Trivia Special Trivia Special v1.0

This trivia is a good game to keep up with your everyday knowledge mobile app, games, game, test, quiz, quizz, quizzes, free


Sei Veramente Intelligente? Sei Veramente Intelligente? v1.0

Sei veramente intelligente? Scoprilo e divertiti con gli amici. Quando nacque Cristofolo colombo? Quando venne fondato facebook? android free apps, free games, fun quizz, challenge


Linux Pop Quiz Linux Pop Quiz v1.0

Linux Quiz. Test your Linux knowledge Play this trivia game with your geeky friends today and see who knows more. Can you get all the answers correct? geek trivia, games, game, free games, android free games, quiz, quizz, quizzes, test, tests, gameshow, free game, brain, puzzle, puzzles, english, language



"Oscar" is Very good book by Walter Aimwell
1. Only designed for Android users.
2. Easy to download.
3. Free download
4. Enjoy for free!


Rose In Bloom Rose In Bloom v1.0

"Rose in Bloom" is a very interesting story by Louisa May Alcott.
1. Free book for android users.
2. Download this book in your android device in a minute and enjoy it for free.


Pictures of Sweden Pictures of Sweden v1.0

It is a delightful spring: the birds warble, but you do not understand their song? Well, hear it in a free translation.

Free download in your Android device.


Slow and Sure Slow and Sure v1.0

Slow and Sure: The Story of Paul Hoffman the Young Street-Merchant, a novel by Horatio Alger
Free download in your Android device


The Good Resolution The Good Resolution v1.0

"The Good Resolution" is a best book by Anonymous
Free download in your Android device.


Hajiazuq Hajiazuq v1.0

Do you know Hiroki AZUMA'@hazuma'? this app show how much do you know about hazuma. true, false, test, quiz, quizz, games, game, free app, trivia


Math Ref Free Math Ref Free v1.0.8

Math Ref Free is a half the size and none of the price of Math Ref full. Get a sample of this comprehensive list of equations and more at your finger tips.


ABC HandWriting FREE ABC HandWriting FREE v1.0.0

ABC HandWriting is a fun way for children to learn Alphabet, digits and how to write them.

- 2 modes: Free drawing and guided drawing
- Cute graphic
- Kids friendly


SimpleSums Free SimpleSums Free v1.0.0

Simple but challenging maths game - ideal for young players. Four key math skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Three skill levels - the hard level can get quite tricky, even for adults!!

Score points for each correct answer - fast answers score more! 20 seconds to answer each question - try to answer all 20.

There are 49 achievements in the game - can you get them all?


Most Wanted! Free Most Wanted! Free v1.5.60

View the FBI most wanted lists. Including: top ten most wanted, missing children, most wanted terrorists, most wanted for murder, + more.

* Enlarge photos by clicking the thumbnail.
* Submit a tip to your local office.
* Menu for more.

* View detailed page.
(Check here if the summary does not contain a photo.)


Flickr Photo Quiz Free Flickr Photo Quiz Free v1.9

Do you like Geography? So Flickr Photo Quiz Free is for you.
Try to guess what place is on the picture? Random and most interesting photos of famous and interesting sights, people in national costumes, national traditions, wonders of nature from Flickr.


The Animals for Children FREE The Animals for Children FREE v1.6.2

Teach your children how to recognize animals and the sounds they make. Interface is really easy to use.

It shows high quality resolution images full screen.


FreePlay Math Skills Quiz FreePlay Math Skills Quiz v1.0.0

Whether you are learning math, want to brush up your knowledge, help your kids or just enjoy math quizzes, this fun application is right for you.


Happy Flash Cards Free Edition Happy Flash Cards Free Edition v1.9.0

Entertain & educate your baby or toddler with attractive flash cards.


Most Wanted! Free Most Wanted! Free v1.5.51

View the FBI most wanted lists. Including: top ten most wanted, missing children, most wanted terrorists, most wanted for murder, cyber crimes, and more.

* Tap photos to enlarge.
* Submit a tip (menu).
* Menu for more.


Learn Animal Sounds Free Learn Animal Sounds Free v1.9

There are plenty of games for toddlers to learn animals and their sounds, but we are sure you will agree that our application is the best one.

Our full screen game is designed with simplicity in mind to be used by toddlers and even babies. Tap a screen to see the next picture, use two big buttons to repeat animal names and sounds, or just swipe right, left, down or up and see what happens!

You can also upload your own pictures to have even more fun!


Chinese Pinyin Free Chinese Pinyin Free v0.6.5

Learn chinese Pinyin quickly and easily! This course teaches how to read and pronounce "Pinyin" which is the official system for representing Mandarin Chinese with the Roman alphabet. Chinese real woman voice. App also provides Pinyin table and Pinyin alphabet song. Finally, you can learn chinese song with Pinyin.