Uploading applications

Hello guys i would like to know if uploading apps to slideme its free.Please let me know
Best regards..:)

RE: Uploading applications

There is no fee or upfront cost for uploading applications to SlideME, free or paid.

Fees and taxes are only incurred for paid apps, and these are deducted from each sale made at the time of the sale (per http://slideme.org/rate-schedule ). No upfront cost for paid apps, the balance after deductions is deposited into your Earnings account on SlideME.

rejected apps

and what can i do if my uploaded apps are being rejected.How can i solve the problem and my app be finally accepted?

RE: rejected apps

If your apps are "Denied", then they can be approved if you do the changes required by our editors. These requirements are emailed to you and also shown at the top of the application node. When you make your changes, at the same time check the box at the top of the Edit page to queue your application for re-review.

If you are unable to queue it for re-review, use the Contact link at the top of the page to open a support ticket requesting help to get your application to be re-queued for another review. Ensure you include the URL of your app in question.

If any of your apps are Forbidden, they are not permitted on SlideME and you would receive a statement that they were permanently rejected.