Fun & Games

Polygon Flight Polygon Flight v1.0.12

Space fighting game. Small,Light. Fast play with numerous waves of enemies in trivial time. For real game/console player.


Gem Miner: Dig Deeper Gem Miner: Dig Deeper v1.3.2

Explore a huge mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune!


Tetra Swing Tetra Swing v1.0.3

A new take on classic block puzzle tetris. Gameplay is similar to tetris combined with flappy bird (control style).


Colorix: Play and Learn Lite Colorix: Play and Learn Lite v6

Colorix - unique puzzle for all ages(0+)!


Colorix: Play and Learn Colorix: Play and Learn v6

Colorix - full version of unique puzzle for all ages(0+)!


City Defender City Defender v0.9.2

This is simple game about railroad cars.
You must defend city from invaders.


Hit The Bubbles Hit The Bubbles v1.2

Hit the Bubbles!is a fast-paced game, which challenges your reflexes and speed.


PipPop PipPop v1.0

Experience the oceanic puzzle adventure in Pip Pop now!!
Welcome to the Fantastic Ocean world! The little blue Hippocampus named Pop is a brave explorer and wants to discover the Mysterious Ocean with you


Maths Per Minute Maths Per Minute v1.0001

How quick can you solve simple maths? Use Maths Per Minute to find out!


Cowboys Game Cowboys Game v1.1

FREE Cowboys Game for android devices. A fast and intense western defense game.


Zombie Fall 2 Zombie Fall 2 v1.0.2

Welcome to ZF2: Zombie Fall 2!
Collect the candy and avoid the obstacles!


Jump Boy : Jungle Adventure Jump Boy : Jungle Adventure v1.0.0

Jimbo, with the help of his faithful friend Jumpy, will climb to the top of the jungle to defeat the beast and free his friend.


Marble Jewel Shooter Marble Jewel Shooter v1.0

Shooting gorgeous Marble Jewels, the match-3 style game! Easy to play, hard to stop.


fourlegs fourlegs v1.4.0

Jump higher with the grace of your best!
This unpresented style of 'Art jumping' game will feed your eyes, so keep your eyes opened!


The Robolution Day The Robolution Day v2.0

Fast action game. Destroy the robots and keep the scientist away.


Monster Truck Madness Monster Truck Madness v1.1


Race through many worlds in fantastic MONSTER TRUCK

Excellent Gameplay, nice sounds and Wonderful Music during a game

Good Luck


TropicalTreasures2 TropicalTreasures2 v5.0

The tropical themed gem matching game!


Sheepless Nights Sheepless Nights v2.7.1

"Sheepless Nights -The Fun Way to Test Your Mathematical Skills!" - AskYourAndroid
"Let your kids study math easy with this relaxing game" - AppEggs

This game doesn't feature any outgoing links, in-game shopping and annoying advertisements. It is safe for kids!

Currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Polish.


Lost and Found Lost and Found v15.0.0

PlayHOG presents Lost and Found, a Hidden Object game


Big Barn Big Barn v1.0.0

PlayHOG presents Big Barn, a Hidden Object Game with 400 objects.