Fish Slide Puzzle Fish Slide Puzzle v1.0

Slide and complete various fish images with this amazing puzzle game.


Flip Flip v1.12a

Rebuild the picture as fast as possible.


Forest of Illusion Forest of Illusion v2.0.0

PlayHOG presents Forest of Illusion, a Hidden Object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per level in a total of 10 levels to give you 400 objects to find. We have a level map which will remember your progress, we also have a hint feature that will help find those difficult objects and lastly we give you achievements and stars to earn. We have spent a lot of time to make sure that the graphics and objects are of top quality and will provide hours of fun.


Fossil Jigsaws Fossil Jigsaws v1.0.4

When Dinosaurs, plants and other animals died in a lake or bog their bodies were preserved in the dirt over time so that millions of years later we could discover them an be amazed in wonder at what they looked like and how they lived. Play these 10 fossil jigsaw puzzles with 4 different difficulties against your family and friends to see who can solve the dinosaur games the quickest.


Free Animal Puzzles Free Animal Puzzles v3.1.3

Fun free puzzle animal games for girls, boys, kids and adults!


Free Puzzles Mix Free Puzzles Mix v3.0

Free Puzzles Mix contains several levels of the game "Jigsaw puzzles" and "Square puzzles" and will allow you to play during hours.


Fruit Gem Fruit Gem v1.1

This is a classic match-3 type puzzle game


Fruity Harmony Fruity Harmony v1.02

Sort same kind of fruit in a row - "Fruit Harmony" is a game was old or young


GalaxyPuzzle2 GalaxyPuzzle2 v2.00

GalaxyPuzzle2 is returned new and dynamic upgrade


GemMover GemMover v1.6

Meets next-generation puzzle game!

This is not the usual three-in-line game. Here you have to solve interesting puzzles, build complex chains of gems destroying.
Place the gems in the right places, you will see how miraculously, like dominoes, gems by gems, they will be destroyed.


Gineus Gineus v1.2.1

Puzzle game with a computer, based on logical thinking.


Griddlers Plus Griddlers Plus v1.6.9

Griddlers Plus is the best Android application to solve popular logic puzzles also known as griddlers, hanjie, nonogram.

- It supports standard (black&white), colored, triangle and multi griddlers.
- Advanced user interface controls for solving big and complex puzzles easly
- Lots of free puzzles. For more puzzles, you can buy puzzle packs (Menu->About->Packs).


Hexus Puzzles Hexus Puzzles v1.18

New unique puzzle game with a lot of challenging levels.


Hexus Roto Hexus Roto v1.19

New Puzzle Game hit of year 2013 by Kidga, now with bonuses!


horsePuzzle horsePuzzle v1.5.3

Are you a horses fan, too? Then you'll surely like these images a lot! Brown horses, white horses, a foal in the meadow, what a beautiful images. Have fun making these horse puzzles!


Horses Jigsaw Puzzles Horses Jigsaw Puzzles v1.3.2

Solve now the puzzles with beautiful Horses images !


Imaginary Jigsaw Puzzle Imaginary Jigsaw Puzzle v1.5

Maybe the BEST DESIGNED jigsaw puzzle game on the market!


Jazzle Puzzle Jazzle Puzzle v1

Jazzle Puzzle is a photo puzzle game with social elements. It allows you to take a picture or choose existing one from your gallery and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.


Jewel Diamond Jewel Diamond v2.0.99

Jewel Diamond impile and combine colors to gain points and survive!


Jewel Fairy Saga Jewel Fairy Saga v2.0

Magic Girl is a casual game, games with everyone kind of fairy tale heroine character, cartoon style graphics seem to take you into the world of magic, magic girl each according to their characteristics have special skills through Battle with the system, practicing magic upgrade character! Full of strange girl with fairy magic to start with a magnificent battle it.