Android OS

Voice Lock Screen Voice Lock Screen v1.0

Unlock the screen of your Android device with your voice.


Battery Saver & Alarm Battery Saver & Alarm v2.1.2

This app merges low battery alarm and battery saver.


To.Do To.Do v1.9

To.Do is the easiest way to keep track of your repetitive daily, weekly, monthly or one-off tasks.

• Repetitive tasks
• Completion Overview
• Notifications
• Simple, intuitive interface

Coming soon: Trend charts for viewing completion rates across periods.


SherLocked SherLocked v1.3

SherLOCKED is a lockscreen based on the TV series Sherlock.
Passcode: S H E R


WidgetCollection WidgetCollection v1.03

WidgetCollection include 10 widgets in Motoblur design and 2 rapid accesses over the status bar, from where you can change the settings for the netmode and the screen orientation.

Some of this are configurable over a long press on the entry in the list (exp. Brightness-Toggle). Other one have a own application behind (exp. Taskkiller).

No ads or other similar stuff!


3DHome HD 3DHome HD v0.11.5

Get ready to experience the home screen(launcher) on your android device in an entirely different way. 3D Home HD by Borqs Ltd. Personalization have out done their developing capabilities with this excellent app. Currently thousands of users have recommended this app as a must have.


Kai Says Kai Says v2.9.3

Kai Says - Mobile Edition - your personal assistant in the cloud.
Kai Says is a voice that keeps you on track, on schedule, and ready for the next challenge of your day.


Flash Blink Alert for Call Sms Flash Blink Alert for Call Sms v1.3

Flash Blink Alert for Call Sms is an application that uses Mobile Flash Light during an Incoming call, Sms or any notification.

It generally helps people to use it in silent mode where you don't want your phone to be ringing or vibrating. The Flash light indicates the incoming call, Sms or any other notifications.


Easy Task Easy Task v4.0

Easy task management tools


DailyHabit DailyHabit v1.0

Build good habits quickly and easily!


Ginger Keyboard Ginger Keyboard v4.8.9

Ginger Spelling and Grammar Keyboard is the only app that makes it simple for anyone to write high-quality text, in addition to correcting typos, errors and misused words with a single click. It's the only English grammar checker and spell checker online that works with any app, any time.


Quick PDF Scanner Quick PDF Scanner v5.2.695

Easily scan, create, and share multipage PDF documents using your camera.


Close It Screen Off Close It Screen Off v3.62

Smart Screen on/off with sensors and more..
11 in 1 only one application.


Battery Level Battery Level v1.6

The simple battery level widget.


BluePlay Remote Control BluePlay Remote Control v1.0

Control Windows Media Player over Bluetooth


Remote Keyboard Remote Keyboard v1.6

Tired of onscreen keyboards? Rather want to type your SMS messages on your Desktop keyboard than on your phone? Then Remote Keyboard is the app for you!

Remote Keyboard allows you to connect your desktop computer's keyboard via
wlan (can be forwarded over USB via ADB) to your android device and control it comfortably through any telnet client.


WordWave WordWave v1.0

WORDWAVE an amazingly intelligent predictive keyboard.


Transparent Locker Transparent Locker v1.2

Lockscreen with transparent background, uses sliders.


Detailed Task Manager Detailed Task Manager v1.5

To Do List Task Manager takes a new approach to task management. Build you tasks with the steps required for completion. This gives you more detail and allows you greater flexibility. View active tasks or completed tasks, sort by category, delete tasks from either active view or completed view, use the provided categories or add your own custom categories. Complete tasks one step at a time or complete the entire task with a single tap. Download To Do List Task Manager today – FREE.


CloudCube CloudCube v1.0.0b8

Sync, browse and backup all your data to storages like: Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive,Google Disk,Yandex, etc.
Unique features:

  • Synchronize any folders on your device with any folders of storages and vice versa.
  • Look through files at once several storages at the same time.
  • Download, modify and upload your files without any delays.
  • Download and upload folders entirely (recursive).
  • Get full control of any application activity.