My credit card was used to buy stuff from Gamevil...HELP!

i think my son or one of his friends used my credit card to purchase apps from Gamevil (the charges showed up as GOOGLE GAMEVIL USA GOOGLE COM CHCAUS##) I'll call the bank tomorrow and try to figure it out, but i'm hoping someone can direct me to somewhere to start finding answers about what was downloaded. The charges range from $0.99 to $19.99 - and MOST of the charges were $19.99. I checked the gamevil site and i couldn't even find a $19.99 app. What could this be? Anybody have any idea how i can follow the trail to get to the bottom of this? Thanks

Sounds like purchases from Android Market

Sounds like purchases from Android Market (Google) via Google Checkout, and possibly via a games in-app billing charge. You may want to contact Google Checkout support team or Android Market support team and provide them the details of the charge so they can trace to which gmail these charges were made. From this email, you should be able to tell who initiated the charges.