Fun & Games

The Meteor Full The Meteor Full v2.1

Look at wonderful planets,survive in space,keep your ballance and take your blaster!Your blaster is on UFO!It is easy and intersting game with beautiful views and unusual gameplay.It is game with surviving in space on rotating meteors and asteroids.It is full version.In game only 7 levels,but in future they will be more:)


Colors Colors v1.0

Test your color vision and skills to distinguish colors with this addictive game


Infinity Infinity v1.7

Infinity a brand new game by north star games, is all about tapping cubes before they hit your screen, all while trying to stay ahead of the game speed as it increases. This game also features old school 8 bit music to make it all the more of a classic must have.

Now available as a free game from North Star Games. Grab it now!


Gomoku Gomoku v1.0.2

The best Gomoku game in your Android device!


Sudoku Sudoku v1.6.4

Unlimited Sudoku from Easy to Evil in your Android device!


Bubbles Era Bubbles Era v1.1

Bubble's Era Adventures is unique platform game with lot of challenging worlds and levels, unique enemies and hidden surprises!


MathDefender MathDefender v1.0

A fun Game to challenge your math skills


HillPiggy me HillPiggy me v1.416

You played games, right? BUT have you ever been inside game. Now it the time. Take a picture and be one of the characters


Killer Boat Killer Boat v1.0.0

Shoot your enemy boats.


Clasher Tracker Clasher Tracker v1.2

The best way to track your villages progress as you max out your town hall


ColorTap ColorTap v1.0

See the color, tap the button.
Not as easy as it sounds!


RollerCoaster Tycoon RollerCoaster Tycoon v1.2.2

We are thrilled to announce RollerCoaster Tycoon® 4 Mobile™ including queue Lines!


Pyramids Pyramids v1.91

5 Versions of the classic Solitaire Game.


TimeLapse TimeLapse v1.0.0

Start your adventure in black and white!


Tiny Worm Tiny Worm v2.3.1

Join to the amazing world of Tiny Worm's adventures!


Buble Bubble Buble Bubble v1.0.1

Awesome bubble shooter with cute HD graphics and realistic physics


Dodge Ball Dodge Ball v1.0

Guide a ball forward avoiding any sort of collision.


Double Jump Dash Double Jump Dash v1.2.8

Jump, dash, don't die.


Color Halves Color Halves v1.0.4

The goal of the game is to join the balls by their halves colors.


Rainbow Diamonds Rainbow Diamonds v1.0

Collect rainbow precious diamonds in the exciting Match 3 game.