MouseDroid MouseDroid v1.0

This application allows you to use your phone as a wireless mouse, so you can control the movement of your computer´s pointer moving your phone over the air and you can click touching the phone´s screen. Only a Wifi conection for your phone is needed (your PC don´t have to be conectec by Wifi).


AnalyticBot AnalyticBot v0.21.13195.11102

Get up to date analytics of your flash content. See who is using it on their sites and keep people from stealing it.


Convertoid Convertoid v1.0

Convertoid – The unit converter for Android


FastTorch Pro FastTorch Pro v1.12

Incredibly simple and handy flashlight. Use the flash of your camera as a flashlight.


Random Numbers Random Numbers v1.3

An application to quickly and easily generate random numbers.

- Set the lower and upper limits
- Specify a sample size for generating random sets or
lottery numbers

Please feel free to send any suggestions, comments or requests.


Unit2Unit Converter Unit2Unit Converter v1.0

Need to convert something?

Here is a nice converter with many different units including currency.
The dual list makes it easy to compare one unit with several others.


ProfileComfort ProfileComfort v1.0.8

Create custom profiles, fast and simple; this app does the rest – automatically!

For example you may define a profile for your job: Just set the workplace or working time as a condition and tell your smartphone how to act!

In this manner profiles for each area of your life can be created, like “Home”, “Night” and “Cinema”. The smartphone will automatically adapt to your lifestyle.


Pixels Theme Pixels Theme v1.0

Pixels theme for Go Launcher Ex


Clock Clock v1.0.0

a demo alarm clock, try it please .


TimTim TimTim v1.0.2

TimTim is a fresh and fruity kitchen timer.

As simple as a real one: Just touch and rotate the fruit or use the D-Pad to set the timeout.

Furthermore, TimTim offers configurable presets for common timeouts such as your favourite tea or cake. And if you don't like the way it looks, try one of the other skins.

Design by Jenny Hardy-Dahlke.


СМС-фильтр СМС-фильтр v1.0

Hide your sms messages. Start password: "1". Minimal req: android 2.1.


No Private No Private v1.0

Will block incomming private calls.


Technical-Calculator Technical-Calculator v1.1

A excellent tool for all the technicians . You make fast a lot of calculations you gain time and more money. Get it now with only $0.50
* Calculate Voltage Drop in Single phase and 3 phase systems.Choose the correct size cable.
* Calculate True, Apparent and Reactive power.
* Calculate Power Factor (Cosφ).
* Calculate Power Factor correction.
* Calculate how many BTUs you need to cool your room.
* Ability to change language


Site Aid Site Aid v1.0

Mark your points/site with GPS.


Soccer Winning Chance Soccer Winning Chance v1.2

Football match prediction


Remote Locker Remote Locker v1.1

Protect your phone from theft using Remote Locker.


mysql Status Monitor mysql Status Monitor v1.2

MySQL Status Monitor is a simple and lightweight application that allows you to see your Mysql database status.


WiFiDeviceControl WiFiDeviceControl v1.0

This project is based on udp server and client application,where the ESP8266 module act as a server which is configured in softAP mode and the android device act as a client.The main aim of this project is that multiple udp clients can be connected to one udp server to control multiple devices including home lights,appliances and also robots.


Self Timer Self Timer v1.5

A simple app you can use to take a photo of yourself (with others ;)) or to reduce the camera shake. The self-timer mode can be set from 0s to 1 min.


XYZsolver.apk XYZsolver.apk vA

A linear system solver for unlimited number of equations and unknowns