JournaLuke JournaLuke v2.4

Instant notification of new entries in LiveJournal


Financial Fair Play Financial Fair Play v1.0

This app give you a insight into the latest news of Financial Fair Play in Football.


Analog Clock Analog Clock v1.0

Simple analog clock


Financial Overview Financial Overview v1.1

With the help of Financial Overview you will now know at everytime how much money you've got left to spend.


مذكرة مذكرة v1.0

برنامج المذكرة بسيط جدا لتدوين المذكرات اليومية


Milk 2.2 Milk 2.2 v180206

Delivery App for Milk Round Software. Suitable for delivery of products (Milk etc) on a daily or weekly basis. Take your delivery data with you.

Suitable for Milk Delivery, Van Sales etc.
Use with MR8_for_Win.exe


Blackout Bingo Tracker Blackout Bingo Tracker v1.0.03

Keeping track of multiple land based bingo hall paper cards purchases is possible with this software. Not a game.


2012 Pro Baseball 2012 Pro Baseball v1.0

Up-to-the-minute news and stats for baseball in the major league.

One tap takes you to the "2012 Major League Baseball season" Wikipedia page, the "2012 World Series" Wikipedia page, and the MLB web site (switch via option menu). Get up-to-the-minute news, stats, points, teams, schedule, play-offs, and World Series.

Place it on your Android home to gain one tap access. This app is a must have for all baseball fans.


Gold Price Malaysia Gold Price Malaysia v1.4

Monitor all virtual gold prices in Malaysia, including Maybank Gold Investment Account, Public Bank Gold Investment Account and Kuwait Finance House Gold Account-i. Also physical gold, Kijang, Public Gold, Dinar Kelantan and UOB Gold.


Norma Easy Law Norma Easy Law v1.0

NORMA, quotidiano on line di informazione giuridica, è un servizio di Nuvola It Easy law, il cloud computing di Telecom Italia.
L’applicazione ti consente di leggere gratuitamente gli abstract di ciascuna notizia di NORMA e, se connessa ad un abbonamento, di consultare il quotidiano nella sua modalità integrale.


خدمات سريعة خدمات سريعة v1.0

لتوفير الوقت و الجهد ، يمكنك و بشكل سريع:

1 : شحن الرصيد
2 : فحص الرصيد
3 : ارسال (اتصل بي)
4 : الاتصال على حساب شخص آخر باستخدام *199*


AquaCalc AquaCalc v1.2

Calculator for all aquarium enthusiasts!!!


Tip TraQ Pro Tip TraQ Pro v3.0.1 (Beta)

Keep Track of Your Cash Income


Aboulfotoh News Aboulfotoh News v0.52.13339.24292

Aboulfotoh campaign for the presidential elections of Egyptian
حملة أبوالفتوح للانتخابات الرئاسية لمصر


SpeedUp SpeedUp v1.0

Make your Internet faster! Speed up your Net! SpeedUp!


Dollar Widget Dollar Widget v1.0.0

Cool gradient dollar widget on your desktop.


Game PromoBox Game PromoBox v1.5.3

Game PromoBox gets you all Video Game Deals from all major online stores and giveaways of your favorite game.


Diamond Widget Diamond Widget v1.0.0

Beautiful diamond on your desktop.


Happy Easter Widget Happy Easter Widget v1.0

Nice 'Happy Easter!' greeting widget.


The Sports Headquarters The Sports Headquarters v1.0.4

Stay up to date with sports news and opinions from The Sports Headquarters. Unique quality sports opinions that don't follow the company line.