PogoSheep PogoSheep v1.0

Play as a sheep and bounce your way over and under obstacles to survive.

Try to get the highscore against your friends and the rest of the world.


Astro Chimp Astro Chimp v1.3

Enjoy the astro-ride with ASTRO CHIMP!
Get to infinity... if you can!


Mouse Storm Mouse Storm v1.0

Exciting game to train attention and reaction!

A good master in the kitchen is always clean and tidy, all the products in place. But what to do if you have an unexpected guests - mice! And not just any mice - it's a trained team of professional thieves, which aim to destroy all your cheese supplies


Light Switch Light Switch v1.0.0

Are you up to the challenge to become the light switch champion? A simple 5 x 5 grid of lights, or is it? Tap a yellow light to turn it off, tap again to turn it back on. Each light tapped toggles the adjacent lights from on to off, or off to on, depending on its current state. Red bricks are unaffected by the switch.

Surge power ups can be used to auto-complete a level and earn a star. Level sections are unlocked as you earn stars.


My Fairy Princess My Fairy Princess v1.3.3

A 3D dress up app where your character moves and dances in the outfit that you pick out for her!


Coffee With The Girls Makeover HD Coffee With The Girls Makeover HD v1.0.0

Try out our new Coffee with the Girls makeover game and set yourself up for a beautiful day!


Weekend Getaway Makeover HD Weekend Getaway Makeover HD v1.0.0

Anybody up for a weekend getaway? Of course you are; who isn’t? But the question remains: what are you going to wear? What’s the right makeup? What are the right accessories? You have to wear something casual, but still beautiful. And in addition to all of this, what other preparations must you do in advance?
Now you can test all of the different possibilities for yourself with our cool new Weekend Getaway Makeover facial and dress-up game!


Fantastic Spa Day HD Fantastic Spa Day HD v1.0.0

The spa is a fantastic place where all you have to do is relax and let other make sure you look and feel fabulous. Once you step into one such oasis of beauty you won’t ever want to leave. Try out this experience by playing our wonderful new Fantastic Spa Day makeover game!


Ghost Match Ghost Match v1.0.0

A challenge for the mind with a gameplay that everyone can enjoy!


Pizza and Sandwich Stand 2 Pro Pizza and Sandwich Stand 2 Pro v1.0.1

The most popular pizza-serving game gets a much-awaited sequel! Driving the wave of success in Delware, Hollywood & New Orleans, Sally the Chef now take the chain to Washington, where she meets Jane and Jennifer. Open restaurant around downtown, and serve clients fast and healthy food under her management.Pizza Sandwich will definitely entertain and challenge you!


Ninja Craft Ninja Craft v1.0

Ninja Craft is an addicting action packed slashing style game.


Shuffle Match Shuffle Match v1.0

Fun memory matching for all ages


The Typist Ad-Free The Typist Ad-Free v1.1

See how fast you can type with a quick typing test! The Typist: Quick Typing Tests includes 10 different typing tests, with options for 1, 2, or 3 minute tests. Features automatic saving of your test results so you can see your progress, leaderboards/high score list support, and test result details (words per minute, errors, letters with the most errors). Improve your typing speeds with The Typist!


Balloon Buzz Balloon Buzz v1.1.0

Simple. Intuitive. Fun!

Control Buzz the Bee with your finger, popping as many balloons as possible to rack up the points!


Mosquito Kill Mosquito Kill v2.3

Kill the mosquitoes using Thor Hammer and clean the environment...


CrazyWorm-Pro CrazyWorm-Pro v1.3

Download CrazyWorm and try to tap to Elmer.


SnakeOTronic! SnakeOTronic! v1.3

The right mix of classic and new Snake elements wrapped in a LCD-retro style. Additional control scheme!


NeoParticle NeoParticle v1.1.8

Control thousands of shiny, glowing particles flowing with electrical charge!


Circooz Circooz v2.0

Circle the stars before they fade out!!!!!


Eggs & Owls -Adfree Eggs & Owls -Adfree v1.0

Ullo the owl has fallen from its nest. Can you keep it in flight and avoid the eggs?
Can you eat enough bees and avoid enough eggs to build up a formidable highscore?