gOmniTracker gOmniTracker v1.2.0

gOmniTracker allows your Android to keep track of the members of your family, friends, or team, while your are on-the-go, or from your desktop. It alerts you when a device cross the boundary of a red zone, or over speeding on the high-way. It displays location history of devices, plus many more features. gOmniTracker allows you to share locations between friends, who do not share the same account. You can hide, share, or remove your visibility to any of your friends at any time.


I am here I am here v1.07

Share your current location simply!


MyPosition MyPosition v1.6

ADC2 Top200 application.
Send your current or any position screenshot in seconds via SMS, MMS or Email


My place My place v1.1

Locate yourself!


NearMe NearMe v1.0.3

NearMe application let you search for places near you. Also, you can set the distance for search area(in Km).[Require: min Android 1.5]


WF & Clock widget WF & Clock widget v1.0.8

Weather Forecast&Clock Widget(4x2) - more 2000 000 downloads on the market, but is blocked by the market at the request of HTC.
Usual magic widget. Shows the clock and weather forecast in a place where you are. All languages, for all platforms(>=1.5), for all screen sizes. Brings good fortune and luck. Increases libido. Limited edition:(


World Traveler World Traveler v1.6

With World Traveler you can listen to a variety of top-rated podcasts about travel, cultures, and people from around the world. If you have a passion for exploring and understanding our world, then the World Traveler is for you.


Estado del Transito Estado del Transito v1.0

NOTICE: This app is just in Spanish.

EstadoDelTransito es una aplicación útil para moverse por Buenos
Aires, Argentina.

EstadoDelTransito is an useful app to move around Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Mumbaikar Mumbaikar v1.0

Mumbaikar is a in depth guide to Mumbai (Bombay) city. Events, Listings and more.


TravelDroyd TravelDroyd v1.2.12

Offline Travel Guide

- Bookmarks and pins
- Contour lines (elevation model) - good for outdoor activities
- Many travel destinations available

- Comes with free travel guide "Berlin"
- Detailed street maps (OpenStreetMap)
- Wikipedia POIs and articles
- Contour lines based on SRTM
- Routing plus directions
- Local search (places,streets,POIs,etc.)
- Show GPS position
- All features require NO Internet connection


Airport Info Lite Airport Info Lite v1.0.11

Provides realtime airport status information (for USA only currently), including closures and weather delays.

Includes a widget for home screen rotating info on problem airports, as well as application for detailed viewing of individual airports.


Squirrel Free Squirrel Free v3.0.5

Mark and save the sites you've been in, so you can return to them later.

-Add text notes, photos, videos and audio recordings to your locations
-Create maps
-Fullscreen radar (distance, time and speed) and mini-radar on map
-Manual entry
-Export to gpx
-GPS accuracy alerts
-Share by mms, sms, email or twitter.


Lifestyle in Bangkok Lifestyle in Bangkok v1.0

Android Apps: Lifestyle in Bangkok version Beta

Version 1.0.0
application will provide lots of benefits to foreign tourists in Bangkok to access the information about public bus routes; MRT subway, BTS sky train,hotels,and restaurants AirPort Link, Travel, Police Station, Hospital, Shopping


- data travel (land mark)
- data hospital 10 point
- data shopping 10 point
- data police station 10 point


NavDroyd NavDroyd v1.4.7sme

Onboard/Offline GPS Navigation App
»worldwide 2D/3D OSM maps
»turn-by-turn routing/navigation
»voice/audio guidance (>1.6)
»car/pedestrian routing (bike to come)
»local search (places/POI)
»visual/audio speed warning
»map themes (day/night/outdoor)
»frequent map updates
»no cellular network required
»no hidden roaming costs


Kids Tracker Kids Tracker v1.0

Parent tool used to find kids location, based on GPS or celltower position system. Can also be used to find your cellphone. Secure and privacy is our main goals on this system. A Flash/GUI web tool is used to track your system in real-time. Just install and register with a valid email/password to receive positions in web.


Car Tracker Car Tracker v1.0

Great tool, used to find your car, in open areas, with or without the GPS. Can also be used to calculate driven distances or a toy to show off!
You can watch your car in the web Flash or in your cellphone with our free Car tracker viewer.


Phone Locator Phone Locator v1.0

Great tool, used to find your carphone, in open areas, with or without the GPS.
You can watch your phone in a map on a web ( Flash ) interface or in your cellphone with our free Phone Locator viewer.


TenDestinations TenDestinations v1.0

An application showing a list of ten places to see during your lifespan with a description about each place and beautiful images.


Google Map Address Book Google Map Address Book v2.1

Need an address book to store locations for Google Map so that you don't have to hit the recently used keyword list from google search bar everytime?

Motorola Droid & Nexus One
Searchable Address List
Save Current GPS or
Translate GPS - Street Address
Link to Google Map
See Website for support & details
Bug fixed


MorzeDroid MorzeDroid v1.2.28

The program is designed to communicate using Morse code. There is a possibility the basement light, sound and vibration signals.