Adventure Reloaded Adventure Reloaded v1.2

Adventure Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Adventures clips and videos from movies and songs. Your search for Adventure clips on YouTube is simplified with Adventure Reloaded Application on your Android. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your Android


Animation Reloaded Animation Reloaded v1.2

Animation Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of animated clips and videos from movies and other sources. Your search for animated clips on YouTube is simplified with Animation Reloaded Application on your Android. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your Android, so that you can enjoy your favourite animated action in one touch.


Droid Locator Ver 2.24 Droid Locator Ver 2.24 v2.24

Trace any android device real time on a map using Droid Locator, with and without GPS. Also broadcast an SOS in case your cell is stolen and the sim is changed along with sharing your location to social sites and mail.



This Application is Helpful in TRAVEL where people visiing the place for the first time. Or Pepole who are SLEEPY while TRAVELLING.
Store THINGS TO-DO at that place.


FdonMap FdonMap v1.1

Find a different nationalities friends on map. And find your friends location. Also can find facebook friends on map through facebook login.


MetroBrussels MetroBrussels vAM

This simple app display the metro and bus map of Brussels.
Work offline!


Fly Away Home Fly Away Home v1.0

This uses GPS to Mark a location. When active, it indicates the distance and compass bearing to the marked location. A friend of mine wanted a way to get back to where ever the car might be. Afer going into the mall and coming out a different exit, the car was not to be seen. My response "Not a problem. I'll just rewrite one of my GPS applications and take out all the unnecessary stuff."


Cross Hotel Cross Hotel v2.7

Experience the fastest Mobile Booking Application on your Android Smartphone.


Malaysia Directory Malaysia Directory v1.5.0

Malaysia Directory is an application that guides tourists to visit all attractions of Malaysia. In this new version, More than 45 attractive destinations added into "City Excitement" section, more 62 destinations added to "Adventure" and more than 55 destinations added to "Culture & Heritage".


wheredroid wheredroid v1.07.00

displays gps status, with satellites, compass and altitude, odometer, speed display


wheredroidplus wheredroidplus v1.07.00

paid version, without ads, of the wheredroid gps display, with altimeter, satellites, compass and odometer


GPS WakeUp! GPS WakeUp! v2.1.1

GPS WakeUp is an alarm clock which warns you when you get close to your destination
Are you travelling, but you are unfamiliar with the location? Has it ever happened to you that you fell asleep on a train and forgot to get off? Then GPS WakeUp is the solution for you. Set up Your GPS WakeUp and relax. As soon as you are close to your destination you will be alerted. With GPS WakeUP, you never miss your destination.


BCNTours BCNTours v1.2.1

BCNTours, your virtual tourist guide!

¡BCNTours, tu guía turística virtual!

BCNTours, la teva guia turística virtual!


Поезда.Украина Поезда.Украина v1.03

Поезда.Украина - это оффлайн справочник расписания поездов украинской железной дороги.


Instant Panorama Instant Panorama v1.0.2

InstantPanorama draws detailed 360° views and names all visible mountains and mountain ranges.

The system features 340 000 named mountain peaks and mountain ranges.


istanbul Yasam Rehberi istanbul Yasam Rehberi v2.2

Nöbetci Eczaneler artık yanı başınızda....

Siz değerli android kullanıcılarına sunmaktan mutluluk duyduğumuz İstanbul Yaşam Rehberi uygulamasıyla İstanbulu yaşarken sizlere yardımcı olmaya çalışacağız.
Simdi Nöbetçi eczane desteğiyle sizlerle..


Yol Arkadaşım Demo Yol Arkadaşım Demo v1.0

This is first demo release of app in Turkish. In future versions users would get a list of proper buses by this mobile application, and get having a chance to arrive their destination without losing time by following instructions they got when they selected proper route option.


TapIn Places TapIn Places v1.3

TapIn Places, its all about your daily check-in places by tap.
- Take your camera & gallery photo, get place photo & share it.
- View nearby places around your location.
- Shared Facebook wall posting.
- Search your favorite places with or without categories simply.
- Manage recent and favorite places.
- Bookmarks your favorite places simply.


iTrackMe iTrackMe v1.0.0

iTrackMe is a Family GPS Tracker that allows parents to track/locate loved ones using their phones. iTrackMe consists of a web portal ( that allows parents to see the location of their kids in real-time on a map and a small mobile application running on the kids' mobile phones. iTrackMe supports notifications and geo-fencing/zoning.


Ucak Bileti Ucak Bileti v1.0

Uçak Bileti Uygulaması, Türkiye'nin ilk yurtiçi mobil uçak arama motorudur. Uçak Bileti uygulaması ile tüm iç hat uçuşları karşılaştırmalı olarak; anlık güncel bilet fiyatlarıyla görüntülenebilmektedir. Sorgulama sonuç sayfası üzerinde bilet satın alma veya rezervasyon için havayollarını direk arayabilir veya havayolu firmalarının satın alma ekranlarına geçip işlemlerinizi devam ettirebilirsiniz.