BPMDetector BPMDetector v2.0

Unlike the others, this app actually LISTENS to the music using the phone's on-board microphone. Simply start the app, and the BPM is updated once every seven seconds.


Pocket Sound Pro Pocket Sound Pro v2.1.0

Pocket Sound Pro it's paid version of Pocket Sound app without ads and with widget for quick access to your favourite sounds.
It's all about cool sounds. Six big categories with a variety of different sounds and phrases. Well-known phrases inside ! Surprise your friends, playing them or remember them, along with a few well-known phrases that will never become old!
So, it is possible to assign a sound or phrase to an alarm clock, send it by MMS, to assign anyone of your contact list !


Squeeze Commander Squeeze Commander v0.9.6.4

The perfect remote control for your Logitech SqueezeBox / SqueezeBoxServer.