Windows 7 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme Windows 7 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme v1.0

Bring the "Most Popular" OS to your Android device! Windows 7 theme for Go Launcher EX. Its not hard to choose, Especially when it includes Official Windows 7 icons, Backgrounds, Folders & Task bar!


Old Android Old Android v1.0.6

Tips, tricks and download reviews for you Android powered phone.


iPhone Launcher Theme iPhone Launcher Theme v2.4

This app makes you feel of using an iPhone on your android device.


Mobo TV News & Listings Mobo TV News & Listings v14.63

Your TV news finder that brings the best of television to your android mobile for free. Read latest news about hottest television personality, TV dramas, soaps, reality TV, gossips, scandals, episode spoiler alerts, ratings, recaps etc. Bookmark you favorite show and get hot news headlines, notes on upcoming shows, listings updates of all favorite channels/programs and links to gossip videos and pictures.


Executive Assistant Tasks Add-on Executive Assistant Tasks Add-on v1.11

** Please note: this is not an app and will not open or launch. **
This add-on gives Executive Assistant access to:

+ Astrid Task/Todo List

+ DGT GTD & ToDo List (w/Pure Widget plugin)

+ Google Tasks Organizer (lite & pro)

+ Got To Do

+ GTasks by Dato

+ ToDo Task Manager

+ TouchDown by NitroDesk

IMPORTANT: to use Astrid, Google Tasks Organizer or Got To Do, it must be installed BEFORE installing this add-on.


Online Video Player Online Video Player v1.0.2

Online Video Player


Androidiano Androidiano v2.1

L'applicazione ufficiale di


Appsaver Appsaver v1.4

This is a simple and lightening fast appsaver+uninstaller+move to sd card.


VMC VMC v1.5

Green Themes For Go Launcher EX


Goal TV Goal TV v1.3.3

EN: Goals TV includes all first league football highlights around the world. You can watch highlights and goals. This app is totally free.
TR: Goals TV uygulaması ile 1. liglerde oynanan maçların özet görüntülerine ulaşabilirsiniz. Maçların özet görüntülerini ve gollerini izleyebilirsiniz. Bu uygulama tamamen ücretsizdir.


Zoom Zoom v1.0

Test Zoom


iPhone Theme iPhone Theme v2.0.3

Make your device to look identicaly as an iPhone.
Best way to trick your friends into thinking you have an iPhone.
This app runs fullscreen and makes everything to look like on iPhone.


ServerBartQuinten v.2 ServerBartQuinten v.2 v0.21.13266.67396

The official app of the site


Barcode Scanner Barcode Scanner v4.2

Barcode Scanner v3.4 (435 kb)
Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, etc.

ZXing Team

* WiFi base station in QR Code
* Bulk scanning mode
* App on SD card for Froyo


رصيد موبايلي رصيد موبايلي v1.0

طريق سهلة و سريع لمعرفة الرصيد و مباشرة من الشاشة الرئيسية للجوال لأصحاب الشرائح مسبقة الدفع من شركة موبايلي للإتصالات


Nova Star Nova Star v1.0

Go to Nova Star Ex Launcher is a simple theme is clean.
It includes some basic icons, and others come to be added later.


fotodanz fotodanz v1.6.4

Capture your favorite movements in photos that dance!

Create ridiculously cool motion photographs (cinemagraphs) with fotodanz. It's FREE! No need to register either.


Android News Android News v0.1.3

"Android News" gives you all the Android news feeds you need - right on your phone, in a single app.


2011 Pro Tennis (Ad-Supported) 2011 Pro Tennis (Ad-Supported) v1.0

Up-to-the-minute news and stats for the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the most important tennis events of the year in terms of world ranking points, tradition, prize-money awarded, and public attention.


All about Apple All about Apple v1.0

Watch out for the latest info about Apple
* Twitter Tweets
* Facebook pages, posts
* Latest News from popular news channels
* Youtube videos
* About Apple

NOTE: As you browse through the app, press back once to stop loading, press back again to main menu.