Eyes - the horror game Eyes - the horror game v1.0.9

Free first person perspective indie horror game. If you like Slender, you'll like it too.


Thriller Reloaded Thriller Reloaded v1.1

Thriller Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Thriller clips and videos from movies , TV shows, live shows etc. Your search for Thriller clips on YouTube is simplified with Thriller Reloaded Application on your Android phone. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your mobile, so that you can enjoy your favourite Thriller actions in a touch.


Jumping Cosmos Jumping Cosmos v1

Play Jumping Cosmos as you the player suffer irritation and constant frustration trying to even reach a score of 10.
Trying to avoid constant enemy objects while experiencing a non stop thrill with plenty of action.
The game also features a built in 2-player feature which allows players to compete against each other on one device.