Flame Flame v1.0

Flame live wallpaper


Honeycomb Live Wallpaper Honeycomb Live Wallpaper v1.0.8

Presenting the first decent Honeycomb live wallpaper.
Multi-colored flares for you to customize, trail length and frequency is also customizable.

This donate version fully enables two special modes (Lightning Strikes and Electric Sparks)... please support your friendly Android artists/developers!

Works even on legacy phones like the G1, MyTouch, Optimus, etc.


Honeycomb Bee and Droid Attack LWP Honeycomb Bee and Droid Attack LWP v2

Android and the Honeycomb Bee Attack Apple in this Amazing Live Wallpaper. This is a very Nice Live wallpaper for you to really enjoy.

Should work for devixes that support live wallpapers android 2.1 and up


Geocell Clock Widget Geocell Clock Widget v1.0.1

Geocell Analog Clock Widget


Mandelbrot's Dragon Mandelbrot's Dragon v1.01

Draws the Mandelbrot set on your screen and zooms in on the interesting parts.


Rolling Clouds Lite Rolling Clouds Lite v1.0.5

Lite version of the Rolling Clouds Live Wallpaper, FOR FREE!


Rolling Clouds Rolling Clouds v2.0.0

Swipe through the clouds while this Live Wallpaper auto-changes through the day!


Wallpapers-Nature 960x800 Wallpapers-Nature 960x800 v1.0.1

wallpapers by factum... featuring natures best!


Wallpapers Nature -640x480- Wallpapers Nature -640x480- v1.0.1

wallpapers by factum... featuring natures best!


Auto Change Wallpaper Auto Change Wallpaper v1.0

This is the application where the wallpaper gets automatically changed each time when the mobile screen is ON.

As like a windows 7 the wallpaper gets changed automatically.

You can select 'n' number of images.


Rockout Rockout v1.1

A fun free wallpaper that will bring the headbangers ball to your phone.


Kick To The Balls Kick To The Balls v1.1

Great live wallpaper a lot of fun to watch the little stick man get kicked in the balls over and over again.


Gradiendless Gradiendless v1.1

This is a very impressive Programming Art Live Wallpaper. A vary setting can make your screen unique to anyone.


Messi and C.Ronaldo Wallpapers Messi and C.Ronaldo Wallpapers v1.0

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo ....The world's best footballers pictures in this program only.Download now and set as background pictures of the two stars.The world's top two super-star.And only in this application.Two-star super pictures.Constantly updated archive spectacular.Experiment definitely has benefits.


DWC V1 DWC V1 v1.4

This is a simply wallpaper changer as a wallpaper service. After installation you must only copy your pictures in the "DWC_Images"-directory. At least set DWC as Live Wallpaper. The pictures will change frequently if you touch the screen.

For better performance keep your images small.

In the current version you can select between synchronious and random display of files!


ADW Discovery ADW Discovery v1.1.3

*** Now requires ADW Launcher EX ***

The grungy Discovery theme is inspired by travels, exploration and the stories produced by these adventures.

- support for MDPI and HDPI icons
- 50+ custom icons presented as Polaroid photos

Contact me to report any issues, incompatibilities or icon requests.


PatternWallpaper PatternWallpaper v1.2

There are over 100,000 beautiful Pattern Wallpapers on your device!
You can also view hex colors that build the pattern. If you like it, you can set it as your wallpaper. If not, you can choose another pattern from the list or randomize the pattern.


PlasmaLiveWallpaper PlasmaLiveWallpaper v1.02

Colorful plasma retro demo effect.


Flower Parade Clock Flower Parade Clock v3.0

Turn your life into the most splendid happy festival!

Glorious colors and festive mood are pouring before your eyes and ensure high spirits in everyday life!

Choose your favorite flower as symbols of love, peace, beauty or ever-blooming life!


m-wallpaper m-wallpaper v2.4

Mobile wallpaper android. Set your dashboard wallpaper android. Available offline feature and update real-time online wallpaper. Enjoy your entertainment with mobile wallpaper.