Fun & Games

The Asteroid The Asteroid v2.5

After the Asteroid war of extermination in 1979, the Spaceship empire spread like a virus throughout the universe, reproducing exponentially, annihilating any and all asteroids. To survive, individual asteroids have been forced to cannibalize their own kind in order to prolong their existence. You are The Asteroid, survive and bring devastation to the Spaceship empire.


iFishing iFishing v5.6

This is the most realistic and in-depth fishing game for Android.


Tanks Mash 3D Tanks Mash 3D v0.1.0

Destroy all enemies tanks


Chibi Fantasy Quest Chibi Fantasy Quest v1.1

Chibi Fantasy Quest is an Action RPG game. Dive into dangerous dungeons with unique chibi characters.


Math Race Math Race v1.0

Math based car racing game.


Speedy Swipe Speedy Swipe v1.4

Test your reflexes with this addictive game! Drag your finger in the direction of the arrows without commit mistakes and share your results in the online leaderboard! Enter in the top 100 of the world!!!


Earth Force Defenders Earth Force Defenders v1.0

Defend the earth against an alien army using squadrons of earths finest fighters!


Weird Island Weird Island v1.02

Text adventure - escape from Weird Island!


Block Master Block Master v1.0

Block Master is a challenging puzzle game with a simple game play.


Stay On The Line Stay On The Line v1.0

Stay on the Line is a fun, elegant and simple finger-runner


Fast Hockey Fast Hockey v1.0.1

This app is a realistic physics and fun air hockey game.
Challenge yourself with your friends on the same device or the computer opponents.


Pony Dash 3D Pony Dash 3D v1.0

Gallop & trot little pony but beware of the obstacles!


Pick Pick Pick Pick v1.0

Play for free with this game with simple and clean graphic, have fun!


Run Jonah Run Run Jonah Run v1.6

Addictive quick running game for toilet time or any other short time breaks :)


Bee in the Rose Garden Bee in the Rose Garden v1.3

Use your memory and finger skills to help the worker bee to save flowers.


Roach Invaders Roach Invaders v1.0

Don’t let these invading cute cockroaches strike fear in your life; it’s time to fight back against these pests and get the highest score, which you can boast to your friends.


Heli Shootdown Defence Heli Shootdown Defence v1.0

Battle other heli with your machine gun/rpg launcher and defend your position


Balloon Country Balloon Country v1.0.2

Take control of King Balloon as he goes on a journey to save his son from the evil Saw Lord.


UFOric Flight UFOric Flight v0.9

Fly through the cavern and get some points, but pay attention to the rocks!


Amazing Step Amazing Step v1.0.1

Move the ball, stepping on the stairs go up forever.