Quick RxNorm Quick RxNorm v1.0

Are you a Hospital, pharmacy, or other organization which use computer systems to record and process drug information ? Get, Share and generate report of drugs Full RxNorm Name, RxNorm Synonym, UMLSCUI Code and Attribute TTY Based on National Library of Medicine data.
What is Rx Norm: The goal of RxNorm is to allow computer systems to communicate drug-related information efficiently and unambiguously.


Search Petition Search Petition v1.0

Purpose :
Search open signable petitions to White House by Petition Title word search. Get and share details via any text, chat or social app.Generate Report Complements our 'search by petition id' app:'Petition Track'


Petition Track Petition Track v1.0

Search White House Petition by ID. Example ID:50cb6d2ba9a0b1c52e000017 , Track your petition. Find and share via any social, text or chat apps:
1.Petition Title
2.Petition Message (Body)
3.Number of Signature
4.Reply URL
Generate Report of searches


wAma wAma vUpdate3

Mit wAma gibst Du nur noch so viel Geld aus, wie Du willst!


Vecorder Vecorder v1.2

Impress your friends by showing them how smart your smart phone can be! Use this app to estimate the height of objects by using the built-in acceleration sensors of your device.


Doucher Blaster Doucher Blaster vA

This app shows the power of iBoost Mobile in a single contact only example…


1…Insert a friends number
2…Insert a message
3…Hit the ‘START’ button
4…Hit ‘STOP’ to end broadcasting(optional)

A new message is sent every 8 seconds until the ‘STOP’ button is pressed!

Great for unlimited text plans!
Great for a good laugh! ;)


Easy Tip Calculator Easy Tip Calculator v1.0

Tip calculator, easy to use.


EasyTip EasyTip v1.0.1

Leaving the right sized tip has never been so easy!!! No more worrying about percentages and math just let Easy Tip take care of it for you! All you need to do is enter how much your meal cost and then choose what level of service you received, and EasyTip tells you how much of a tip to leave. All of the tip amounts are in whole dollar amounts to make it even easier!


Fuel Calculator Fuel Calculator v1.0

This program allows you to calculate how much you spend a chunk of money for fuel, and if you drive more than one how much money will be paid for each passenger. It's very simple and accessible to each program. Download and save time for calculations.


Income Tax Calculator For Poland Income Tax Calculator For Poland v1.1

Income Tax Calculator for Poland


Chinese clock Chinese clock v1.0

I am a widget not an app: remember it when you try to find me on your mobile.

My dial shows chinese numbers and I run with three hands: looking at me, you can see the seconds passing by.

I sleep as well when your mobile is sleeping...therefore be patient I need a little bit to wake up afterwards


Aprodater Aprodater v1.0

This application allows the user to change the audio profiles on the go as well as create custom profiles to be applied. User can set a schedule for the profile to be applied in future. No more forgetting to switch off the ringer volume as this application handles all for you.


Encryptor Encryptor vBasic model

Protect your privacy by encrypting your texts and messages. Stop prying eyes on your messages while you are not around.


Tip Tax and Split Tip Tax and Split v2.4

Free! Easy to use tip calculator. The perfect tool you need to calculate the desired tip with or without tax and split the bill between all your friends.


Log2File send2Email Log2File send2Email v2.0

Log2File is a very useful way to redirect your phone logging into a file.
You do not need to be connected to a computer to save the logs that are generated by the phone.
You can activate this application and save all the logs you want into your sdcard.

-Save the logs in /sdcard/log.txt file
-View the log at runtime (read logs)
-Share your device's system log
-Simulating adb logcat command


Conso ZeroForfait Conso ZeroForfait v2.02

Suivez votre consommation de crédit rapidement et facilement!

Application réservée aux clients de l'opérateur Zéro Forfait.
Vous devez renseigner vos identifiants web ZF.
L'appli affiche simplement le solde en cours.

Envoyez moi vos suggestions et améliorations par le formulaire de contact.


Twidere TwitLonger Extension Twidere TwitLonger Extension v1.1

TwitLonger extension for Twidere


GroupTone GroupTone v1.1

Assign custom ringtones to your contact groups and have your future contacts automatically inherit the ringtone of the group they belong to.



OTP Generator for huji,


Fuel Calc GR Fuel Calc GR v1.3.5

Υπολογισμός της δεξαμενής και της ποσότητας παραλαβής πετρελαίου.