IFcity IFcity v2.1

All events in Ivano-Frankivsk. Plan your leisure!


Turuvekere Turuvekere v1.0

Turuvekere App - Turuvekere Handy Guide


TapTag TapTag v2.2.1

Discover what others did nearby & share your experiences for others to find.


Yoohoo Yoohoo v4.1.2

Stop searching & start discovering location based deals, events, menus and more.


Live TransLink Vancouver Live TransLink Vancouver v1.4.1

Live Translink Vancouver

When you travel in Vancouver area, public transit is part of your life. This app will help you watch the buses' positions in a live manner.

1. Real-time position for the bus you select;
2. Real-time distance to bus;
3. Map schemes choice;
4. On/Off screen gadgets;


Nearby Place Finder Nearby Place Finder v1.1

Find your nearby places like ATM,Banks,hospitals etc.


求攻略-旅游指南 求攻略-旅游指南 v1.5



FDS App FDS App v2.1.24

Il programma tascabile della Festa del Soccorso.

Quest'anno con gli eventi di San Severo e dintorni PRIMA e DOPO la festa.


10 wisata Yogyakarta 10 wisata Yogyakarta v1.0.0

Here you will find information simple 10 existing tourist attractions in Yogyakarta


My Golden Goa My Golden Goa v1.0

My Golden Goa App is designed to satisfy all your needs in Goa. Its a complete guide to goa. Android app that will help you in all you want to Travel in Goa with a great fun. Just one App with all great features and get real information about Happenings in Goa.


Bangalore Metro Bangalore Metro v1.0

It is an offline application, which once installed, provides all the information of Bangalore Metro. It has been designed with a very user centric approach and with some of the most updated features like “Route search”, “search by location”, “search by address”, interactive metro map, Google map, line information, detailed information of individual stations and it also includes recently updated stations and respective fare information.


MetroMaps Euro MetroMaps Euro v1.1.5

Travel in Europe with MetroMaps Euro!


Dubai Metro Dubai Metro v1.0

It is an offline application, which once installed, provides all the information of Dubai Metro and much more. It has been designed with a very user centric approach, with some of the most updated features like "Route search", "search by location", "search by address", interactive metro map to calculate fair and time from station A to station B, map, category wise segregated places list of Dubai zone, line information, detailed information of individual stations.


Travel Guide India Travel Guide India v1.0

Travel Guide India offers you complete and up to date city Guide for various Visiting places in India. This application is totally based upon providing you the true information from various sources.

" It will guide you through the UNSEEN places of various state of India."


Hotel Review 2 Hotel Review 2 v1.15

Hotel review
More than 30000 hotels. En, Ru, De, It, and more lang is support
More than 100 Countries of the world
Check the review for multiple destinations, make your choice and have a good relax!


Open Natura Open Natura v0.2.5

Open Natura è un app per l'esplorazione dei siti di interesse per gli amanti della natura e del geotursimo. Agriturismi, Aziende biologiche, eventi e fiere naturalistiche della Lombardia saranno a tua portata di touch!

Potrai esplorare, cercare, rintracciare eventi siti e luoghi per gli amanti del geoturismo.


Pauschalreisen Pauschalreisen v2.1.0

Mit dieser App können Sie nach Pauschalreisen sowie Last-Minute-Reisen suchen und sich mit einem Preisvergleich Angebote der verschiedenen Reiseveranstalter zu den einzelnen Hotels anzeigen lassen.

Haben Sie das passende Angebot für Ihren Urlaub gefunden, können Sie es auch gleich über diese App buchen oder Sie lassen sich von unserer kostenlosen Reisehotline zurückrufen. Starten Sie nun mit Ihrer Urlaubssuche und finden Sie Ihren Traumurlaub...


TravelBook Stuttgart TravelBook Stuttgart v1.0

Travel Guide for Stuttgart (Germany)
-download additional books (small fee)
-regular/free map & content updates
-detailed street maps (OSM)
-turn by turn routing
-point of interests + Wikipedia
-location aware search (GPS)
-supports 20+ languages
-no expensive roaming costs