Bunny Blox Bunny Blox v1.0

Help the Bunny collect as many blox as possible. Match 3 or more items. Slide left or right to move the item. Slide up to rotate and slide down to drop the item. Special rewards appear during the game. Use them wisely to destroy strategic areas.


Car Parking Puzzle Car Parking Puzzle v1.1

Car Parking Puzzle is Fun Puzzle Game.
Try to unblock your WHITE car out of the parking lot.


Cat Faces Cat Faces v1.0.1

A game for cat and arcade lovers.


Cats and Puzzles Cats and Puzzles v4.1

Theme puzzles ideal for those who love cats. Free version.


Chasing Balls Chasing Balls v2.0.0

Chasing Balls Top Asian Puzzle.


Christmas Puzzles Christmas Puzzles v1.0

Christmas Fun for kids with Puzzle games


Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Classic Jigsaw Puzzle v1.0

Free and No Ads! Ever!

This is a brilliant Classic Jigsaw Puzzle game created by Shockblast Apps.
It is designed to be played by grown ups and children, it starts off easy but it will get more difficult the further you go.

The Classic Jigsaw Puzzle features:
- 50 Beautiful Puzzles
- 3 Difficulty Settings
- Puzzle Selector to replay completed puzzles
- No Ads


Color Fill Color Fill v1.01

A colored puzzle to challenge your mind!


Color Match Color Match v1.1

The objective of the game is to change all red tiles into green.

The game has 60 levels.

This is a challenging games because when you change a tile color its adjacent tiles will also change colors.


Comathic Comathic v2.19

Train your logical thinking in a new gameplay. Beat highscores.


Critter Fitter Critter Fitter v1.074

Fit the abducted animals into your spaceship!


Cute Puzzle Puppies Cute Puzzle Puppies v2.1.1

Stacks of cute puppies locked away in a series of puzzles. It's your job to set these Cute Puppies free! Rotate and re-arrange the puzzle tiles to unlock each picture. As you solve each puzzle, more puzzles will become unlocked and the picture added to your gallery of Cute Puppies.


Cuts Cuts v1.3

Puzzle of the Year 2013 in Czech Republic.


Dead House Dead House v2.0.0

PlayHOG presents Dead House, a Hidden Object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per level in a total of 10 levels to give you 400 objects to find. We have a level map which will remember your progress, we also have a hint feature that will help find those difficult objects and lastly we give you achievements and stars to earn. We have spent a lot of time to make sure that the graphics and objects are of top quality and will provide hours of fun.


Destroy museum Destroy museum v2.0

The museum destroyed! Rescue the pictures! Learn who writte they!


Dinosaur Link Up Dinosaur Link Up v1.6

A free swapping game with many kinds of Dinosaur icons.


DrawBlock DrawBlock v1.0.2.4

90 various kinds of puzzles for free!
Cute picture puzzle hiding behind!


Einstein's Riddle Einstein's Riddle v3.65

Einstein's riddle or "Zebra puzzle" is a well known riddle attributed to Albert Einstein. In a neighborhood of five houses one is given some clues regarding the habits of the house owners and is asked to identify the one that owns the fish (or zebra in some variations).

The application allows you to solve the puzzle with the aid of a nice User Interface. You can solve the original problem and many variations.


Fifteen puzzle online free Fifteen puzzle online free v1.0.4

This is the FIRST worldwide fifteen puzzle ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!

Do you think to be the faster to solve this puzzle?
Prove it playing with people all around the world in this real time player versus player game!


FifteenPuzzle FifteenPuzzle v1.6

Fifteen Puzzle is a classic puzzle game suited for all ages, you are presented with a 3x3 or a 4x4 board filled with tiles and one empty space.
The board tiles can have numbers ranging from 1-15 or letters A-O or a picture you select from the gallery.
You must arrange back the tiles in their original ascending order from left to right and top to bottom each time you move you are counted with another step, try to solve the puzzle with the lowest number of steps to train your brain.