Breaking News Breaking News v3.0.3

Breaking News is the fastest way to get the facts on breaking stories


Sicher versichert Sicher versichert v1.1

Daily updated premiums and conditions for various types of insurance in Germany.


Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored) Taekwondo Forms (Sponsored) v1.1a

This app contains animated videos of Taekwondo patterns.


Craft King Free Craft King Free v1.1.8

Explore dungeons, extract resources and craft many items!


Craft King Craft King v1.1.8

Explore dungeons, extract resources, craft many items, build your own world and fight with enemies!


Match M for Kids Match M for Kids v1.0

Match M for Kids is a free game which tests your visual memory.
It's a funny way to improve your abilities and train your memory with endearing characters. Matching up the different sets of image pairs.


3D Hair Shop 3D Hair Shop v5.2.6

* Create your own virtual hairstyles in 3D


Bessere Zinsen Bessere Zinsen v1.10.1

Die besten Bankeinlagen und die günstigsten Darlehen in Deutschland!
Die Finanzvergleich-App listet tagesaktuelle Bedingungen für verzinste Einlagen und Kredite, die von deutschen Banken und anderen Finanzdienstleistern momentan angeboten werden.


Jigsaw Galaxy Space Jigsaw Galaxy Space v1.2.5

Play jigsaw puzzles on your devices with over two-dozen galaxy themed images.


Bubble Shift Bubble Shift v1.0.3

Bubble Shift is a fun Match 3 type of multi level puzzle game, each level has a new experience, filled with challenges, excitement, strategy. Each level has target to achieve to move to next level. As you move to higher levels multiple targets are unlocked to thrill the game. Spark the bubble breaking effect with lighting effects and stars. More lighting effect in bubble break more score points.


ABC Series - Slide Puzzle 1 ABC Series - Slide Puzzle 1 v1.0

Complete the 64 puzzle challenges! Animals, buildings, fruits, and also Flower!


Children Book: English Children Book: English v1.1

Children Book - English is apps for learning alphabets, numbers, fruits, animals


Fruits Match! Fruits Match! v1.0

Drag and Drop to match the fruits to their matching circles. Different fruits are scrolling from top to bottom in random order, when they reach near the matching circles, you have to drag and drop the fruits in order to score.


Taekwondo Forms Taekwondo Forms v1.1sm

This app contains animated videos of Taekwondo patterns.


Kaleidoscope Paint HD Kaleidoscope Paint HD v2.1

Paint colorful kaleidoscopes and mandalas. Simply touch the screen and move your finger around the screen and watch patterns emerge almost magically. It's fun and easy to use painting app.


Bible Simplified Chinese Bible Simplified Chinese v1.1.5




Bible Bible v1.2.6


The Bible (from Koine Greek τ? βιβλ?α ta biblia "the books") is any one of the collections of the primary religious texts of Judaism and Christianity.


Bencao Gangmu Bencao Gangmu v1.2.0

Bencao Gangmu

Bencao Gangmu (simplified Chinese: 本草纲目; traditional Chinese: 本草綱目; pinyin: Běncǎo Gāngmù; Wade–Giles: Pen-ts'ao Kang-mu), also known as Compendium of Materia Medica, is a Chinese materia medica work written by Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty.


6+ Word Idiom Story 6+ Word Idiom Story v1.1.9

6+ Word Idiom Story
If you like Chinese idioms, you cannot ignore this eBook, it provides all of the 232 Chinese idioms which have more than six words so far.



6 Word Idiom Story 6 Word Idiom Story v1.2.0

6 Word Idiom Story
If you like Chinese idioms, you cannot ignore this eBook, it provides all of the 50 Chinese idioms which have only six words so far.