Fuel Buddy Fuel Buddy v3.1

Fuel Buddy, everything you need to track fuel consumption of your vehicles


RF Signal Tracker RF Signal Tracker v2.5.10

The hand held, ad-hoc drive test app for the RF engineer on the go!


WiFiReaver WiFiReaver v1.1

WiFiReaver. Wireless File Reaver.

Automatic key injection using Dictionary for Wireless Networks.

Inyector automático de claves mediante Diccionario para Redes Wireless.


Red Dog FREE Red Dog FREE v1.0.7

Practice playing Red Dog with the free Casino Simulation. Also known as Acey Deucey.


Running Cars Running Cars v1.4.1

A simple but useful application to manage all about your car, track, query, analyze your car costs, fuel consumption, maintenance and other information.

A comprehensive record of your vehicle maintenance, fuel, insurance, road maintenance fee and repair costs of all aspects of the situation, make your car's "expenses" clearly, In accordance with the time to query, statistics and analysis;


Parole Parole v1.2.095

Parole it's a funny and addictive word game.
Find as many word you can using letters in adjacent squares.
* 4 big dictionaries: English, French, Italian and Spanish
* Different timing options
* The new Jolly mode
* Online score with Scoreloop
* Post your scores on social networks


Hitori 9 Hitori 9 v1.1.1

“Hitori 9” – free supplement for the game in one of the wonderful Japanese logic brainteasers relative of well known Hitori.


Pivot Point Trending Pivot Point Trending v2.0

Pivot Point Trending for past and present with Charting to determine short and long term stock direction, entry, exit prices and potential gain.


eChing Lite eChing Lite v1.4.5

eChing - electronic iChing

I-Ching Oracle, kind of a Chinese horoscope, or better an advisor, a decision helper in the constant change of life.

You ask a question, press the yin yang button and receive an answer!

The core of the eChing are small, modern and funny oracle texts, instead of the classic translation.

It is a tribute to Dirk Gently
from the books of Douglas Adams.


PlanYourBudget PlanYourBudget v2.1

Your suggestions are welcome :) , please contact us :

Have you ever needed something to plan your budget and control your daily spending ?

PlanYourBudget is a great and easy to use application that's will help you manage and control your spending.


E-Cell Free E-Cell Free v1.2

Battle to the top and fend off your enemies in E-Cell. How long can you survive in an ever increasingly hostile environment?


Skyrim Alchemy Advisor Skyrim Alchemy Advisor v2.4

Skyrim Alchemy Advisor will help you to make potions when playing RPG game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Free v3.1.7

Find the little Guanxi between us


Time Machine Time Machine v1.42

Time machine is timesheet application for simple time tracking. Ideal for freelancers, and everyone who needs to track time spent working on their projects, control their time, or just want simple stopwatch.


Xmas Tree Xmas Tree v1.2014.69

Dress up the Xmas Tree beauty! Christmas game for kids and adults!


water tracker water tracker v1.0.1

Water tracker will help you stay hydrated to record the amount of liquid you drink each day and will warn you if you are below the target using a smart alarm to reach your goals.


Buying List II Buying List II v2.2.1

This application allows you to manage your shopping (buying) lists.


MatchUp MatchUp v1.5

MatchUp game goal is to match all pairs of matching cards.


MobiDB Project Management MobiDB Project Management v3.2.1.118

Comprehensive project management app


TriMemory TriMemory v1.10

Improve your visual memory to the next level pairing three cards of a kind.