Fun & Games

Boo and Woo Boo and Woo v1.0.3

Help Boo & Woo stay happy. Jump! Eat! Jump and eat!


TriMemory TriMemory v1.10

Improve your visual memory to the next level pairing three cards of a kind.


Diamond Swipe Diamond Swipe v1.0.15

Diamond Swipe! The best gem swiping game on Android!
Make the longest chain possible and compete against your friends.
Take advantage of spectacular power-ups at your disposal and unlock chests
to get magic items.
Match at least 2 diamonds by swiping over them with your finger. The more diamonds
you match together the bigger the bonus.


Fifteen Puzzle Fifteen Puzzle v2.6.3

Place the 15 numbered square tiles in the correct order by moving them using the empty space. Several stones in a row or column can be moved together.


Graph Puzzles Graph Puzzles v1.5.3

Graph Puzzles is a series of logical games. Graphs with a various number of nodes are used as the playing field.


Knight Raid Knight Raid v1.9.4

Find a route for the chess knight to visit each of the chess board fields once.


Quake Quake v1.0.4

Quake, the ground breaking FPS. Spectacular 3d graphics & sound


Pool Break Pro Pool Break Pro v2.3.1

- Realistic 3D Pool games
- Online Multiplayer support
- Online Chat
- US 8 and 9 Ball Pool
- 10-Ball, 6-Ball, 3-Ball Pool
- UK 8 Ball Pool
- Straight Pool
- Snooker
- One Pocket Pool
- Carom Billiards
- Just Place-n-Shoot Pool
- Pool Drill
- Regular and Hexagonal Tables
- Carrom
- Crokinole


English 4 Kids Prem English 4 Kids Prem v226

Program for children to learn English vocabulary.Children can learn many words that will help them later in the school having taken ease with the English vocabulary.
The vocabulary of English is very simple and is suitable for young children in elementary, or even secondary education and that will help them learn pronunciation of many words.


Talisman Prologue HD Talisman Prologue HD v1.0.5527

30 years young, the prologue to the seminal fantasy adventure board game now available!


Car Wash Car Wash v1.0.3

Oh my god, this great car is so dirty.
Help clean this car now!


Color Mix Paint Color Mix Paint v1.3

Mix colors and paint beautiful funny drawings. Learn to mix colors into new ones.


ABC Puzzle for Smart Kids ABC Puzzle for Smart Kids v1.5

ABC Puzzle for Smart Kids is an educational puzzle game for kids that will enhance the kid’s brain development through fun.


Klad-2 Klad-2 v1.14

Collect all the treasure chests, avoid green men and do not fall into the water.


Neurons! Neurons! v1.1.8

★ Get into the nervous system and form the longest neural network. ★

Neurons! is a fast tapping game in which you have to connect neurons
in order to progress.

Your range diminishes quickly so you need to make your decisions
as fast as possible.

Use special neurons to your advantage and beat enemy neural networks.


Drag Racing Drag Racing v1.0

3D Drag racing game with HD Graphics.


Friscus' Workshop Demo Friscus' Workshop Demo v1.0

The Ultimate Assembly Puzzle


Horse Runner Horse Runner v1.2.0

How far can you reach until you fall?


Tetropia Tetropia v1.0.4

Tetropia is a game for all the fans of the classic puzzles of all ages looking for a clean and modern interface.


InterPop InterPop v1.2

Pop and Score!