Me Be Blonde Me Be Blonde vC

Most sophisticated algorithms enabled us to achieve artificial intelligence of blonde's level. She will come up with a new phrase every time and even say it out loud to you. Share her thoughts via messaging, e-mail or social network of your choosing and wait for reactions.


Sleep Analysis Sleep Analysis v1.0.786

Alarm Clock that's Smart, Analyze your Sleep Cycle & Wake U in Best Sleep State


Arrangit Arrangit v1.0

The name is derived from Arrange and It. This is game 3x3 board that require deep thought and patient to solve the puzzle. Are you fast enough? Try it now.


WhenWho WhenWho v1.0

WhenWho gives you a clear insight of your upcoming call activity. WhenWho helps you discovering the hidden patterns behind your incoming and outgoing calls. WhenWho helps you responding to the following questions (and even more):
Who is gonna call you in the upcoming period
What are the odds that a given contact calls you now
When will be the next call of a given contact
How often a contact calls you


starshapedgame starshapedgame v1.0

Do you remember the day when you enjoy doing this Star-shaped game?


Puzzle Jewel Puzzle Jewel v1.0

Do you like to exercise your mind? Do you like a challenge? So you need to play this puzzle. Innovative, addictive, intelligent and stimulating.

You have to rotate the jewelry in a counterclockwise direction and complete the puzzle according to the pattern before time runs out. A real challenge for your mind!


Molecular Gastronomy Molecular Gastronomy v1.0

Molecular gastronomy is quickly gaining popularity in restaurants and home kitchens but the terminology can be very intimidating. Our app defines more than 60 terms from modernist cuisine so you can intelligently discuss molecular gastronomy!


Auto Volume Controller Auto Volume Controller v1.0

Turn your car's sound system into an intelligent sound system.
Auto Volume Control Pro will automatically adjust the volume of the mobile device, based on the speed you are driving.


Expense Manager Pro Expense Manager Pro v2.1.2

fsdroid expense manager is the best financial app in market. Expense manager has great calculation of daily Income and expense management platform that make to intelligent advise to help you to save your 40% of your monthly expenses.its mainly know as self daily accounts.


Blar Blar v3.30

Blar is a client for NewsBlur (an awesome web based RSS feed reader). It's simple and clean, allowing you to easily read your feeds on your Android device while syncing read and saved items with NewsBlur.


Zoo Kids: Puzzle Pack 2 Zoo Kids: Puzzle Pack 2 v1.0

★★★★★ ON SALE NOW! 45% OFF! ★★★★★
Zoo Kids: Puzzles Pack 2, an Android Exclusive app, is designed to help your kids spell and pronounce animal names (A-Z) commonly found at a zoo. Featuring two puzzles, "Spot The Animal" and "Identifying Animal Names", this application will keep the kids for an extended period of time!


iCommuteLess iCommuteLess v1.2

Did you ever want to keep a travel diary for your commutes?
Would you like to know where you and losing time on your regular commutes? At what signals, traffic points?
Would you like to analyze your commuting pattern over a period of time?

Would you like to save time?

If the answer is yes to the questions above, then iCommuteLess is the answer! iCommuteLess is a GPS recording app that you can use to track your daily commutes. The app will give you smart feedback and help you in saving time. Try now!


Alarm Clock Alarm Clock v2.5

Wake up with elegance. Designer clocks and smart algorithm for alarms.


Stripper Pen Stripper Pen v1.0

An elegant app that brings to your smartphone the evergreen fun of a classic stripper pen, with the stylish touch of vintage postcards beach beauties.


Back Talk Back Talk v1.55

A conversational, fully interactive 3D talking and answering animated friend!


WriteChinese WriteChinese v2.1.1

Take thinking out of the equation and WriteChinese the natural way!

Between Explore Mode - where you can discover new characters - and Drill Mode - where you can put your memory to the test - you'll be well on your way to recognizing and reconstructing hanzi (Chinese characters) like you learned it in China!


Bumblebee Race Bumblebee Race v1.09

An amazing obstacle race! Breathtaking adventures of the bumblebee.


Formes et Couleurs Formes et Couleurs v20.0

Votre enfant va apprendre à reconnaître les formes et les couleurs, tout en s’amusant !


Opposites Opposites v2.1.0

Discover "Cricket Kids", Slim Cricket's educational range for under 7 year-olds.


Smart Stay Ex Smart Stay Ex v1.0.2

SmartStay Ex is an easy to use and free app that implements one of the coolest features in Samsung Galaxy S3, the Smart Stay. The feature uses the front facing camera to detect whether the user is looking at the phone and if the user is, then Smart Stay makes sure the phone screen stays on so the user can continue to read or do whatever they were doing.