MapDroyd MapDroyd v1.1.6

MapDroyd features world-wide off-line maps powered by OpenStreetMap data. Experience true unplugged vector maps avoiding expensive network connections.


TrafficDroyd TrafficDroyd v2.0.8.2

Real-time Traffic Information for the countries of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Aktuelle Verkehrsinfos (Staus, Baustellen, Unfälle, ...) verpackt in eine übersichtliche u. leicht bedienbare Traffic Applikation + Straßenkarten. TrafficDroyd berücksichtigt ihre aktuelle Position u. bietet diverse Möglichkeiten zum Filtern und Sortieren von Meldungen. Für Deutschland, die Niederlande u. Belgien. Viel Spaß


uFindMe uFindMe v1.2.0

Simply have your friend or family member send you a text with your uWho® Find Me Access code as the body of the text and your current location will be sent back.

Pro version available with more features


Chain Gang - Fast Food Chain Gang - Fast Food v2.0

Chain Gang knows most every fast food chain in America. Instantly shows which locations are closest to you, where your closest favorite is and more. Voice or touch activated. Chain radar and pointers guide you to locations. See for complete details.


Open GPS Tracker Open GPS Tracker v1.2

Want Open Source recording, storing and accessing of your routes: Open GPS Tracker. Logs your track on your phone and shares though GPX, KMZ. Add notes to your track with pictures, video, audio and text.


AugSatNav Walk AugSatNav Walk v2.0

AugSatNav is an augmented reality navigation system which overlays walking directions upon a live video feed of the path or road ahead.


uFindMe PRO uFindMe PRO v1.2.0

Simply have your friend or family member send you a text with your uWho® Find Me Access code a space and an email address as the body of the text and your current location will be sent back in an SMS and to the email address they specified.

Just added: Send your received SMS text messages to any email address and/or any number.

Free lite version available with less features.


Postdroid Postdroid v111

Send Real physical Photo Postcards, Photo Magnets, Calendars, Mousepads from your android phone to anyone, anywhere in the world


DailyRoads Voyager DailyRoads Voyager v4.0.3

Trusted by millions to safely record videos while driving - for evidence or fun



! Install only if you know the web page !

Designed to download and display CHMI (CHMU) Weather Radar Network pictures. This application is useful for people from Czech Republic.


Send My Position Send My Position v1.0.2

Application which shows your current location using GPS and allows you to send the coordinates using SMS as Google Maps links.


Giao Thong Viet Giao Thong Viet v1.0

Giao Thong Viet is a community site to report all status about traffic in Vietnam.
And the Android app will help users to receive realtime traffic information.


Istanbul Bus Istanbul Bus v2.0

Istanbul Bus helps travelers to find the correct bus route in Istanbul. Enter your current place and target, Istanbul Bus will calculate the optimal route on the IETT bus lines.


Palmary Weather Palmary Weather v1.03

One of the most advanced weather application for Android. 68000 locations all over the world. Clear interface will minimize your actions to have necessary information.Coming soon in PRO version: AppWidget, weather charts, additional forecasts.


GPSTracker Lite GPSTracker Lite v0.8.2: + import GPX files + minor updates + bugfixes

The GPST is a lightweight, easy to use route recorder and analyzer.
The program provides extensive information on the current situation: for example, speed, coords, etc.,
and provides graphical statistics: speed changes, altitude changes, map, etc.


GPShake GPShake v0.2.1

With GPShake you can track your GPS location, creating a GPX files, only when you want with a shake of your phone! This meaning batterylife saving!
A great usage example could be when you want to geotagging your photo made with an external camera
Full version:
-More than 5 GPS point
-Led notification
-Start/Stop GPS
-No ads


Maps Ruler Maps Ruler v1.5.1

Find shortest way and save energy or use it as a golf distance calculator.


Radardroid Lite Radardroid Lite v1.34

PS speed camera warning application for Android devices. Radardroid will give a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in the application database. This application these will give you advanced warning of possible danger ahead and will reduce possible speeding tickets thanks to the ever increasing available features. We do not condone speeding and will not be held responsible for anybody prosecuted for breaking the law. Check for more info and support.


Map Explorer Map Explorer v1.0.5

A prototype that tries to improve map browsing experience based on Google Maps.


Taxi Sezgin +31 614512031 / +31 624799318 Taxi Sezgin +31 614512031 / +31 624799318 v1.0

Need a taxi in Amsterdam, just call