CaffeineMark CaffeineMark v1.0.0

Runs CaffeineMark benchmark to gauge JVM performance on an Android.


AndPizza! AndPizza! v1.0.0

AndPizza is an Pizza/Egg-Timer for Android. The time can easily be adjusted to a desired duration. When the time ran out, the phone will vibrate and an alarm will sound.


LogAssistLiteDemo LogAssistLiteDemo v1.0.1

Ever wanted to clear the favorites tab, or wanted some of your contacts not listed in the call log or favorites list. Well Log assist will allow you to clear the call history of contacts you don’t want listed automatically, after every call is made or received.This is a demo so you can see how it works, Only Five Contacts.

For More info see


OneClickSms OneClickSms v1.1

Send a Sms in only one click !


AndHard AndHard v1.0

This application allows:

1/ check of your phone sensors
2/ Centralized Volume manager (alarm, ringer ...)
3/ WIFI access points level cheker
4/ GPS + Google Maps localizer
5/ Battery level checker + screen timeout controller (mainly for an optimal battery life cycle , i.e charge it until 100% and empty it until 0%)
6/ Process checking agent which allows tracking all processes running on your phone and monitor/diagnostic memory usage.


AndBox AndBox v1.5

    AndBox is a set of files management, task management, call firewall, SMS filtering, network management, database management, garbage clean, boot speed, memory management, monitor management software, Overall management of the android system problems.



Paid Apps Enabler Paid Apps Enabler v1.1

This app will enable your Android Market App to browse/buy paid apps, no matter which country you are located in, or which operator you are using.

ATTN: runs on rooted devices only!

Please see for more.



Wapdroid Wapdroid v2.6.4

Toggles WiFi on/off with proximity to networks, using cell towers recorded while this service is running and connected to those networks. Please report issues to
*Eris & Sprint Hero w/Android 1.5 Cupcake do not provide cell tower info as HTC incompletely added CDMA which is not officially supported by Android.


LedEffects LedEffects v0.9.0.1

LedEffects is a service handling notification for events as incoming call, SMS, Mail, IM, etc. It was originally for DIAM/RAPH running xdandroid with phh's kernel but was extended to support more phones.


Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) v1.0.2


Organize your home screens using your computer!

1. Launch - the desktop component
2. Load – home screens from your device
3. Organize – using drag and drop on your computer (add apps too!)
4. Apply – the changes you’ve made to your device. (FULL version only)
5. Enjoy!

Feedback wanted - details @

Note that this is a trial version that cannot apply changes to your device. Full version coming very soon.


FlashDroid FlashDroid v1.0

FlashDroid is an open source educational app to convert your screen into a bright flashlight. Want to learn how to make an app like this?


CommandCenter CommandCenter v0.8.0

A generic application to read/write settings from/to the file system and run misc shell commands.


Screen ON Screen ON v1.4.2

An app widget for your screen that keeps you the screen on by preventing it from turning off.
click on the widget to activate and click again to de activate.
A notification is also posted while it runs. You can also click on the notification to de activate.

Very useful for those who read using the mobile and want to keep their screen on.


MemoryUp Personal MemoryUp Personal v3.5.0

MemoryUp Personal is the lite edition of MemoryUp Pro. This handy Free RAM Booster takes a one-click approach. It makes more free memory available for your mobile system, accelerates memory responsiveness, and keeps your smartphone running fast and smoothly. All by one simple click. At the mean time, MemoryUp Personal is also a free smartphone software and one of the best free Android applications on SlideME, AndAppStore, Handango, MobiHand, and CNET Download.


Task Manager Task Manager v1.1

○ View running applications and processes.
○ End a running application or process.
○ Switch to the running application.
○ Show Memory Information.


Nightclock Love Nightclock Love v2.1.28

Surprise your love ones with this romantic liquid red digital nightclock "Love"!


Phamily Phinder Phamily Phinder v6.1.1

Phamily Phinder is a great tool for keeping track of your on-the-go family.

Start out with a 15 day Free Trial to get your Phamily set up and interacting with the application. Then from there you can choose the best subscription for you out of our 1, 3, 6, and 12 month packages. Head over to the website for a lot more details:


phoneklone phoneklone v0.503

phoneklone brings your phone to the Internet. All your photos, text messages, location and settings all available online in an easy to use, personalized portal at


-What you love to do on your phone, instantly online. Photos and text messages are uploaded as they are received so you never have to worry about sharing and uploading again!
-Lost your phone? Use phoneklone to find it!
-All your text messages are available online, instantly!


Screen On Screen On v2.3

Use this app to prevent your screen from turning off!


Call Light Call Light v1.2.5

Use Call Light to fix screen backlight timeout issue during phone calls.

*For phones running on Android OS 1.5 or higher.
*Please see application help for more information.

Please email any questions or comments.

Translations are welcomed.