Fun & Games

TripeaksCards TripeaksCards v1.20

Simple solitaire game (yes, one more ;) ! )


Cookie Adventure Cookie Adventure v1.0.37

Help hero to gather all cookies, dropped all over sugar world.


SlideMyTiles! SlideMyTiles! v1.0.7

SlideMyTiles! is a version of the classic sliding n-puzzle games (the most known are 8-puzzle and 15-puzzle).

Slide the tiles to complete the picture or to sort the numbers, but do it in the right way and as quickly as you can to get the higher score.

You can play with pictures or numbers, with puzzles from 3x3 to 10x10 pieces.


Math Is Fun Math Is Fun v1.3

Cheerful mathematical game for kids is waiting for you. Inside the game there are no advertisements and there are no purchases. The game designed specifically for children. The game is completely safe for kids.

There is a conundrum in each level. Each conundrum contains a few empty gaps. Player should fill them to finish the level. There are multiple solutions in each level. The colorful stamps are your reward. Each solution is equivalent to one stamp.


Chibi Fantasy Quest Chibi Fantasy Quest v1.1

Chibi Fantasy Quest is an Action RPG game. Dive into dangerous dungeons with unique chibi characters.


The L.B.H. The L.B.H. v2.3.0

A free postapocalyptic game.


Tank Battle Tank Battle v1.0

Prepare for a real battle with Tank Battle 3D: World War II. Get to the battlefield! Many World War II Tanks to choose from. Choose what side you on: Soviets, Nazy or Americans. Gain gold on every mission by destroying enemies, you get the cost of tanks you take down. Use gold to upgrade your tank or buy tank you want. There are many power-ups to choose from.


Frisbee® 2 Frisbee® 2 v1.3.5f

Welcome back to the universe of Frisbee® Forever!


SwipeMe SwipeMe v1.4

How long can you survive on the road full of cars ?


RaceTrak RaceTrak v1.1

The BEST and ONLY analysis tool for MD Lottery Racetrax®!


UltraBox UltraBox v1.1

UltraBox - A fantastic new 3D puzzle game, color matching but in 3 dimensions.


Fast Hockey Fast Hockey v1.0.1

This app is a realistic physics and fun air hockey game.
Challenge yourself with your friends on the same device or the computer opponents.


Funny Suns Funny Suns v1.3

An explosive mix of a platformer and a runner. Be quick! Draw on the screen!


Mind-Sensus Mind-Sensus v2.02

The game of recognition and concentration!


Kids Xylophone Kids Xylophone v1.0

Xylophone - is a musical instrument for kids.


Stay On The Line Stay On The Line v1.0

Stay on the Line is a fun, elegant and simple finger-runner


Soggy and the Zombie Cakes Soggy and the Zombie Cakes v1.0

Roll, jump, shoot and get 3 stars


Rogue River Rogue River v1.0

Raft across the river and conquer the wild waters!


Modern Space Galaxy Defender Modern Space Galaxy Defender v1.0

Defend the Galaxy from the invading forces and become the Guardian of the Galaxy


Circle Zap Circle Zap v1.0

Circle Zap is an epic challenge! Move clockwise around the circle, as fast as you can with your finger. Avoid the generated obstacles, and score a point for each lap. Race the purple time-out line, with your finger controlled zap which must not hit any obstacles or walls.