SameSameKoon SameSameKoon v2.5.5

This is the traditionally famous game called "same game". But SameSameKoon includes many features.

- Classic, Item, Time limit mode
- Undo
- 10 types of shape
- 4 types of items
- 9 types of missions
- Challenge scores with world wide users


SameGame SameGame v1.15

My SameGame is free bubble busting game.
Tap group of 2 or more bricks of the same color and they will disappear. Build bigger groups to get more points. If you like Bubbled or similar bubble popping games, try it.There are 3 game modes, best results, undo, several tiles.


Another SameGame Another SameGame v1.98

Sitting in traffic or standing in line, these bubble game will help pass the time.

Support skins and more!


The Same The Same vTheSame-1.0

The Greatest Logic Game


SameSquare SameSquare v1.9

The objective of SameSquare(SameGame) is to clear out all of the tiles and score the maximum number of points along the way. You remove groups of tiles that have the same color by tapping on them.


SameHexagon SameHexagon v1.2

SameHexagon is a new version of classic SameGame, the tiles are now hexagons. The objective of game is to clear out all of the tiles and score the maximum number of points along the way. You remove groups of tiles that have the same color by tapping on them.


Link Same Link Same v1.1

Click 2 consecutive same pattern can eliminate two patterns, patterns eliminated all go to the next, each additional pass, time minus 10 seconds.In the game screen, press the menu pop-up menu, you can re-play, switching styles, settings can not connect sound and in case of re-order!


Birds Of same Feather Birds Of same Feather v1

Birds of same feather


FindTheSame FindTheSame v3.4

Do you have a pair of keen eyes?


Alien Barrier Alien Barrier v1.0

Alien Barrier - a simple, fun and addictive action game for the whole family!

Do you have what it takes to keep the aliens separate? Pay attention to the flags and don't let the timer run out!


  • Unlimited levels means unlimited fun!
  • High-quality graphics!
  • Challenge your friends and family in this competitive game!
  • Brag about your high scores on Facebook!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master!

FindSameCard FindSameCard v1.4

■ A fun way for kids to learn [ Basic Words ]
■ This app is educational card game for kids.
■ We have a lot of wonderful image cards.
■ This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.


Same-Sex Marriage: The Personal and the Political Same-Sex Marriage: The Personal and the Political v2.0

In the past three years, Canada has witnessed landmark court rulings in Ontario, B.C.


Pre-K Match Game Pre-K Match Game v1.02

Fun match game with an educational spin. Great for your kids to have some fun and learning a little at the same time.


!3D Bubble Breaker !3D Bubble Breaker v1.47

Classic puzzle game with smooth 3D GRAPHICS!!!


Bubble Breaker Bubble Breaker v1.0.5

Bubble Breaker -Try to break all the bubbles !!!
Classic Bubble Breaker game. Select two or more connected bubbles with same color to score.The more bubbles you pop in a single click - the more points you get for every bubble


Color Game Color Game v1.2

Your brains are challenged.
16 circles are drawn.
Please find and touch two things of the color same within the time limit.


MatchingGame MatchingGame v1.2

Picture Matching Game


Game Story Game Story v1.0.1

Game Story is app discovery based on real player recommendations, players who has played game can recommend the game for same device (same resolution and screen density ) users, other users browse the recommendations and either download it or add to wishlist ( if not enough space ), once the app is installed user can post reviews, rating and recommendations.


Game of Thrones Trivia Game of Thrones Trivia v1.5

Trivia fun for Game of Thrones addicts!


Fundox Fundox v1.0.0

Free real-time multiplayer word game combining Scrabble and Reversi