Burger Capitalist Burger Capitalist v1.5

A VERY addictive casual game in the yummy fast food universe!


ARK Guide ARK Guide v0.0.107

(donation version) ARK: Survival Evolved guide, crafts and tools.


Dodge Ball Pro Dodge Ball Pro v1.0

Guide a ball forward avoiding any sort of collision.


BoeingSimulator BoeingSimulator v1.1

Fly legendary Boeing 747 airliner in this new Flight Simulator game. in the Boeing Flight Simulator game you have to play missions in a real 3D world with different weather condition and date time: wind, rain, storm, day, nigh, sunset.

Feel yourself like a real Boeing airliner pilot, feel how it’s hard to control the plane - the Flight Simulator supports full realism means real airplane and world physics and sounds.


RaceTrak RaceTrak v1.1

The BEST and ONLY analysis tool for MD Lottery Racetrax®!


throw it throw it v1.0

just throw it,then you won't leave it.


Dice Cube Dice Cube v1.4

Imagine a box with dice right beneath your display, waiting for being shaken to generate random dice results! The dice in this app react precisely to the movement of your hand by emulating real-world physics, influenced by the acceleration sensors of your device. Now with all standard dice (4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 20-sided) and a new kind of dice, the "Magic Dice", which changes its labels randomly on impacts!


Bead Template Creator Premium Bead Template Creator Premium v1.1.1

Create bead images from your digital pictures!


Tic Tac Toe Pirate Edition Tic Tac Toe Pirate Edition v1.1

This application features the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game.


The Week Of The Cricket The Week Of The Cricket v2.10.0

♥ "A Week With Slim Cricket" A serie of original mini-games for children!♥


Matcher Matcher v1.1.1

If you want to come to a decision in arguable situation - just pull a match with Matcher.


Flying ship Flying ship v1.0

This is an interactive story based on Russian fairytale of the same name.


Ultimate Minesweeper Pro Ultimate Minesweeper Pro v1.0.9

The ultimate minesweeper experience, boasting an array of features that no other application even comes close to:
- a practically infinite playing board;
- pinch to zoom;
- fling scrolling;
- a powerup system;
- a progressive difficulty;
- save games - you have a game slot that automatically saves one game;
- a Powerup Center - where you can activate/deactivate all kinds of powerups for free;
- tablet optimizations.


Sports Logo Quiz (AdFree) Sports Logo Quiz (AdFree) v3.0

One of the most popular trivia apps is here, in a brand new avatar. Spanning logos from the world of sports, the quiz also has highly informative nuggets of info in the form of hints. Links are provided for further information on any given logo. So sit back and put on your thinking caps! Cheers :)
For more on quizzing :


3dAirHockey 3dAirHockey v1.64

The best 3D Air Hockey !


IG Penguin IG Penguin v3

Launch a penguin to make him travel through space.


Clay Hunt Clay Hunt v1.4.5

The Original iPhone shooting game classic is finally available for Android!

Clay Hunt is the most realistic clay shooting game available. In five different game modes you'll have to learn to handle a shotgun like an expert and hit rapidly flying targets from varying angles!


Space Control Space Control v1.0.2

5 Animated Galactic Levels! 7 unique ship types and sizes! This Version includes the Frigate class Star ships 7x larger than regular fighters!


Go Bananas - Monkey Sling Shot Go Bananas - Monkey Sling Shot v1.3

Go Bananas is the ultimate monkey game! Knock down and collect as many bananas as you can.


Penny Can Penny Can v1.3.6

Penny Can is the ultimate street game of the past and it's now on your device!

Play 45 levels of the most challenging and addictive game yet.

Can you Penny Can every level? Will you find the bonus points?