Boloid Boloid v1.3.5

Innovative, fun and addictive arcade game


Meathead Math Meathead Math v1.0

A simple app to calculate the weight you are lifting based on the number of each type of plate.


Moon Traffic Race Moon Traffic Race v1.1.0

Race on the Moon with your new futuristic sport car. Beat the traffic.


SeePU SeePU v0.5beta

SeePU shows the current CPU utilization and available RAM in the notification area.


Overlot Overlot v1.0.1

Help Oli to rescue the princess who is locked in a castle. You will have to cross forests, deserts and all kinds of labyrinths.


TaskSwitcher TaskSwitcher v1.0

Quick switch tasks from notification bar.


Space Brick Destroyer Space Brick Destroyer v1.0

Space brick destroyer 2015 is a simple game where you have to bounce a ball to break all the bricks on the screen.


flipt flipt v1.2.1

A unique match-3 game for Android.

Tired of the 1000s of match-3 clones...try something different!


Maniac Monsters Maniac Monsters v1.0.0

Discover the magic world of Maniac Monster, an addicting match 3 puzzle game for free.
Reach your perfect match with 2 amazing modes to play the game. Classic & Action!


Combat Hawks: 2 players dogfights Combat Hawks: 2 players dogfights v1.0.11

Fight solo or against a friend in thrilling dogfights. Two players on the same phone.


ThiruKKural ThiruKKural v1.0.1

ThiruKKural By Thiruvalluvar. Thiruvalluvar was also called Nayanar, Divine Poet, PeruNavalar etc. ThiruKKural teaches human the essential ethics of life. ThiruValluvar has inscribed around 1330 couplets guiding human morals and betterment of life. Works in ThiruKKural shows the Divine Poet "ThiruValluvar" as a moral philosopher, political scientist, master of public administration and a creative artist.


Darkmoor Manor Darkmoor Manor v1.4.0

Solve puzzles and search for clues to escape from Darkmoor Manor.


Twin Runners Twin Runners v1.2

A fun physic based runner. Swap gravity, slide and preserve Yin and Yang.


Eye Rest Reminder Free Eye Rest Reminder Free v1.3

Eye Rest Reminder will remind you eye rest time periodically. It will help you from dry eye syndrome or failing of eyesight.

1. Intro

Smartphones have been widespread all over the world and failing of eyesight has became the major problem. This is because mobile screens are so small that every people tends to look it closely. Also using it on moving, devices wobble too frequently and eyes get tired soon.


Two Two v1.0

two balls, two fingers, two sides. one stamina bar. one score: your score


Cowboy Joe Cowboy Joe v0.6.4

Cowboy Joe - 2D side scroller platform game for Android! Western is reborn - help Joe find all gold bars, dollars, treasures and fight his opponents - real bud gyus!


JellyWars JellyWars v1.60

Get Jelly Wars and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge! It’s your time to continue the ancient war of two tribes – Jelly wars. Use jelly shots to beat your enemy and claim the treasure that caused the war. The other tribe is probably trying to provoke you with headgear, but keep it cool. They’ll regret their actions, sooner or later!


TheAvoiding TheAvoiding v2.5.1

You have to avoid all of the "Smileys" and collect points!
The game speed increase with your score!

+ Slowmotion
+ Ragemode
+ Bomb

Compare your Skill with the best via Scoreloop!

- Music by Dj Richwood
- Now 3 Gamemodes
(Quick, Normal and Endless game)
- New extrapoint system
- Bugfix


Important Dates Important Dates v2.0.1

If you want to have all your important dates in one place then you just found your must-have app.


 Swifty   Swifty  v2.5

Swifty (formerly known as iSwipe from LEOMASTER),an intelligent efficiency improvement tool, you can quickly access to the favorite apps, iSwitch apps(customize by yourself), contact friends, open commonly used shortcut switches and check your messages anytime and anywhere by a simple click/swipe! With Swifty, grab all you want the first time just one easy touch or swipe!