the cards in the deck, Alarm Princess will send you real cards!

One more thing, you can get 10 gacha tickets by inviting your friends with referral code~


Farm Tractor Racing Farm Tractor Racing v1.1.2

Welcome to the farm lands where tractors rule the streets.
Meet Sawyer. A true farmer, tractor enthusiast and stuntman.
Race the bumpy roads, smash through crates, barrels and many other obstacles.

Upgrade your tractor, improve your results and compare them with your friends.
Perform stunts to get air time bonuses, but take care of Sawyer as he may fly off the tractor.


Beer Stack Beer Stack v1.0.5

Test your skill by making a great tower of beers on your cell phone or tablet!