Pick For Me Pick For Me v1.2

Have trouble picking something? Let Pick For Me make the choice instead.


Proof Recorder Proof Recorder v1.8

Secretly record audio 24/7 in the background.


A+ Major System A+ Major System v1.3

A+ Major System helps you to boost your memory for remembering any numbers - including very long numbers - by using the powerful and proven technique called "Major System" (also called "mnemonic major system"). Amazing memory feats can be achieved once you have mastered the Major System.

This app is one of the best Major System apps available on the Android platform today.


CK Space - Premium CK Space - Premium v1.0

Over one BILLION unique Sci-Fi story / character ideas and prompts for writers.


Creative Kickstart Pro Creative Kickstart Pro v1.0

Creative tool for writers and graphic artists to generate new ideas and gain access to outside-the-box thinking at the click of a button.


/du:/ /du:/ v3.13

/du:/ is a clean, sleek and simple task and ToDo list management app with support for location based reminders and integration with your favorite Calendar app.


For Beekeeper For Beekeeper v1.0

The application enables us to easily note with one click data for the beehive


EasyNoteHD EasyNoteHD v1.0.0

-Ergonomic note application
-Easy to compose Note , Edit Delete,Save
-Email Notes As needed single Click


Secret Santa Pro Secret Santa Pro v0.9.8

Secret Santa takes the hassle out of gift giving. Usually done within large families or organizations, the Secret Santa game is simply a way to give gifts randomly and anonymously to someone else without having to purchase a gift for everyone in the group (which can get expensive).


MeetingTime MeetingTime v1.1

Organising meetings in different timezones? This app is for you.


Statics Statics v1.0.2

The mobile software for fast structural computations


MDScan MDScan v3.4.20

No.1 business app on Google Play(04.26.2017). Turn your smartphone into mobile scanner with MDScan!


Battery Alert Battery Alert v1.7.7

Battery Talk allows you to set a
** Custom Voice Alert
** Custom Tone Alert
** Custom Email Alert
when the battery level reaches the set value.
Battery Talk shows your current battery level in a graphical as well as textual format.
Also added home-screen and lock-screen widget capability to quickly monitor the battery status and setup alerts.


DiPaFlex DiPaFlex vv1.0

Software for flexible pavement design using AASHTO 93 method.
Programa para el diseño de pavimentos flexibles utilizando el método AASHTO 93.


Password Database Password Database v1.0

Password Database is a single stop solution to store all of your on line account's user ids and passwords in a single place and lock the entire database with single unique password.


ToDo Next Pro ToDo Next Pro v2.0.5

ToDo Next is a simple yet powerful task and to-do list manager application. Tasks can be saved into lists (folder) sorted by priority and due date. Always know what you have to do and when. Keep your schedule in your control and improve you productivity. The app allows you to setup alert for vital todo task as well.


Finance360 *Ads Free Finance360 *Ads Free v1

Get stock market headlines and developing stories with Finance 360.
You can easily keep track of your stock portfolio. Discover trending, popular and most active stocks. Equip yourself with interactive stock chart with a lot of indicator overlays. Download FINANCE 360 NOW!


autoMinder autoMinder v1.1.0

Now you can manage your fleet of vehicles on the go, more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

autoMinder is an app designed to record, manage and consult all information concerning your vehicles, helping you to avoid errors and save money.


Notepad Pro Notepad Pro v1.3.03

*** Get the Pro version of the acclaimed Notepad App without Ads ***

This lightweight Notepad application serves all your note taking needs by providing a crisp user interface, the ability to search notes, prioritize, color-code, and capability to back-up and restore notes through import/export via SD Card.


Smart Stay Ex Smart Stay Ex v1.0.2

SmartStay Ex is an easy to use and free app that implements one of the coolest features in Samsung Galaxy S3, the Smart Stay. The feature uses the front facing camera to detect whether the user is looking at the phone and if the user is, then Smart Stay makes sure the phone screen stays on so the user can continue to read or do whatever they were doing.