Fun & Games

Snakes and Ladders Snakes and Ladders v2.4

Slot Machines by Toftwood Creations. (Snakes and Ladders Version).


Smile in New York Smile in New York v1.1

For all New Yorkers. Don't let the big city bring you down. Just go for a walk and maybe catch a smile, or catch a song. You may catch a movie, but be careful not to catch a cold :)


Beyond Pool Beyond Pool v1.04

Release the ball to make it fall into the hole. Become the Champion!


My Baby (Virtual Pet) My Baby (Virtual Pet) v1.4

"My Baby Virtual Pet" is an application that simulates the life of a one cute and little baby. The idea of the application is to give to your baby what it needs: food (milk), to play with him, bathe him when is dirty, to talk sweetly to him and put it to sleep when he want's to sleep.


Shoot The Bouncing Balls Shoot The Bouncing Balls v0.0.1

Shoot The Bouncing Balls

This is a fun game and has 30 levels. If you like arcade games you will like this game as well. Everyone can play this game.


IncredibleCube IncredibleCube v2.0.7

A game for those who possess a special trait, want to know what? Play the game


Sensitivity Sensitivity v1.5

Let's test your sensitivity!


Hexa block Puzzle Hexa block Puzzle v1.3

Hexa Block Puzzle

"Hexa Block Puzzle" is different from the normal square puzzle.
The match using a hexagon block puzzle game.


Pac Snake 2 Pac Snake 2 v1.02

Pac Snake 2

A fun mixture of Snake and PacMan.

This is the offical follow to Pac Snake (by Cheesy Games UK)

Beta 1.


Prom Girl - Dress Up Prom Girl - Dress Up v1.04

Are you ready for the prom party, girls? You have been dreaming for this prom night for weeks and now that it is so close. Starting with your look, of course! "Prom Girl" dress up game is here for you and you just have to check out a wide variety of sophisticated, sparkling prom dresses, glamorous hairstyles and precious looking jewelries and let yourself be inspired by this prom girl's wardrobe!


Candy Bang Mania Candy Bang Mania v1.0.1

Candy Bang Mania is the new casual hit game that perfectly combines puzzle and action in a magical candy-coated package that you just can’t resist.


Hologram Reaction Hologram Reaction v1.2

Game to improve your memory, reaction and attention


FruitKungfuPro FruitKungfuPro v2.0.5.9

Fruit is up for Ninja Kungfu fight.Slash it in fruit slice & unlock achievements
The Best Fruit Slice game now on android market. Highly addictive, full of fun and action packed game.


Zombie Smasher Free Zombie Smasher Free v1.0.3

Zombie Smasher is the addicting and entertaining game.

Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town! Those undead creatures are back.


Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em! Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em! v1.3.1

Got 2 minutes? Why not use it to kill zombies in our fun, casual shooting game!


Rococo Ragdoll Rococo Ragdoll v1.0

Customize your Ragdoll, challenge yourself in multiple game modes & environments


Dungeon Puzzle Masters Dungeon Puzzle Masters v1.0

"Dungeon puzzle masters" is a wildly addictive match-3 puzzle game!
Tap on 3 or more cubes to make them burst, try to score as many points as you can!


Cartoon Zombie Shooter Cartoon Zombie Shooter v1.0.5

Those bloody zombies want to eat the last soldier in the camp.. defend yourself!


Catch a Note - Family - Free Catch a Note - Family - Free v1.0.4

Platform game with the heart in your throat and the feeling of being pursued.


Cover Quiz Cover Quiz v2.0

You think you know everything about music ? What about jackets ?? Those album covers that have many meanings, emotional, motivational or just awkward. Try to find what song or artist is hiding under those blurry jackets.