Health & Fitness

Diabetes Vue Diabetes Vue v1.3

Diabetes Vue is a powerful diabetes management app, helping you to obtain better control of your diabetes by tracking key data that you can view in a journal or on graphs, send to your doctor, use to compute statistics, and much more.


iContraception iContraception v1.1

Contraception info for health-care providers


In Season In Season v1.0

Android produce app for US growth seasons of produce


Diet Planner Diet Planner v1.2

Diet Planner is a free dieting tool that allows Android users to search and log nutritional food data, popular exercises, as well as track their weight loss, all while on the go.


BMI Calculator BMI Calculator v1.0

Calculate your BMI


Alcotest Alcotest v1.1

The application indicates the approximate time of complete elimination of alcohol from the body.


Diet moon calendar Diet moon calendar v1.01

With The moon phases you can lose weight up to 3 pounds per week. The most important things is the right time for eat less and drink more. In time of full moon you must drink only water. Just water without any other food within 24 hours. Diet moon calendar application help you planing your diet and informed you every day about daily food and moon phases.


Fitness Calculator Fitness Calculator v1.2.1

Fast and easy calculations for your health and fitness


BeHealthy BeHealthy v1.1

With the application Healthy can know your body mass index and whether it is right or not. Guests are able also cantiad know how much water is recommended daily for your weight. It has a section of advice on water and how and when to drink it.


WhatPills Free WhatPills Free v1.8

WhatPills.NFC Medication Assistant.
The idea of the application is very simple and the way to use it even more : To manage your medication just by tapping your medicines with the smartphone and listening to them.


Relax Baby Relax Baby v1.0

Sounds for colic and baby gas.


Easy Abs Easy Abs v1.0

Time to get into shape! New Ab Fitness Program! Take on the Challenge!


Easy Abs Easy Abs v1.1

It’s fun, it’s challenging you don’t have to go to the gym but do expect to reap the benefits and feel the results. Personal Ab Trainer


Pilates On The Go Pilates On The Go v2.0

Beautifully designed exercises from preparatory techniques to more advanced sequences.


Home Remedies Home Remedies v1.2

Guide to natural home remedies from the folk medicine for health and beauty.


Natural Remedies Natural Remedies v4.0

Learn all that you need to know to treat 100 common health problems. Equip your medicine cabinet with the ten most essential natural remedies.


Diabetes Management Diabetes Management v1.3

Using this app you can keep track of all the medicine, glucose readings, insulin readings, pulse, weight, hemoglobin and many more data in organized format.


Calories Burned Calculator Calories Burned Calculator v5.14

This app is useful to calculate and estimate your energy (calories) spending on daily activities, exercises etc.


Office Buzz Office Buzz v1.2

Alarm clock for workaholics. Reminds you to make little breaks in work regulary.


Better Body Pilates Better Body Pilates v6.0

Get in shape with Better Body: Pilates.the precision and quality of your workout rather than the quantity of repititions you can learn to workout.