Talking Gremlin Talking Gremlin v1.0

Talking Gremlin is the best selling entertainment app for kids and adults alike!


Funky Cam 3D Free Funky Cam 3D Free v2.0.0

Funky Cam 3D - Amazing New Real-time 3D Viewer Technology For Android, iPhone, iPad and Bada


Video Downloader Lite Video Downloader Lite v1.4

* You can SEARCH, WATCH, SHARE and DOWNLOAD videos using Video Downloader Lite.

* You do NOT need a Flash player to watch videos.

The ad-free, full version can be downloaded from or


Art Of Tattoo Art Of Tattoo v3.2

In this application you will find a lot and very different tattoos gathered in one place. The best part of the program is that you can upload your own tattoo (if you have one) and share it with the world.
You can also bookmark your favorite tattoos. Try it !


3D Talking Albert 3D Talking Albert v1.7

This cool LIVE 3D Albert Einstein Model performs the following actions for you:

● Albert Einstein blows a raspberry at you
● Albert Einstein whistles
● Albert Einstein sneezes
● Albert Einstein says some of his most popular quotes
● Use Albert as Alarm Manager


PDF files Search Engine Free (beta 1) PDF files Search Engine Free (beta 1) v1.1

Millions of free books, documents, etc. available to you for download in *. PDF


WiFi Hacker WiFi Hacker v2.0

This app is a FREE !!!
This time we bring you the best android application to hack the WiFi networks.
This app includes powerful encryption software in network detection and ideal for hacking WiFi networks.

Unlock any protected WiFi network.

As you may already know, WEP security can easily be cracked.
It only protects wireless network from average users.


Movie Finder Movie Finder v1.6.3

Movie Finder allows you to quickly search movie and showtime information in the theaters around you.


Laputa Laputa v3.0.5

Laputa Book Reader is an ebook reading application which enables users to easily download and read thousands of books right on Android device.
Page turning animation;
Free Books Download;
Organize Your Own Bookshelf;
Book Detail;
Day/Night Style;
Font Size and Font Face;
Sceen Rotation and Fullscreen Effects;
Epub books supported;
Easy Book Browsing;
User-defined Category.


Fingerprint Lock Fingerprint Lock v1.0.4

Unlock your phone with this free fingerprint scanner for android!


WiFi Hacker PRANK WiFi Hacker PRANK v9.0

This app is for FREE !!!

This is the best android application to hack the WiFi networks.

This app have software for hacking WiFi networks.

This is not a harmful software, but it is very useful.

Unlock any protected WiFi network.

-Hack (crack) WEP security
-Use brute-forse attach to find network key
-Hack WPA2 (for this kind of security hacking can take longer)
-Hack your neighbors Wifi Password (key).
-Brick ses AES/CCMP encryption.


Football Airhorn Football Airhorn v1.2.1

A prank tool!

Select single or double horn sounds.

Wake your brother or your dog up!

Use it for parties, sports, to scare the neighbour kids, or anything else.

Reminds you of the soccer FIFA World Cup in Africa doesn't it?

Try playing it when you are speaking to someone over another phone!

New -> play 2 horns at the same time for a more disastrous effect!


Flick Ninja Flick Ninja v1.4.3

Throw shuriken with the flick of your finger!

Welcome to the battle of flying weapons. Fight against crazy opponents, hone your skills in Combo mode, or fight to the death in a Survival battle!


VLC - Remote VLC - Remote v2.20

Control your VLC on a remote computer via your Android Device.


TV Streemer Beta TV Streemer Beta v1.4

Watch TV on your android 2.2 and above! App Launched on 4/14/2011 and we are slowly adding more and more shows as we go along. Make a request and we will put it to the top of the list! and best of all, it's FREE


Mr. Bean Mr. Bean v1.2

This cool LIVE 3D Mr. Bean Model performs the following actions for you:

● Slide left or right to see Mr. Bean face profiles
● Poke Mr. Bean face and you will see his big eyes
● Shake your phone and Mr. Bean will lose gravity
● Bean farting
● Bean whistling
● Teddy bear will appear from time to time
● Mr. Bean crazy faces
● Mr. Bean will burping


Count for UNO Free Count for UNO Free v1.5

UNO count - simple app, that helps you to count scores when playing UNO with your friends. Have fun playing UNO and don't waste time to count scores - this app will do it for you!


Mood Scanner Mood Scanner v1.8

Scan your finger to discover your mood!


Digital Clock Digital Clock v1.3

Now, Digital Clock will change your mobile to an electronic watch.
And, you can change the style (font) , change the color, it is more funny and interesting.


Ambling BookPlayer Lite Ambling BookPlayer Lite v2.13

The premium player for listening to audio books. Download thousands of free classic audiobooks from

Supports multiple skins, chapter based navigation with full chapter titles, seamless and automatic audio file handling, quick jump navigation buttons, Bluetooth controls, and automatic play history tracking with undo and redo.

Please see our web site at for a complete feature list.