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Best shooting game in your Android Phone!
Prepare to join the EAGLE NEST?
It is the best training camp for newbie. Get your honor and glory here!

3 training mode to choose:
*handgun in room training
*shotgun trapshooting

Try to get more points and levels, and enjoy yourself, I am sure you will like it!!


Go Fish Go! Go Fish Go! v1.22

##Free for the first 1000 downloads!!!Price was 3 dollars!!!##
Title your phone to control your fish.
Eat fish that smaller than you.
avoid fish that bigger than you.
you will grow bigger after eat enough fish.


Office Big Bang Office Big Bang v1.08

Big Bang in office.
made up by 5 small games:
.String Ice ream Balls
.Climbing stairs
.Guess the color
.Beat the boss
.Rock Paper Scissors
Feel free to feedback us.


BattleBallz BattleBallz v1.3.0

Feed those restless fingers with this action packed arcade game for 1-2 players. Do battle across a danger ridden battlefield. earn achievements, poach power-ups and beat your opponent into submission


Ali Lose Weight Ali Lose Weight v1.0

##Free for only one week!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011) From the publisher East2West!!##
Ali cat is becoming fatter and fatter, but his girlfriend the beauty peach is coming home from Bilmos city. Ok, keeping fit is Ali cat's first mission. In the game, Ali cat need to avoid all kinds of food and get diet pills, then you can succeed, but if Ali cat fail to do so, he will become fatter, their will be trouble between Beauty peach and Alic cat...


守卫圣器 守卫圣器 v3.1.0

Ugly zombies are back and you are humanity's hero to keep the only hope-the Holy Vessels safe. But beware, ammo is limited so you will have to get crafty and use the straight bullets, grenades, split- and buckshots in the most effective way possible to survive all the missions.
Besides, you must swipe out the colored accretion before the zombies become to strong to deal with. You are the only hope, stay alive!


蔬果的尊严 蔬果的尊严 v3.0.0

Human have dignity, vegetables have dignities, too. Before Mr Cabbage and Miss Tomato went to date, an elaborate make up is very necessary. In this game, There are 12 Mr and Miss vegetables and hundreds of properties to choose from. Vegetables can change their glassed, mouth, feet, hat, and so on. After the make up, a point is made, and there are some funny tools for you to make fun of Mr Cabbage. It is very funny, get it today, I am sure you will like it!


食物大丰收 食物大丰收 v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
This application is a casual game, simple but challenging you need get more scores before the limited time is over.


Talking Funny Boy Pro Talking Funny Boy Pro v2.0.7

Talking Funny Baby is the most happiest, craziest, funny, cool, addictive entertainment, insanely amazing hit app for your kids to spend their leisure, happy, laughter, gaming time in hours of fun, fun and fun.


The Week Of The Cricket The Week Of The Cricket v2.10.0

♥ "A Week With Slim Cricket" A serie of original mini-games for children!♥


Word Zen Unlimited Word Zen Unlimited v1.5

Word Zen Unlimited is the full unlocked version of the free Word Zen game, an addictive word game with a relaxing zen-like theme.

Features a unique combination of word find and crossword puzzle and special tiles to form different playing strategies which will appeal to players looking to test their word vocabulary or just have fun casual game.

Works on both Android mobile and tablet devices.

Try out the free version of Word Zen first before buying.


Numbers Numbers v1.0.0

This is a common slider puzzle. You need to arrange the numbers in order.


Warehouse Manager Warehouse Manager v1.0.0

100 levels of Sokoban frenzy in full 3D graphics on your Android phone.


BeloteAndr BeloteAndr v1.4.1.0

Jeu de belote sur Android
Permet de jouer à la coinche et à la contrée avec ou sans annonces
Avec ou sans Tout-Atout/Sans-Atout


Gun And Smoke Pro Gun And Smoke Pro v2.5.5

Enjoy the fun of real gun with a shooting
touch. Can select any model of Hand guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Gernades, Rocket launchers and much more with actual voices. Get details of the different guns and its background and make.
Our team of experts are continiously working to improve this app and we welcome feedback from our users. Do give us your feedback at:
We try to include all the feedbacks from our customers.


BaseBall2011 Pro BaseBall2011 Pro v8.9.3.9

Best Baseball app for just 1.99 USD with several modes to play
Roll up your sleeves to batter up in Baseball 2011!
*Why to pay more when equally good game available for just 1.99 USD price*
For both casual players looking for something fun, as well as hardcore baseball fans wanting the real deal.
Now you can dream about MLB, NFL, or NBA athlete by playing it on different modes.


Fling! Fling! v1.0.5


A #1 selling app in Apple's AppStore, and played by over 10 million puzzle-game lovers worldwide, Fling! is an addictive puzzle-game based a unique concept, which is simple yet infinitely challenging. Ideal for all ages.

Featuring over 100,000 unique puzzles, and split into 35 levels of gradually increasing difficulty, Fling guarantees you many long hours of puzzling fun!


FarmVille Timer FarmVille Timer v0.8

FarmVille Timer is the BEST crop timer application for FarmVille on Android. This version has a bunch of features that is not available on FarmVille Timer Free.


Time Bomb Time Bomb v1.1

Can you handle the pressure and keep your wits while you try and disarm the bomb before time runs out.

Compete with others by posting your highest score online.


droidFlex droidFlex v1.0.0

This fun, addicting game is all about reflexes. Play the 6 challenging levels in one-player mode while competing for the global high-scores or go up against your friend in two-player mode and see who's reaction dominates.