aHome: Quick Note aHome: Quick Note v2.1.3

Note extension for aHome! make notes right on the desktop with this widget!

Major Update 2.1.1
Themes and theme selection menu!
Onscreen keyboard!

Fixed Mystery Line

Go to for instructions/help
or email us!

Must have aHome or aHome Lite


QDial Full Version Upgrade QDial Full Version Upgrade v1.1

This is NOT a full application.
QDial License Key is used to unlock the QDial application to full version. Download this app if you have already install QDial LITE and would like to upgrade to QDial FULL.


AntipodalPoint Pro AntipodalPoint Pro v2.0

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you went straight down from where you were standing? This application will enable you to look all around the world for funny antipodal points.


SimpleWhite SimpleWhite v1.0

A simple yet beautiful white and black theme.


Smooth Theme Smooth Theme v1.0

A simple yet beautiful smooth theme for Android.


Maldives Maldives v1.0

Maldives - theme for PandaHome.


iHeart Android Big Analog Clock iHeart Android Big Analog Clock v1.0

Android Heart Themed Analog Clock Widget


Cricket World Cup Pro 2011 Cricket World Cup Pro 2011 v0.8.1

For the true cricket addicts, Apppli’s Cricket World Cup 2011 pro *unlocker* removes the ads to enhance your experience.
You MUST install the free version of Cricket World Cup 2011 from the Android Market


eoeToday eoeToday v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
This application is about widget . If you install it into your phone and add it to the desktop , you can use it view calendar Quickly and easily.  Widget of EoeToday  can be easily loaded to the phone, and the size is only 15kb, you can freely drag it and drop it on the desktop in any location .


Deteccion Temprana de Autismo Deteccion Temprana de Autismo v1.0

Cuestionario para la detección temprana de autismo


Dark Metro Solid Black Dark Metro Solid Black v1.0

Dark Metro is a sleek and elegant theme for LauncherPro inspired by Windows Phone 7 Metro UI and MetroTwit application for desktop Windows.


Style Style v1.5



Style theme is one of the most beautiful theme for Go Launcher.
Looks excellent on each wallpaper and has great icons.


GOWidget Deco Theme GOWidget Deco Theme v1.1

Part Pink, Part Transparent.
This GOWidget theme is special.
-it was hand crafted, just for you!


Lunar Icons Pack Donate Lunar Icons Pack Donate v1.0

Hey this is an icon pack for Launcher Pro.


Berry Black Keyboard Berry Black Keyboard v1.0

Black Berry Style Keyboard can almost feel the feedback!!!


Berry Pink Keyboard Berry Pink Keyboard v1.0

Pink Berry Style Keyboard can almost feel the feedback!!!


Berry Red Keyboard Berry Red Keyboard v1.0

Red Berry Style Keyboard can almost feel the feedback!!!


ICS Grey Keyboard ICS Grey Keyboard v1.0

ICS Grey & Orange Style Keyboard with ICS Icons!!!


ICS Pink Keyboard ICS Pink Keyboard v1.0

ICS Pink Keyboard with ICS Icons!!!


ICS Red Keyboard ICS Red Keyboard v1.0

ICS Red Keyboard with ICS Icons!!!