The Debaucher The Debaucher v1.0

The Debaucher, Jason Camlot's third collection of poetry, walks an oscillating lyrical tightrope between realms of cosmopolitan sophistication and ribald hilarity.


Abundantly Simple Abundantly Simple v1.0

Abundantly Simple is a brilliantly funny response to the enormously popular and saccharine-sweet bestseller Simple Abundance.


Why We Go To Zoos Why We Go To Zoos v2.0

Leznoff's poems drop hints and A-bombs with equal aplomb.


Exstatic Almanac: A Book of Daze Exstatic Almanac: A Book of Daze v2.0

Slam poetry that celebrates the 365 days a year.


Asthmatica Asthmatica v2.0

Asthmatica is the first collection of comedic fiction from critically acclaimed poet.


I Am an Artist I Am an Artist v2.0

An artist describes finding natural beauty in the world around us.