Fun & Games

BWGnuGo BWGnuGo v2.0.0

GnuGo Go-playing engine plugin for BW-Go


Comic Stickers Comic Stickers v15.4.15

Decorate pictures like a comic and make funny photos with stickers


Shape Puzzle Assemble Shape Puzzle Assemble v0.1.6

Assemble the puzzle to show the hidden image. Jigsaw puzzler with a twist.


Find frozen princesses Find frozen princesses v15.4.8

Find frozen princesses
Games to discover princess drawings in the ice kingdom
If your daughter loves princesses, then this is her ideal app. We are specialists in creating apps that help the imagination’s development and that stimulate the creativity of babies and toddlers. Download this app and have fun with your little princess.


BW-DGS BW-DGS v1.4.0

Dragon Go Server plugin for BW-Go


Shattering Shattering v1.0

The world behind you is collapsing! Is this the end? It's up to you! RUN!


BW-Go BW-Go v4.6.4

SGF editor with built-in Joseki dictionary, supporting plugins


Glow Racer Glow Racer v1.0.3

GlowRacer is a FUN 2D Traffic Car Speed Racing Game to set Record Scores.


Air Traffic Control Air Traffic Control v1.0

In Air Traffic Control there is an opportunity for you to become best Air Traffic Controller as you have got all the commands for Air traffic and with numerous and vivid Flights, Air craft’s and Choppers.


pbchess pbchess v2015.04

Chess training program. Includes tactics, chess openings, endings training, playing with computer, analysing ...


Crashtest Hero Crashtest Hero v1.0.5

Explore crazy and freaking parallel universes with your motocross bike!


Elements Wizard Elements Wizard v1

Defend your cities, master new spells and summon allies to win the battle.


Burning Ball Burning Ball v1.0

This classic arkanoid game now boasts 3D graphics and bright effects!


Whisper of Wind Whisper of Wind v1.12

Flying on windy sky, flying in dreams youth. You will see that memories in WHISPER OF WIND


Rainbow Candy Jump Rainbow Candy Jump v1.0.0

Meets a sweet jumper, avoids the ghosts enemies and get the maximum number of candies in this funny jumper game.


Use the accelerometer and control the directions in an intuitive way.
Collect candies with different colours.
Avoid the enemies or you cannot keep jumping.
Different types of platforms
Amazing and colorful graphics.
Game where everyone can play. Only a few will dominate it.
Get the best score and beat yourself.


Gem Run Gem Run v1.01.3

How Many Can YOU Collect?


ProjectA ProjectA v1.0.0

Bright and fun arcade game where you have to shoot straight out of a cannon.


Memory Championship Memory Championship v3.0

Keep your brain in shape with Memory Championship


BREAK-5 BREAK-5 v1.3

The fast paced breakout game you will never find anywhere!!


Hip Hop Mania Hip Hop Mania v1.0.0

Ultimate Hip Hop Game for the real gangstas! 3 in 1 coolest hip-hop quiz ever! Old school, new school and golden age! Guess pictures, songs and interesting questions!