Motivateme Motivateme v1.2

There you go, running mile after mile. Some runs are great and others leave you questioning... Why Do I Do This? Download MotivateME for a collection of inspirational quotes that will keep your tennies tied tight and give you a little pep in your next five thousand steps!


Miumeet Miumeet v2.3.0

★ Chat, flirt, date and meet girls & guys nearby!
★ Millions of singles are dating here!
★ Live Flirting: See who is online right now!
★ 100% free of charge! No hidden costs.
★ GPS location-based matches.


Mister Spaghetti Mister Spaghetti v1.0.1 (Improved performance, fix market problem)

The spaghetti measure is really clever: grab a bundle of dry pasta,put it on the display and it will measure out 1-4 servings using its aperture-like ring. No more wasted pasta or still-hungry regrets!
Mr Spaghetti offers also a wonderful kitchen timer and several video recipes!

free until 02/2011


Mirror Mirror v1.4

If your Samsung phone has a secondary camera, with this app you can use your phone as a mirror! Quickly check your hair, your make-up or contact lenses without ever taking a mirror with you.


Message From The Universe Message From The Universe v1.6

Universe has a message for you.
Wise sentences to cheer you up.
No ads.


MCM Random Baby Name Generator MCM Random Baby Name Generator v1.0

Are you expecting? Try our random baby name generator to help you pick out a name for your baby.


Marvel The Mania Marvel The Mania v1.0

Test your superhero comic skills with these charades, questions, and other stuff! Includes things like the Fantastic Four: Act out a scene from the movie: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Incredible Hulk: Act out how Bruce Banner became the Hulk. Take this fun game to school and play with your comic loving friends. animation, charade, games, free entertainment app, hot game


Martenitsa Martenitsa v1.0.0

We wish You a "Happy Grandma Marta !" :) with this free virtual martenitsa.
Пожелаваме Ви "Честита Баба Марта !" :) с тази виртуална мартеница.


Marraige Quotes Marraige Quotes v1.0

Funny Marriage Quotes Around the world please read the quotes and enjoy fun quote, sayings, famous quotes, free quotes, writing, book


Manşet Haber Manşet Haber v1.13

Gündemdeki Manşet olmuş Haberleri bu uygulama ile takip edin.
Gazete web sitelerindeki manşetde yer alan haberleri ve detayları bu uygulama okuyabilirsiniz.
Haber detaylarını gormek icin sayfaya gitmenizi gerektiren uygulamaları bir yana bırakın.
Bu uygulama ile tek arayüz ile detayları da aynı sayfa icinde görebilirsiniz.
Ek Bilgi: 4 adet gazeteyi eklemeyi yeterli gördüm. Bir yerden sonra aynı haberler tekrarlanıp duruyor.
Saga sola finger swipe yaparak haberleri gorebilirsiniz.


Magic Convert Magic Convert v1.0.0.5

A great currency and units conversion utility!


Magazin Manşetleri Magazin Manşetleri v1.25

Gazete web sitelerindeki magazin haberlerini ve detayları bu uygulama okuyabilirsiniz.



m-horoscope m-horoscope v2.6.1

Mobile horoscope and shio apps. Content update daily, enjoy your lifestyle with m-horoscope android. Click on daily horos button to switch on daily shio. Support Facebook wall posting shared. Cool...


m-gadget m-gadget v2.1

Latest gadget reviews, latest consumer electronics, technology news, portable devices, gaming accessories and consoles reviews in the world. Enjoy your gadget review daily. Minor bug fixes
More smoothly now


Lịch Việt Lịch Việt v1.4.6

Lunar Calendar for Vietnamese

Ứng dụng đơn giản dùng để xem lịch dùng cho người Việt.

Chức năng:
* Xem theo ngày
* Xem theo tháng
* Widget ngày/tháng
* Chọn ngày Âm - Dương
* Thêm sự kiện (tích hợp với Calendar có sẵn của hệ thống)


Lovers Spots Lovers Spots v1.3

Are you planning to take your girl/boy to world beautiful place to propose them or impress them. Do you want to know which place to take them?


Love Whisper Love Whisper v1.5.6

"My boyfriend broke up with me via the medium of free-style rapping."

"My husband and I were getting intimate when a notification for a game popped up on his iPad. He immediately shoved me aside so he could take care of his baby dragon."

"I sent the texts "I love and miss you babe;)." and "Shit wrong person." to my ex just so he would think I have a life."


Love Horoscope Love Horoscope v1.0

How compatible are you with your partner? Lover or friend? Do you know that astrology can open for you secrets of compatibility between people simply by looking at their star sign? Love Horoscope will reveal these secrets for You!


Love Cop - Full Love Cop - Full v1

I must warn you that the Love Cop basic training is not about how to pick up a chick nor is it filled with a bunch of corny pickup lines.

My training will teach you how to properly approach and navigate the most important part of any relationship; the beginning.

I will show you how to build a good relationship on a strong foundation if you have a girl who is crazy about you and has a great attitude. If a girl isn’t crazy about you or has a bad attitude, I will show you how to weed those qualities out and get rid of her.


Love & Romance Quotes Love & Romance Quotes v1.0

Sometimes the heart wants to speak volumes when only a few, well chosen words are really necessary.Well, love quotes and sayings always come handy in such situations!Together, they speak not only to our heart, but the hearts of the ones we love. Like slings of arrows, they pour forth with wisdom, wit, affection and longing, always on target, unerring in their course, for the entire world to hear. Find the perfect love quotes here and let them speak for you.