Fun & Games

Pumpkin Link Halloween Pumpkin Link Halloween v1.0.8

Link the Pumpkins together to form chains.
You have to link all the pumpkins of the same color that are attached to each other with
one straight line.

Make longer chains to receive special items and earn abilities to reload, throw bombs or
release bats!


Shogun Shogun v1.2.13

Shogun is a shoot’em up inspired by japanese arcade games of the 90’s.


Farm Tractor Racing Farm Tractor Racing v1.1.9

Welcome to the farm lands where tractors rule the streets.
Meet Sawyer. A true farmer, tractor enthusiast and stuntman.
Race the bumpy roads, smash through crates, barrels and many other obstacles.

Upgrade your tractor, improve your results and compare them with your friends.
Perform stunts to get air time bonuses, but take care of Sawyer as he may fly off the tractor.


Run 'em over Run 'em over v1.1.22


Start your engine and run 'em over!

A strange obelisk is turning people into zombies!
You need to reach it and save humankind.

Earn cash to upgrade your vehicle and drive through a horde of zombies.
Unlock new vehicles by reaching checkpoints.


Duck Hunter Duck Hunter v1.0.1

Duck hunting season has begun, immediately grab your gun and start shooting


Hexen II Hexen II v1.0.6

Hexen II the legendary first person shooter for the PC brought to your device in single or multi player modes, plus all your favorite characters.


Bubble Bubble v1.1.2

Plop bubbles with you infant/toddler.


Run or Die - free Run or Die - free v1.0

Run or die trying.

Hungry horde is ready to eat you for the lunch. It's run or die. You also have to look for treasure on old sailor's island.


Unicorn Pet Unicorn Pet v1.4.5

Become a guardian of a magic unicorn!


Pocket Bowling 3D Pocket Bowling 3D v2.0

Pocket Bowling 3D brings you the best bowling action for your device on the Slideme Store.


Rainbow Lines FREE Rainbow Lines FREE v1.0.22

Build a Rainbow!


Tower Defense: Sweets Rush Tower Defense: Sweets Rush v1.0.2

Classic tower defend game themed by funny insects!
Super attractive gameplay!


Icy Challenge Icy Challenge v1.0.2

Icy challenge is a new game based on Biliard game.
in Icy challenge instead of cue stick you can hit balls with touching and dragging them.

game has 3 different modes:

Challenge mode: this mode has 20 different challenges which you should pass.
Free mode: this mode is for recording new highScores.
Two player: in this mode two players can compete with each other.


Codexia Codexia v1.0.10

Codexia is a free version of the classic breakout, arkanoid style game. The game combines the classic brick breaker arcade game with a refreshed and modern user interface. Codexia also is designed with an easy game-play optimized for touch devices.


ShipCaptainNCrew ShipCaptainNCrew v1.0.6

A pirate themed version of the Ship, Captain & Crew dice game with no ads


ShipCaptainNCrewFree ShipCaptainNCrewFree v1.0.10

Free version of Pirate themed Ship, Captain, and Crew with ads


Linked Jewels Linked Jewels v1.0.4

LINK the JEWELS by swiping over them with your finger.
Match at least 2 similar jewels to clear them, match more to earn bigger bonuses.
Use the power of magic stones to perform special moves and clear more jewels at the same time.

Compete against other players, build up your ranking and get all the achievements.

[This game was made as part of a challenge to build a game in a week. You can read about it in the blog at]


Save my toys Save my toys v1.5.2

Can you save your toys?
Challenging physics puzzle game. 100 levels. Full free and 100% safe.
★★★★★ "Excellent game, great brain teaser" - Games review
★★★★★ "Not easy and addictive, a real discovery" - Game magazine
★★★★★ "So adorable" - Our moms


Blackjack Blackjack v1.0.4

Enjoy the best Blackjack on a simple way and totally free!


Blink & Miss Blink & Miss v1.0

Just keep bouncing the ball on the moving platforms and try to go as farther as you can.