Dictionary Aid Dictionary Aid v1.1

This plugin for our highly popular "Droid Dictionary /w Wiki" allow users to save words & definitions to study / review later. Learning practical words are more useful than having to study random words from flashcards.

Supports Droid and Nexus One
Save words to Droid Dictionary
Load words & definition on Widget


English/French Offline Translator English/French Offline Translator v2.0.4

Translates words between English and French.

The translator works offline so no internet connection neither wifi or 3G is required,no costs for roaming data when abroad using the dictionary.
The dictionary has 82 000 words and performs reverse word translations.
Predictive search as you write.

Common phrases/expressions categorized by situations (driving,airport,hotel,restaurant) to handle a variety of situations.


Offline Translator Offline Translator v2.2

Multitool language app.

-Translates words between English and Spanish.

-The translator works offline.

-The dictionary has 106 000 words and performs reverse word translations. You can send by e-mail or SMS the translation.

-Common phrases/expressions categorized by situations (hotel,restaurant,airport,shopping,public transportation,health) to handle a variety of situations while traveling abroad.

-Spanish verbs and online translator included.


Dictionnaire chinois Dictionnaire chinois v1.12

Offline French-Chinese dictionary.


Guide de Chinois Guide de Chinois v1.02

A French-Chinese offline phrasebook with more than 650 sentences.


TrilingualPictureBook TrilingualPictureBook v3.0

Learn 365 words in Chinese, French or English with pictures.


ChineseGames ChineseGames v1.0

3 IN 1 GAME to learn chinese in a fun way !


Chinese 900 Pro Chinese 900 Pro v1.3

Chinese 900 Pro introduces words from the real Chinese people’s daily life that enables you to build your own simple phrases. It suits anyone looking to learn the very basics of Mandarin. Chinese 900 Pro has main 12 categories.
Compare your voice recording with the original (slow speed or normal speed)

Easy, fast, fun and effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese.


The 1000+ most frequent french words The 1000+ most frequent french words v1.0

Here you will learn the 1000+ most common French words.


TotalRemember TotalRemember v1.0

Your personal Flash Cards


Color Dictionary Color Dictionary v1.3

Color Dictionary is designed for user who want to find the common colors.You can find the color by english name,chinese name or hex code.And And the tool of Color Converter has a simple interface to adjust and display colors in RGB,Hex,CMYK and HSB.


Color Dictionary Color Dictionary v1.0

*** Promotion Price: $0.99! ***

10+ dictionaries and 2300+ colors included! Still updating!

Color Dictionary makes it very easy for you to reference any traditional colors all over the world. Includes global colors, traditional color of US, UK, France, etc.

Provides RGB/HEX/CMYK/Lab values and detailed color analysis.


QuickDic QuickDic v3.3

QuickDic Uses data from Wiktionary and Beolingus to generate dictionary files that can be used offline.


Learn language from SUBTITLE Learn language from SUBTITLE v1.0

Make your own dictionaries from your favourite TV series or movie.


English/Italian Offline Translator English/Italian Offline Translator v2.0

English/Italian dictionary that works offline.You can use it when you are on you holidays in the beautiful Italy or in 3G twilight zones. The dictionary has 54,000 words and performs reverse word translations with predictive search as you write.

Common phrases/expressions categorized by situations (health,renting a car, at the border,at the airport,at the hotel) to handle a variety of situations while traveling abroad.