Warehouse Manager Warehouse Manager v1.0.0

100 levels of Sokoban frenzy in full 3D graphics on your Android phone.


Stop Stop v1.0.1

Stop is a casual game. Tap as fast and accurate as you can in limited time to make a high score. Be careful, collision between balls will lose score. There are many kinds of balls. Some may explode, and others can add more scores.


Miss Droid Miss Droid v3.6

**Girls Most Popular Game**

Miss Droid lets you be a fashion icon and live the glamorous life! You can shop the mall for the latest fashions and Indulge in your fashion obsession with designer clothes and other accessories! Perform in events, socialize and compete with other pretty women online and make lifelong friends.


Math Test Math Test v1.0

Math Test is a fun math game were you have to answer to as many questions as possible in just 1 minute. There are 5 playing mode: add, subtract, multiply, divide and Final Exam (where you get to answer questions from all previous categories).


Street Racing Street Racing v3.6

-- 15 Prestige Points --

Start racing online against other players with Street Racing. Build your
character simply doing planned underworld jobs to purchase and maintain
best cars that can increase your chance of winning the game.


Time Bomb Time Bomb v1.1

Can you handle the pressure and keep your wits while you try and disarm the bomb before time runs out.

Compete with others by posting your highest score online.


Numbers Numbers v1.0.0

This is a common slider puzzle. You need to arrange the numbers in order.


Vampire Vampire v3.6.1

*Enjoy 10 Blood Points with this version
The most entertaining online game ever! Become a vampire lord by
bringing other vampires into your clan. Feed your thirst for
blood by acquiring slaves to gather blood for you. Perform numerous
dark missions and learn abilities to rule the whole world.


Color Cocktail Color Cocktail v3.1.1


Do you think these colored circles can confuse you?
NO – aha, then play with ultimate goal to get on the Leadersboard
Download in your Android device and enjoy the Good Game!


Number Snake Number Snake v1.1.1

Tired of Sudoku? Number Snake is a fun numbrix/hidato like puzzle where you must find the path from 1 to 81 using only vertical and horizontal movements.


Nimble Dress Nimble Dress v1.03

This is the picture editor of Nimble King.


Chopper Control Chopper Control v1.3.2

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**Touch & Hold screen to ascend. release to descend**

Throttle your copter through the volcanic mountains of death and face the enigmatic hurdles that come by. As you fly, you will get helped with super powers. Take control of your copter for bumpy ride.

Flying is fun: Flying is Passion


Christmas Copter Christmas Copter v1.0.1

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**Touch & Hold screen to ascend. release to descend**
Throttle your Copter through the ice cave and face the enigmatic hurdles that come by. As you pass along you get helped with special Christmas gifts.

**Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas**


Psycho Cyclist Psycho Cyclist v1.1.1



Take control of this Psychotic cyclist who jumps over stuff for no reason!!
Avoid hurdles,look for landers and tokens which you collect passing by!
Thats not all!! There are Psycho Powers which gives him extra boost in his Psychotic adventure.


Miss Jump Miss Jump v1.0

“Save the Miss and make her Jump!”

Your good old Miss Jump is here!

Make her SLIDE UNDER obstacles, JUMP over hurdles and SPRINT as fast as you can!

Make fun with this miss!


Soccer Soccer v3.6

“Become the Utlimate Team Manager by managing your Soccer Dream team”

* No irritating Ads*
* Price Reduced *
*Now get a free gift DAILY!!

Soccer is the most entertaining massively multiplayer online game ever!
Pick your favorite players of top clubs around the world and setup a squad
to win matches! Perform club activities, buy items, invest in properties
and lead your squad to international glory.


Numerix Tournament Numerix Tournament v1.4

Numerix: Ad-Free and Enhanced!

In the Tournament Edition of Numerix, the game reaches new heights. We've kept the challenging AI from Lite Edition, and added 9-counter mode for longer, more strategic games along with new Wireless and Bluetooth multiplayer modes. Play against your friends, instantly!


Calasdo Numbers Calasdo Numbers v1.0

Keen on numbers, are you?


BeloteAndr BeloteAndr v1.4.1.0

Jeu de belote sur Android
Permet de jouer à la coinche et à la contrée avec ou sans annonces
Avec ou sans Tout-Atout/Sans-Atout


Droop Droop v2.0

Ad-Free version.

The cat is reborn.

New version 2.0 with new features like spring bar, moving bars, sticky and bouncy bars. Find more exciting stuff!

Uses accelerometer.