4Sport Pic 1 Word 4Sport Pic 1 Word v1.41

It is 4 Sport Foto 1 Word!
If you love sport you should test yourself in this 4 foto 1 word game!
Look at four pictures and guess what's is the sport in common!


Color Match Color Match v1.1

The objective of the game is to change all red tiles into green.

The game has 60 levels.

This is a challenging games because when you change a tile color its adjacent tiles will also change colors.


Brain Exerciser Brain Exerciser v1.3

It is simple and addictive memory game.
A great game to exercise your memory !


MP Carnival add-on MP Carnival add-on v4.02

Some of the most colorful events in the world is are carnivals. In this jigsaw puzzle add-on for Mega Puzzle we have gathered 100+ beautiful pictures.


MP Harley Davidson add-on MP Harley Davidson add-on v5.02

Harleys is a Puzzle Pack for Mega Puzzle. It contains a large selection of pictures with the COOLEST bikes ever.


MP Hot Cars add-on MP Hot Cars add-on v4.02

Hot cars is an add-on puzzle pack for Mega Puzzle


MP Cute Animals add-on MP Cute Animals add-on v5.03

Cute Animals is a Puzzle Packs for Mega Puzzle:
Cute animals- You want to cuddle and hug them


MP Cute Puppies add-on MP Cute Puppies add-on v1.01

Cute Puppies is a Puzzle Pack for Mega Puzzle. It contains a large selection of pictures with the LOVELIEST puppies ever.


Cat Faces Cat Faces v1.0.1

A game for cat and arcade lovers.


Kids Slide Puzzle Kids Slide Puzzle v1.1

The Kids Slide Puzzle is a funny and educational puzzle, ideal for kids


MP Cute Kittens add-on MP Cute Kittens add-on v2.03

Cute Kittens is a Puzzle Pack for Mega Puzzle. It contains a large selection of pictures with the SWEETEST kittens ever.


MP Mega Puzzle MP Mega Puzzle v1.14


Get ready for the new, challenging and fun Mega Puzzle, which is now out on SlideME!


Puzzle Puzzle v1.0

Discover the enriched first puzzle with four game modes adapted to your age.

With puzzle, test your skills in geometry, mathematics and your speed with the illustrations of your kid-ebooks!


RE Basement RE Basement v1.0.0

Trapped in a filthy basement... Doesn't seem like a place to spend your day. Use your escaping skill to find your way out and don't forget to close the door after you!


RE Floors RE Floors v1.0.0

Welcome escaper! This time you find yourself locked in a room with an elevator door. Could it be the mysterious 101th floor your great grandfather used to tell stories about?


Split Maze Split Maze v1.2.1

Have you ever wanted to navigate through a maze that has been cut in 4 pieces and those pieces were rearranged? Than this is the game for you!


RE Apartment RE Apartment v1.0.0

Do you have it what it takes to escape the apartement locked with six different keys? And guess what - you don't have any of them!


Logo Puzzle Quiz Logo Puzzle Quiz v5.3

The puzzle version of the popular Logo quiz. If you like Logo quiz and puzzles, than you will love: Logo Puzzle Quiz. A very relaxing puzzle game with lots of different logo and brands! Just try it.


Cute Puzzle Puppies Cute Puzzle Puppies v2.1.1

Stacks of cute puppies locked away in a series of puzzles. It's your job to set these Cute Puppies free! Rotate and re-arrange the puzzle tiles to unlock each picture. As you solve each puzzle, more puzzles will become unlocked and the picture added to your gallery of Cute Puppies.


RuneLegend RuneLegend v2.4.1

A classic Match-3 game launch on Android Market.
Your goal is to defeat evil demons, pass the legend worlds and try to collect runes as many as you can in each level.

How to play:
1: Match 3 or more identical jewels runes
2: Match the jewels runes until the goal scores and the demon may appear.
3: Complete the mission in each level.
4: Defeat the evil if the demon appears.
Tips: Eliminate the runes quickly can get extra scores.