Fun & Games

Block Runner Block Runner v1.0

Run Block Runner, Run!!! All your favorite running, jumping, turning and sliding, with hostile exploding blocks, enemies, pits and other hazards. How far can you run? How many cubes can you collect?


Halloween Lantern Halloween Lantern v1.0

Make a Halloween Pumpkin Lantern and send it to your friends!


Catch Craze Catch Craze v1.0

Catch as many fruits as you can! Catch Craze is a fun and enjoyable!


Fruit Pop Fruit Pop v1.0

Tap and draw a line to collect fruits. The more fruits you clear the better score and bonus features you will receive. Some levels require you to clear special blocks.
You only have a certain amount of moves for each level. Clear the level quick and receive bonus items.


Island Racing Lite Island Racing Lite v1.0.1

You can crash and smash everything on your way! Fly high and far, win the stunt race! Survive, win the challenge and buy new car, engine, brakes. Personalise your vehicle and select favorite color. Play in different locations.


Missing Numbers Missing Numbers v1.0

Missing Numbers is an easy and engaging number counting game for preschoolers and kindergartners.


Flobeey Flobeey v1.0.9

Flobeey dobeey doo!

Flobeey is a nice and addictive game for all ages, with the following features:
- Easy to play ... tapping on the screen will be enough.
- It's totally free ... you don't have to buy anything.
- With cool ranks to compare yourself with your friends.


Παίζω Με Το Νηπιαγωγείο Παίζω Με Το Νηπιαγωγείο v3.1

Toddlers have fun and learn in a Greek Educational Application


Easy Craft Easy Craft v1.0

KLAP brings one more easy way to teach crafts to your children.


Jungle Bike Jungle Bike v1.0.0

Realistic and addictive physic bike game


Miner Mayhem Miner Mayhem v1.0

Pickaxe ready? Coal, iron, gold & diamond! 7 Miners to unlock! Getcha' chop!


World of Insanity World of Insanity v1.1.1

world of Insanity is an ever evolving, strategy game


Save My Cat Save My Cat v1.2.1

Save my cat! My cats, and others, are trapped inside a burning building. They will be jumping out in bunches short. Your duty is to guide the firemen to break their fall and lead them to the ambulance. How many cats can YOU save?


[Parcube] [Parcube] v1.0

Imagine a world in wich cubes do parkour...[Parcube]


Skater Kid Skater Kid v1.0

Greatest Skating adventure!!!

Jump, Flip or Stunt in the air, feel like flying.

Simple yet highly addictive, suitable for all ages.

Skater kid brings you never ending fun experience you will never forget.

- 60 levels of fun
- survival mode
- compete with your friends on facebook
- do cool stunts
- online leaderboards


Kids Fun Favorites Kids Fun Favorites v1.0

Tap into the pool of delightful apps specially designed for your little ones.


Pup Tap Pup Tap v1.0

Pup Tap, and exciting puppy themed match game.


Zombie Bomber Zombie Bomber v1.0

Zombie Bomber a retro Zombie kills humans themed bomb game.


Space Raider Elite Space Raider Elite v1.4

Retro Horizontal Space Shooter Game


Diagonal Flow Diagonal Flow v1.1

The re-invented flow puzzle! In this flow puzzle you have to use diagonal lines to connect all points with the same color. Don't break the flow by crossing lines with different color and fill all cells.

The download of this app is for free and no special permissions are needed for this app!