The Princes of Mars The Princes of Mars v1.0

Enjoy The Princes of Mars

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cloudbook cloudbook v2.07

เด็กๆ ลองมองก้อนเมฆบนท้องฟ้า จะเห็นว่าก้อนเมฆมีรูปร่างและขนาดแตกต่างกัน ก้อนเมฆเปลี่ยนรูปร่างเหมือนกับการแปลงร่างได้ มาทายกันซิว่าก้อนเมฆต่างๆ เป็นรูปอะไรบ้าง ใครตอบได้ให้รีบยกมือ!

แอพลิเคชันก้อนเมฆนี้สร้างจากหนังสือเด็กเรื่อง “ก้อนเมฆช่างคิด” ของสำนักพิมพ์ก้อนเมฆ โดยมีความมุ่งหมายให้เด็กได้ฝึกความคิดสร้างสรรค์ ความจำ และทักษะการเชื่อมโยงความหมายของรูปภาพกับคำศัพท์ ทั้งภาษาไทย และภาษาอังกฤษ


Zo Reader Zo Reader v2.7.1

Comprehensive epub, mobi, umd, txt eBook reader with seamlessly integrated dictionary. Instant definition lookup by tabbing on a word without the need of internet access!


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. v1.0

The adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain


Lone Crusader Lone Crusader v1.0

You used to be a knight of great achievement. But then the war came. You lost your entire regiment in an ambush. You were scorned, your badges removed, and you were exiled. All you have left is your sword and tunic. Will you remake your name? Will become great? There is a man outside your cave. In fact, there are many. They are fighting. You have not had a good fight in years. Do you fight?


史记 史记 v1.0.1

The Records of the Grand Historian

The Records of the Grand Historian, also known by its Chinese name Shiji (Chinese: 史記; pinyin: Shǐjì; literally "Historical Records"), written from 109 to 91 BC, was the magnum opus of Sima Qian, in which he recounted Chinese history from the time of the Yellow Emperor until his own time. (The Yellow Emperor, traditionally dated around 2600 BC, is the first ruler whom Sima Qian considered sufficiently established as historical to appear in the Records.)


鸳鸯秘谱 鸳鸯秘谱 v1.0.0



Egypt Egypt v1.0

Interesting application that describes basic facts about Egypt and the pyramids.
Perfect for passionate fans of Egypt and pyramids.
And for those who want to learn something new about this Ancient civilization.
Egypt and pyramids facts and info


鲁迅全集 鲁迅全集 v1.0.2

Lu Xun Essays
Lu Xun (simplified Chinese: 鲁迅; traditional Chinese: 魯迅; pinyin: Lǔ Xùn) or Lu Hsün (Wade-Giles), was the pen name of Zhou Shuren (simplified Chinese: 周树人; traditional Chinese: 周樹人;


Cataclysm Cataclysm v1.1

Read, Choose, Survive!

A short book where you can decide your destination. Your life in your hands and you should make right decisions. Try to learn something and use it. Everything can be useful if cataclysm happens.
Two languages: English and Russian.
This is book-game.


Credit Card Society Credit Card Society v1.0.4

Need help and advice with your credit card debt? This may be the eBook for you with a wealth of useful advice on how to go about eliminating your credit card debts


Impossible Is Just A Word Impossible Is Just A Word v1.0.4

Do you feel your life is going nowhere? Use this free self improvement guide to increase your self-esteem and improve your outlook on life.


笑话集中营 笑话集中营 v1.0.3

Joke Concentration Camp
The "joke concentration camp“ contains 9150 jokes, including: Avanti jokes, celebrity jokes, love jokes, foreign jokes, ancient jokes, modern jokes, Internet jokes ...



唐诗三百首 唐诗三百首 v1.0.5




Tarzan Collection Tarzan Collection v1.0

Do you like Tarzan books? This application with Tarzan books is made for you, so you can enjoy reading on your andriod phone for free!


Winnetou Winnetou v1.0

Download the Winnetou collection app and read your favorite books for free! Please note that these books are in German language.


Oscar Wild's Books Oscar Wild's Books v1.0

If you love Oscar Wild's books, you have an opportunity to download this app for free and enjoy reading the books of this beautiful collection!


Jack London's Books Jack London's Books v1.0

Jack London collection a great free application with the most popular books of Jack London.


Sisters Bronte Collection Sisters Bronte Collection v1.0

The best free app with the collection of the most popular books of sisters Bronte!


Tolstoy's Books Tolstoy's Books v1.0

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