Fun & Games

Monsters And Dungeons Monsters And Dungeons v1.0.1

Addictive and FREE match-3 puzzle gameplay with classic monster-collecting RPG fun!


Sniper Sniper v1.12

A virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread like wildfire around the city.


Shape Toddler Puzzle Shape Toddler Puzzle v1.1

Shape Toddler Puzzle is a casual, cute shape matching game your child will love.


Wordoku Frenzy Wordoku Frenzy vv6

Play Wordoku Frenzy. A new colorful twist on Sudoku with words.


RollingMaze RollingMaze v1.1

A puzzle game in which u have to rotate the maze for a ball to reach its goal.


ZxynetDroid ZxynetDroid v1.1.0

Multiple Neural Net Artificial Intelligence,
Specialized for text analysis and thought exploration.


Year Quiz Year Quiz v1.0

Fine, you know your IQ, but what about your YQ?


Shuffle my memory Shuffle my memory v1.0

Shuffle my memory is a game that helps improve your memory and attention.


Dig Dash Mania Dig Dash Mania v1.02

Dig to incredible depths in this fantastic adventure. Guide Digger through a colorful labyrinth of ever shifting caverns. Collect valuable gems and critical air supplies along your journey as you navigate to the bottom! A digtastic adventure filled with ground shaking excitement!


Candy Zombie Candy Zombie v1.2

Candy Zombie is a game based on a match-3, the interface is designed includes the zombie theme and attractive levels.


Pac Fun Pac Fun v2.08

Race into a world of mazes, collecting keys to open the exit.
Pac Fun is the ultimate pac-man alternative, offering dozens of levels with teleporters, snakes and smarter enemies that... even spit fire. Control your hero using screen swipes. Collect all keys to open the exit. Once the exit is open, you can either race to the exit or obtain all gifts to win a 5-star rating.


Pony Pegasus Pony Pegasus v1.3

Great FREE Game: Little Pony Pegasus - Mega Journey
HD graphics, universal support for both tablet and phone.
You can play with many unique little ponies.

Help the little pony Pegasus to collect gems and ransom her friends.
Pegasus has to run, fly, avoid many challenging obstacles and collect gems.
With collected gems you can unlock magical powers and other little ponies or unicorns that you can play with.


Pony Moni Pony Moni v1.1

Little Moni the Pony is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay.
Help the cute little pony Moni run and fly through the magical forest in а quest to save her friends.
Enjoy this exciting, fast paced addictive and fun action runner game featuring an incredibly cute and pretty little pony.


Atomic Cookie Atomic Cookie v1.1

Control the cutest cookie ever and take him above the clouds!


Dora Tries Something New Dora Tries Something New v1.0.8

Team PlanetDressUp presents Dora Tries Something Cute, a dress-up game with over 470 thousand possible combinations! Dora went shopping, now she has a lot of cute clothes to try! Dora gathered the cutest clothes she found, now its time to test them all! Choose her top, bottom, hair, shoes, accessories and even her facial expression has she tries all her new clothes.


Mikado Mikado v1.1

Mikado is THE world-renowned game of skill involving wooden sticks.

The original! The international no. 1 hit is finally available on Android!


MoonShine Rabbits MoonShine Rabbits v1.10

Help the Angry Daddy get rid of the Moonshine Rabbits.


Bubble Blast Rescue Bubble Blast Rescue v1.0.6

Help save the Bubble Blast from horrible enemies who are keeping them hostage on remote islands!

Set in stunning 3D environment, your job will be to throw Bubble Blast at enemies and push them into the surroundings water.


Bubble Blast Saint Patrick's Day Bubble Blast Saint Patrick's Day v2.0.4

Bubble Blast Saint Patrick's Day Edition!

Let's celebrate Saint Patrick's day with a brand new version of the Bubble Blast Series.

According to legend, Saint Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish people.

Bubble Blast Saint Patrick's day is a puzzle game in which you burst a shamrock, a pot of gold, an Irish hat or a balloon to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.


Bubble Blast Valentine Bubble Blast Valentine v2.0.4

Let's celebrate love and affection this Valentine season with a brand new version of the Bubble Blast Series.

Bubble Blast Valentine is a puzzle game in which you burst a valentine heart to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.