RunningLife RunningLife v1.0.2

A Running Life Daily Running Journal. This handy little app allows you to capture your runs on your phone. Version 1.0.1 features the ability to track the date, time of day, number of miles run, run duration, location, conditions, and notes. It has a scrolling history of your runs, and the ability to email your run stats.


Bull Dozer Bull Dozer v1.5

Feel the wrath of BullDozer in this 'hit and run' game from the streets of Spain and charge into as many runners as possible!!


Website Monitor Website Monitor v1.01

This app checks if your websites are running.
Checks upto 3 sites at once!


Ghost Race Pro Ghost Race Pro v1.12

Stop running against a clock and start running against a ghost. Set your competition's speed and the length of the race. Select a playlist to keep you motivated and begin your race.


Templar Run Pro Templar Run Pro v1.06

The Assassins have invaded the Templar Castle and scattered it's treasury. It's up to the Templar Guardians to gather the treasure while destroying the Assassins.

PRO Version has no ads, free updates, exclusive characters, and twice as many coins!


Run, baby, run! Run, baby, run! v1.0

Run, baby, run!


Thief Dash Thief Dash v1.0

Run with the thief as far as possible and steal as many valuables as you can. On your way, you must be cautious about a lot of traps.


SafeLight SafeLight v1.3

Multi-Purpose Safety light for jogging, running, bicycling, or riding at night!!


Getaway Run Getaway Run v1.0

[Ad-Free Version]
Getaway Run is an "endless runner" with challenging platforming!

Leap from platform to platform, avoiding enemies and the long drop to the bottom. Live the dream, be a ninja in sweet running shoes.

Tap to jump, tap and hold for a long jump! Easy, right?

Collect those coins! The next update will feature Google Play Services for leaderboards, and the ability to purchase new characters with your coins.


triviaRun triviaRun v1

Trivia Run - general knowledge trivia quiz game. Fast and exciting, Hours of pleasure!


Beach Runner Donated Beach Runner Donated v1.1

take it easy and enjoy the game or give it your all to be the #1 in the world!


Trapped Droid: Jail Trapped Droid: Jail v1.0

See Droid Trapped in Your phone!
Trapped Droid: Jail is an animated, 3D-rendered wallpaper with Droid running around on your screen.


NiX Reader for Bloomberg NiX Reader for Bloomberg v1.1.02

A frontend to the the Bloomberg mobile website. Uses the volume buttons to scroll. Optimized to run ~30% faster than using the "web browser" application.


Ninja Run Online Pro Ninja Run Online Pro v1.01

On-line runner where you will be able to compete with living opponents for championship. To prove that you are the most adroit and fast. Passing exciting trials, to run the personage for collected gold chinks. To open up additional abilities that will help you be the first among runners as well as prevent the opponents to reach the aim. Attractive graphic and easy-to-use interface. With possibility to play off-line as well as on-line version, perfecting the skills.


SC_Canyon SC_Canyon v1.1

Turkey’s first child hero Supercan is now on your mobile phone! Supercan contrived a back rocket and to protect it from the bad character Karacan, he has to run! While you help Supercan, you need to run away from robots, fly as far as you can and collect the most diamond. Test your reflexes as you race down to canyon. What do you think, can you beat your friends’ highest scores?


Solitaire Solitaire v1.0

• -Play the classic Solitaire card game
• -Race against the clock
• -Keep a running total of your score
• -Keep a running count on your number of moves
• -Replay/Undo/New game options
• -Smooth Play
• -Great Graphics
• -No need for any plugins


Pizza Time! Pizza Time! v1.0.0

Let’s get ready to cook and play, have you got what it takes to run a restaurant? Step behind the counter of your very own restaurant and experience the challenge of having to serve customers' phone orders, manage meal preparation and organize the delivery, all before your time runs out. Be fast though as your customers are hungry and won’t wait long!


Honey Run Honey Run v1.1

Honey Run is a fun and exciting game that's bursting with colour and action.


Love_Letter Love_Letter v1.0

Love Letter Theme For Go Launcher Ex by @maxiducoli

The desktop theme preferred by
, for Go Launcher Ex
Delicate and romantic thought for women who own an Android device.


App Killer Pro App Killer Pro v1.0.7

*** Get the Ad Free Version of App Killer ***

This is the Ultimate Application Killer. This app lets you kill running applications and system services. You can also back-up applications you’ve downloaded or uninstall them from your device.