Space Ball Space Ball v1.0.1

This is brilliant game that put you into the beautiful scenery of open space.


Keep Them In Air Keep Them In Air v1.0.1

Try to keep them in air. It is not as easy as it looks!


DotsBoomBoom DotsBoomBoom v1.0.0

A game based on your thumbs reflexes.


Run Criminal! Run Criminal! v0.2.3

You have robbed a bank. Now run away and avoid police. Reach your car


Asteroids Dodger Pro Asteroids Dodger Pro v1.0.1

Dodge the waves of asteroids blocking your path to safe haven ! Beware they're A LOT


MarbleBum-Enquire the universe MarbleBum-Enquire the universe v1.3

MarbleBum - The game that requires fast reaction and good motor skills.


Cube Defense Cube Defense v1.7.2

Try to delete as many viruses as you can!

Fight your way through infected codeblocks with your
customizable antivirusprogram and recover as much memory as you can.


ChickenVsTheWorld ChickenVsTheWorld v1.0

Sequel to WDTCCTS. New cars, trains, ships and more.


Paint The Wall! Paint The Wall! v1.3.0

Are you a good painter of fat brush?. You now have the opportunity to help me and paint 53 levels filled ... animals !!!


Tortuga Tales Tortuga Tales v1.0

Pinball is a game of skill, practice and a bit of luck! Can you complete all 6 missions?


Apple Run 3D Apple Run 3D v1.0

Get your thumb ready to maneuver NAUGHTY ball who wants to eat all the APPLES !


Marble Mania Marble Mania v1.0

Marble Mania is a must have app for any marble-game fanatic!

Catch big air while blasting off huge ramps as you roll your way to victory in this exciting, fully 3-D marble game!


Townlets Townlets v1.0

Townlets is a modern variation of the classic game, requiring accuracy and fast reactions!

Hurl the bat at the shapes made from blocks located on the moving platform. Keep track of the time and the number of throws, and be sure to knock out the red blocks, or else the game is over. Collect bonuses for help, and watch out for obstacles. Knock out strikes to multiply points and set new records.

Play Townlets - it's fun and active! The rules are simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy!


Blockd Blockd v1.2.4

Swipe to break blocks and rack up huge combos in this fast-paced arcade game, ad free!


Fruit Crush Mania Pro Fruit Crush Mania Pro v1.0.1

Fast action paced fruit popping & crushing game adventure finally arrived in SlideMe market!
It’s a Quest of match 3 puzzle mania with the most challenging modes that’s makes it highly addicting.


Air Hockey Air Hockey v1.0

Air Hockey Puck Deluxe brings classic air hockey to your finger tips.


Candy Pop Pro Candy Pop Pro v1.0.1

►★◄Candy Pop Pro is the sweetest game ever! Is int it?►★◄
Candy Pop is a FUN fast paced MATCH 3 game.


Pinball Block Breaker Pinball Block Breaker v1.0

Pinball Block Breaker is a mashup between pinball and breakout.


Ice Block Breaker Ice Block Breaker v1.0

Ice Block Breaker is a classic breakout style game with a cool penguin ice theme.


Gem Collector Gem Collector v1.4

Gem Collector - Dodge, Collect, Win!